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Another 5 Coffee Places to Try in Baguio City

Posted by on 4. July 2018

Brewing my own coffee to Grindosetamp Cafe

I have this simple itinerary whenever I am in Baguio City. Trails in the morning and coffee in the afternoon.  With its cool climate, sleepy weather ambience, pine-rich surroundings, Baguio has also been a home of a lot of wonderful coffee places.

Coffee in the City of Pines

My own coffee shop vibe at home.

Coffee is not only my go-to drink to keep me awake but it’s also something I’ve grown to appreciate.  I’ve slowly veered away from the typical mainstream coffee shops to get to experience the hole-in-a-wall type of feel that the different coffee shops around the city.  Baguio is my favorite place not only because it’s HOME but it also has a lot of coffee places to appreciate and comes with the cooler climate to match my warm drink.

This is a sequel to my original post below.

Sessions Gallery Cafe

First plus is accessibility as it’s located 411 Jose De Leon Center III, Session Road, Baguio City.  Up next is the artsy ambiance filled with wall paintings and artist works.  The best part about the place is its cozy and relaxing ambiance complete with oversize pillows and bean bags for lounging around while enjoying a good cup of coffee and cake.  They have a full range of coffee to choose from and like most coffee places in Baguio, the price-point is affordable.

Facebook Page: Sessions Gallery Cafe

Studio Cafe at PhotoTech

For those who grew up in Baguio like me, PhotoTech is known for being one of the main photo studios for our then grad picture or every time we’d want to have a good studio photo.  Aside from a studio, it has now a Cafe with select portraits and photographs around you.  They also have specialty coffee blends and different espresso shots plus a whole line of pastries.  It’s also easily accessible at 201 Antipolo Building, 89 Session Road, Baguio City.

Facebook Page: Studio Cafe at PhotoTech

The Coffee Library

The Coffee Library is located at Rex Hall, Upper Bonifacio St., Baguio City, which is just nearby schools like SLU and UB and also just a few hundred meters away from Baguio Cathedral.  With a Library type of feel, it also makes a great hangout for students in the area as well as nearby residents wanting a coffee break.  They have a wide range of coffee to cover different preferences among drinkers and I also like the food and most especially the dessert offering.

Facebook Page: The Coffee Library Baguio

Vanilla Cafe at Kamiseta Hotel

Vanilla Cafe brings you a bright ambiance and a lot of inspirational quotes all over the walls.  It’s like you’re living in a world of colorful cupcakes.  Each corner is IG worthy and also has an overlooking view of the Pine Trees and the Mountains outside.  It’s located at #20 Villamor St., Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio City.  Aside from their wide range of coffee options, they have food and also a lot of colorful cupcakes.

Facebook Page: Kamiseta Hotel

Grindosetamp Cafe

Me and my Selfieccino

Grindosetamp is my favorite as of late because it does have single origin coffee options where you get to appreciate the different taste of coffee blends.   You can even brew the coffee yourself for a more immersive experience. They also have a selfieccino where you can have your photo printed in your coffee.  It’s a small cafe but it’s also complete with meal options and a simple ambiance, which includes a painting that depicts the origins of coffee.  It’s located at #1 Villamor Street, Baguio City.

Facebook Page: Grindosetamp Cafe

And here’s a bonus for the Chocolate lovers – Tsokolateria

It’s not really much of a coffee place but they do have some chocolate infused coffee.  It’s actually everything about chocolate that has been infused into their meal and drink offering.  It’s located at the Igorot Stairs, Upper Session Road, Baguio.

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