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All I Want for Christmas

Posted by on 30. November 2010

The spirit of Christmas have missed me again or has yet to come. While I have family and friends already starting to do their shopping, I still haven’t even written a single name in my Christmas list or if I ever plan to come up with one. Christmas is not really my favorite time of the year with the year end rush that comes with it and the odds may have been a lot tougher. Oh well, life is not always fair but we just have to take it as it is.

So what is my fervent wish for Christmas? Above all the material things… all the sweet greetings… all the faces and friends to catch up with… I did spend a larger part of the year trying to be fine and in some ways, I’ve prospered so much… I am now equipped with a goal in mind and is busy than ever to be bothered by the all high and mighty negative forces that threatens to ruin all that I’ve worked for. I hate to admit that I still have some matters to deal with though opening that can of worms is still an unsolved riddle. I just hope that when the clock has ticked its last second, I’ll be at peace with myself and be able to start a year without the baggage of the past.

I guess people like me who get to live by the day hasn’t really caught a tomorrow I’d like to aspire for and maybe in time I’d be less bothered by the worries of today and take a hopeful glance at what tomorrow may bring. I don’t want to earn my wrinkle in advance but when all the fixing is done, I’d take the smiles for the future to brighten up the dark moments of today. We’re never built complete since life is about finding those missing pieces that makes our life picture complete.

I just hope that when Christmas come rushing in, it won’t distract my strict training regimen. Hitting the finish line or completing a distance is so exhilarating that you tend to forget the sleep-deprived state, the sweat-infested anatomy and all those sore bones and muscles. I can now say I did finish a vertical marathon (all 10+2K of it). It was fun going up and down, left and right and I’m glad that even if it exceeded the regular 10K distance, I still had enough energy to finish.., Now, I just need to hope that I’d get that energy level to finally finish reading a book.

And I no longer want to live on demotivated and all those that bothers me will past and I know peace of mind is not an ambitious goal and with Christmas just around the corner, who knows… The important part as always is that we never stop trying… and that goes a long long way.

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