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All Roads Lead to 70.3

Posted by on 2. August 2012


In just a few days, Cebu would be hosting their first Ironman 70.3 event.  The previous residence of the Ironman franchise in the Philippines was in Camarines Sur.  An Ironman 70.3 event is the equivalent in terms of miles of 1.9 Km (1.2 miles) Swim, a 90 Km (56 miles) bike ride and 21.1 km (13.1 miles) run.  It’s a test of strength, endurance and perseverance.  Among those participants in this year’s Ironman 70.3 would be members of Team Total Fitness Ferdz, Jeff, PJ, Moby and JR. Joan would also be joining as part of the swim relay.  Ironman is not just a day event but it took months and even years building up to this event.

Jeff, Moby, Joan, JR, Ferdz and PJ

Send off

Team Total Fitness held a send off last August 1 at Big Daddy’s at Ortigas Home Depot area for the team’s Ironman participants.  It’s also an excellent excuse to gather as a team again and despite the ever changing weather, the Team came in full force to throw in their support.  Just to make things exciting, Joan and Daisy prepared several games which was good to generate camaraderie and team building within the team.  First game was to make the highest marshmallow tower and it was not as easy as it may seem but the participants was able to come up with a decent enough mallows tower.  Next, was a puzzle game wherein they were given a jigsaw puzzle of photos of their recent race or photo. The winner goes to the fastest to complete the puzzle.  Tri-Henyo, patterned from Pinoy Henyo gave everybody a lot of laughter and light moment as it became difficult guessing the regular triathlon stuff they get to experience day to day in trainings and races.  The last game was the real challenge as the participants had to test who can endure the longest in Planks.  Yes, we can be hardcore even if we’re having fun.  It was a good core workout and the bounty was a good price worth their sore abs.

Puzzle Time


The Foods and the Gifts

Another one of the lighthearted moments of the night.

Of course, what’s a send off without our regular dose of food.  For dinner, the Team had Big Daddy’s Burger and Drinks.  The highlight of the night of course is sending off a few words and well-wishes to the participants from other team members.  Total Fitness, the Team’s key sponsor, came up with a card for the 70.3 participants.  Team Total Fitness manager Mascy Cabuhat-Pineda also gave TYR swim caps to the participants.  The team’s different sponsor also came up with a bag consisting of the following for added ammunition for race day.

  • Immuvit bag and water bottle
  • Gift packs from Dermplus
  • Gu Energy Gel
  • Total Fitness Ballers IDs
  • Magnolia Purewater

Team Total Fitness in Full Force

The Road to 70.3

The road to 70.3 is not an easy one as it entails a lot of training, discipline and consistency.   They’ve been training real hard for this and are definitely ready to conquer the 70.3 distance.  It was a real pleasure training along these guys as these are a bunch of focused, passionate and determined triathletes.  I’m also off to Cebu to watch Jeff, Moby and PJ go for their first Ironman and Ferdz and JR their second.  I’m sure all those months of training would be worth it once they hit the finish line.

And Beyond…

Good luck also to Team Total Fitness Coach Andy Leuterio, whose excellence as an athlete and positive outlook has helped me and the team to greater heights as athletes.  At last year’s Ironman 70.3 in Camarines Sur, he qualified to the World Ironman Championships in Las Vegas.  So for you Coach, Go for 70.3 and beyond!!!

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