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#AlaskaForBreakfast Goes to Assessment Analytics

Posted by on 8. January 2016
Alaska at Assessment Analytics

It’s a New Year and a lot of people (including me) wants to start it right with a good diet.  A good diet always start with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. #AlaskaForBreakfast office tour highlights the importance of breakfast.  That role of breakfast does not stop when we work and it’s nice for Alaska to hold several radio station promos to select a few Companies where they would serve a sumptuous breakfast treat for the office.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Your body stops from its resting state and refuels to power up your day.  It’s among Alaska’s advocacy to promote the importance of breakfast in our day to day life.  That is one of the thing we forget especially when we rush off to work to brave the traffic and start the day early.  We start losing the habit of having that extra power up during the mornings, which leads us to be a bit more passive during the day.  Alaska for Breakfast Office Tour focuses on the workforce population by serving free Alaska-Powered breakfast to several offices.  The offices were selected via promotion winners handled by several FM Stations.

One lucky Company who got to have Free Breakfast is Assessments Analytics, Inc, which is located on the 21st Floor of Rufino Tower.  Assessment Analytics, Inc. (AAI) is the premier provider of assessment solutions in the Philippines. They deliver world-class products and services that support people decisions throughout the employment lifecycle, from talent acquisition to talent mobility.  They have screening, evaluation and measurement tools to help provide better profiling of candidates and needs.   They got to enjoy free breakfast that includes Champorado that comes with Alaska Evaporated Milk, Macaroni Soup, Bico that’s made even sweeter by Alaska Condensed Milk, pan de sal and chilled Alaska Milk last January 8, 2016.  The free breakfast is courtesy of their Human Resource Sharmaine Sanciara.

Sharmaine got to know of the promo of 89.1 Wave FM from a friend. She joined the promo and got picked as a winner.   By winning, she got several items from Alaska and also an Alaska-powered breakfast for the whole office.  They enjoyed the breakfast served by Alaska.  More than the delicious food though, the breakfast also gave them an opportunity to chat as friends and office mates. Breakfast does not only fill our body with nutrients. it also enables us to socialize and bond with office mates.  This is definitely a great human resource initiative for Sharmaine.

As people in the work force, we get to deal with rush hours, intoxicating deadlines, pile of workload and a lot of stress.  This should not stop us from feeding our body with a healthy breakfast to power up our day.  Alaska for Breakfast Office Tour is a reminder on the essential things like maintaining good health and having the proper nutrients in our body.

Start the day right, Start it with breakfast!!!

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