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Alami-lost in Hundred Islands

Posted by on 18. June 2007


Life’s a Dip

From being lost in translation to being in Alaminos, Pangasinan… Well, took on several odds from a surprise meeting at work… to a very long trip (7 hours Manila to Baguio and another 4 hours Baguio to Alaminos)… to barely making it in time to Baguio to meet the scheduled departure time of our van… but determination to be true to my nomad side won… I ended up in 100 islands after probably 8 or 9 years…

It’s quite unusual for me to be present in family gatherings, which I have been for the past two weeks since often times when my relatives are here, I usually end up in one of my foreign travel… Anyway, hundred islands was such an enticing incentive… so really didn’t want to miss this one… Of course, plus the additional incentive of being able to have another adventure with my Canon S3 IS…

Arrived in hundred islands at around 9 am Sunday… and after all the registration stuff, we boarded the small boat towards the different islands… 11 people from 3 generations in our clan had participated in this trip… Mama, Auntie Norma, Auntie Esme, Auntie Linda, Me, Cousins Simon and Jen, Nephew Arvin and Niece Nisha… Had our island hopping first then parked our stuff at Quezon island where we had breakfast… then proceeded to snorkle within the island… we were snorkling, which probably took as forever as evidenced by my very dark toned skin… I did enjoy snorkling though I like the coral gardens in galera better… Shifted to the beach front area to go around the island and for another round of swimming… til lunch time… After lunch and rest was over, the older generation had their nap while we had another round of snorkling and swimming…

At about 4 pm, we were on our way back but not after passing by Governor’s island and having a few snapshots of the Pinoy Big Brother house in 100 islands… After freshening up and packing our things, it was time to go home but after 11 hours of travel, I decided to just take a bus in Dagupan towards Manila instead of going back to Baguio… since I had work the next day… After 11 hours traveling and hours spend swimming and snorkling the beach… the next five hours trip seemed do long as i had the itch to be united with my bed… After 5 hours, I was finally home… tired and weary but did have a great time… so as all my travel adventure ends… It’s time for a good night sleep…

photos at http://franckxethee.multiply.com

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