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Be Visible in the Night, Be an EyeCatcher

Posted by on 8. July 2016

I am always more comfortable running at night except when I have an early morning race.  It’s much cooler at night but it also means that you should be more visible.  Eyecatcher has vest and led identifiers that will make you more visible in the Dark. #‎eyecatcher‬ ‪#‎beseenbesafe‬ ‪#‎runsafe‬ ‪#‎woweyecatcher



I have this age old battle with my alarm clock when it comes to training in the morning.  So far, the alarm clock has been winning the battle except of course, when I have early morning races.  No worries for me as I can always train at night.  It’s a much cooler time to train. I don’t have to worry about missing too much sleep either.  I guess, it’s part of my normal cycle now.

The only downside is that it can be scary running in the dark.  It helps to be visible in low light condition for your safety.  Eyecatcher Vest and Led identifiers makes you more visible in the dark.  You’ll be an eyecatcher, no doubt.  You’ll be noticed by approaching traffic of cars, motor vehicles, bikes and even people.  That added visibility can go a long way when it comes to your safety.

Running With Eyecatcher

Being a natural night runner, Eyecatcher has been a perfect addition for me. I have the vest and I also have the LCD identifiers.  I use the LCD identifiers more often especially that I do my training runs on short loops instead of long roads.  The vest would be perfect for those doing long runs in highways as this would give you maximum visibility.  It can also help you when you go for overnight trail or hiking activities as visibility is really important when you get lost or you try to locate your companions.  Another good thing about eyecatcher is that once the led runs out, you just need to replace the led.

The eyecatcher led indetifiers has 3 types of lighting you can you.  You can go with a fast blinking emergency mode.  You can go with a slower blinks with just enough visibility.  You can also go with a steady light just for minimum visibility.  Either way, it gives me a flashier look plus I am more visible with moving vehicles.  Eyecatcher is so light that you’ll barely notice the added weight in your shoes.  It can easily be strapped to your shoes or you can wear it on your arms. Either way, you’ll be an eyecatcher.

The Eyecatcher vest has a neon body with silver reflective strips that can be visible from a distance.    It’s made of breathable and sweat-proof material to prevent accumulated sweat from dragging the vest to your body. The V-Shape design accompanied by the velcro strap will help you adjust the vest based on your body structure. This would make the fit perfect that you’ll barely notice the vest.

It’s all about safety, here’s the best time to wear eyecatcher

  • Night or Early Dawn Runs or Ride
    • Use Eyecatcher led identifiers for regular runs
    • Eyecatcher vest can keep you visible on the road while biking
  • Long Slow Distance Run along Main Roads
    • Eyecatcher Vest and led identifiers can keep you visible from incoming cars on main roads
  • Overnight trails or hikes
    • Eyecatcher Vest can keep you visible on night hikes
    • It’s easier to locate you when you are lost
    • It’s also easier to account for each hiker on a large group
  • Racing at Early Dawn
    • Eyecatcher identifiers will help identify runners in the course and avoid bumping into each other.

Racing  with Eyecatcher.

Running with EyeCatcher – Photo by AV Photography

  • The common denominator with road races is that it starts at dawn with average gun starts from 2:00 am to 5:00 am.  While there are road closures, it still helps to have the Eyecatcher vest or led identifier to get you through the dark spots in the race.  It helps identify runners in the course and avoid bumping into each other.  It’s an added safety devices for road races.
  • It’s almost a must to have them on longer races like ultra marathons with a fewer participants running on open roads.  You get to explore more at Ultra Marathons but there are also risks involved.  You’ll need maximum visibility for cars to identify you on the long winding dark highways.
  • The same goes for long bike races both on road or on trails.
  • For longer trails that involve exploring the mountains in the dark, take the vest as identifier.  It will help you locate each other along the deep forest and it will be easier to find you when you get lost.

Be safe, stand out and be an Eyecatcher!!! I might just be the life saver you’ll need on the road.


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