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Ateneo Diamond Blue Run

Posted by on 28. August 2011

Distance: 10K
Time: 59 Minutes
Date: August 28, 2011
Pace: 5:54 minutes per kilometer

I was looking forward to this run as I was probably one of the first to register for this event. It’s not that common for Ateneo to hold runs outside Katipunan area so having a run held at MOA was a welcome change then add personalized bib, I’m definitely in. The race route was not ideal with 3 loops around the mall and so was the ‘is-it-raining or not???’ weather and ‘get-your-own water’ setup but I was on a mission on this one. PR or bust… Take the course at full intensity and if you succeed you set a new personal record or close to it or there’s also the possibility of burn-out, either way you get to test your limits and you’ll come out stronger. Somehow, I just disregarded all the possible excuses and just went at it.

I have been staying away from races and 10K runs as I’m focused on building up stamina for my upcoming transition to 21K come October using longer runs during weekend but since it was recovery week, I got the chance to go for a strong 10K again. All signs pointed to a not-so-good run as I’ve missed the gun start by about 3 minutes without proper stretching. My Garmin didn’t start on time, my left calf muscle was a bit sore from lack of stretching, it was a wet and windy run and there were very minimal hydration station. I was the last runner to start the race so had a lot of catching up to do.

Finished at 1:02 but given the 3 minutes gun start time I missed, it was unofficially a PR run at 59 minutes and I did it by just running consistently. PR or not, this was a really good run and this definitely isn’t a bust since I was a felt stronger in the last lap.

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