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Asics Running Watch Goes GPS

Posted by on 20. July 2015

Asics Running Watches Goes GPS

Whenever I get asked what’s a good running watch, I always ask back what’s their budget and what’s their goal?  Running watches comes in different price ranges depending on its features. Some of them you may or may not need depending on your goal.  I got to see the latest collection of Asics Running Watches and they have different lines that can help you train to be a better athlete and that includes an affordable Asics GPS Running Watch priced at P7,950.

Asics Running Watches

ASICS sports watches are designed in the tradition of the technologically advanced, high-quality ASICS shoes that have earned the allegiance of many of the world’s top athletes.  With their inspirational form signifying positive energy under the themes “Challenge” and “Confidence”, these watches employ an advanced shape – case offset well to the left – minimizing interference by the right side with free movement of the wrist. The result is easy wearing, easy viewing and easy operation, all achieved at a high level.  These are watches with all of the functions and convenience of use needed by runners, including buttons laid out for easy operation and the widest possible liquid crystal display. Asics has combined functionality, fashion, convenience and affordability in their line of running watches.   Everybody has different goals and budgets for a running watch.  The key is that it helps a lot in measuring your performance whether it measures the split you register per loop, your current heart rate or the distance logged via your GPS.  You need to measure your time to determine your improvement.

Asics Running Watch Series (Price Range P2,950 – P5,000+)

Asics Steps Per Minute Watches

You can go for the base line watches that has lap and split timer.  This helps a lot when you do intervals on track or do several loops in a certain area.  This will help to register your split time every lap or loop.  You can easily identify if you’re doing faster on your loops or not.  You still get to measure how you are performing and be able to see your improvements as you get more basis of comparison.  The good thing about The Asics Running Watches is that they have functional buttons for easy operation and has big start and stop buttons with matching large displays that gives you a quick grasp of your performance.  It can also store up to 500 laps that stores data even when battery is changed.  It has 3 years battery life and it can function as a regular watch with dual time and alarm functions.

Asics Heart Rate Monitors – (Price is P5,950)

Asics Heart Rate Monitors

Monitoring Heart Rate when you run is a great way to measure how your body reacts when you push yourself.  It’s very helpful to be able to know which heart rate zone works well when you run.  It can also be a way to determine if you can push yourself further.  I always watch my heart rate when I run as I want to know to what extent I can still push myself in a run.  The Running Watch “AH01” measures and displays the heart rate of the runner in real time during the run. It is used in combination with the Chest Strap (supplied with the watch) having a built-in heart rate sensor.  By inputting the runner’s running data and gender before running, it calculates the “Anaerobic Threshold (AT) Heart Rate” of the runner automatically using the proprietary algorithm developed by ASICS Institute of Sport Science.  You get information that on your AT levels that helps runner to perform the training efficiently as well as effectively.

“AT Heart Rate” and “AT Pace” serve as guidelines to perform training effectively and control running pace during races, assisting in enhancing your running performance. AT refers to the point at which your body transitions from aerobic to anaerobic exercise as the exercise intensity increases. The heart rate at this point is called the AT Heart Rate.

By understanding our thresholds, we get to know how to manage our pace and effort when running. The AH01 gives you a visible display of your heart as well as interval times, dual time and chronograph functions that can store up to 300 measurement data that can help you review your workout performance.  Battery life is approximately 2 years.

Asics Led Night Watches (Price – P3,950)

Asics Led Night Watches

Being seen on the road at night and early morning  is an added safety measure when you do night runs or some endurance runs like ultramarations.  Asics LED Night Watches has a continually flashing LED allows us to see the liquid crystal display easily even in darkness.  That would keep you visible as you go through the dark spots or venture in the roads at night.  Upon pressing the “NIGHT” button for 2 seconds, the LED light will start flashing for 30 minutes. The continually flashing LED improves the display visibility when darkness. You can choose from 4 variations of the color to match your running wear.  It has the regular features of Asics running watch like time indicators, chronograph with 150 lap / split memory, timers, alarms and very visible displays.  Battery life is approximately 2 years.

Asics GPS Watch (Price P7,950)

Asics AG01 GPS

For most runners, I would recommend a GPS watch because it gives you a reading of your distance, pace, speed and route through your GPS location.  The down side for GPS watches is it’s a bit pricey compared to other running watches though at a price point of P7,950, Asics AG01 is among the most affordable GPS watches available.  It’s a really good investment as you can measure your performance without being tied down on track loops or measured laps.  You can run freely and let the GPS measure your performance.  It gives you the data you need to measure your performance like time, distance, pace, speed, calorie consumption, lap running distance, split time, lap time.

Running with Asics AG01

I’ve got to try out the AG01 and I can say that it has all the basic information you need for a run and measuring it.

  • Look: It comes in flashy colorways (Black, Royal Blue, White and Red).  I got a white one and I like the color since it really stands out.  It has large buttons for easy pressing and control. The display is also visible with option of having one screen and two screen display and allows you several view options.
  • Modes: It has a Clock, Chrono, Run Date, Timer, Alarm and Setting Modes.  Modes are easy to access and easy to understand.
  • GPS Detection : It detects GPS in seconds.
  • Battery Life: 10 hours with GPS activated (Rechargeable). Approximately 1 year without GPS.

The Asics AG01 was really easy to use with a large button to shift to the different watch modes.  I was able to explore the functions without reading the manual since it’s really very simple and easy to use.  The GPS can easily be turned on and off when on chrono mode by just pressing the view button for 3 seconds. GPS detection is just a few seconds and you’re all set to run.  I was able to to do 4 loops of my regular 2.5 km loop in Salcedo Village and the GPS was accurate. I was also able to check my splits for each loop with the lap timer.  I also did a long run in Nuvali using the Asics GPS Watch and it was really helpful in pacing and measuring the distance.

I had my display set on run time and distance and I would just check on the other view options to check on my pace.  I also go to the pace view when I’m trying to maintain a pace while running.  After the run, I just have to click save and you can easily access the run by going to the run data mode.  Of course, I also like reviewing the metrics of my run and yes, Asics has a data management application that’s available for both windows and Mac.

Here’s a recap of my run with the ASICS Data Management App.

The data management app was able to capture my pace, speed and other metrics for every second of the run.  This is an excellent way to measure performance.  You can easily identify where I slowed down in the map, which is usually on the climbs.  You could see if you were able to maintain a certain pace over a distance.  You can easily see where you can add more effort in the run. Each run would have a recap like this so you can easily measure improvement, if any.

I’m really impressed with what the Asics GPS watch can do and with a price point of P7,950, it’s making GPS more affordable to passionate and progressive runners. It’s a really good deal!  Asics Running Watches are available on L Timestudio branches Nationwide.

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