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#AeroisEverything With Specialized

Posted by on 12. November 2015

“5 Minutes” Product Collage

Cycling whether part of a multisport activity or on its own can really bring out the competitive juices in you.  There is always a need for speed and a need to be faster. You work your way to be better and when you’re at your best, you still get better by having the right gear.  Specialized gives you an aerodynamic edge as they bring the state-of-the-art aerodynamics to the forefront with the Venge ViAS aero road bike and its aero ecosystem.  Specialized can save you a lot of those precious seconds with their #aeroiseverything products.

Specialized Venge ViAS aero road bike

Pro triathlete and Specialized PH ambassador Monica Torres

When you say a bike “looks fast”, do you base it on how light it weighs or how aerodynamically it is designed? With Specialized, #aeroiseverything brings state-of-the-art aerodynamics to the forefront with the Venge ViAS aero road bike and its aero ecosystem. Specialized recently concluded their premier #aeroiseverything event which celebrated the advances in aerodynamic research that culminated in the Venge ViAS, which stands for “Venge Integrated Aero System”. Innovation has always been a founding principle of Specialized. In 1989, Mike Sinyard unveiled the Tri-Spoke wheel, a revolutionary design that set Time Triathletes and triathletes ablaze on the race course.

Dan’s PH Marketing Manager Zell dela Cruz and Specialized Global Road Brand Manager Mark Cote

In the 2012 Ironman World Championships, Craig Alexander rode the all-new Shiv and lopped a whopping 13 minutes off his best bike leg to set a course record at Kona. In 2013, Specialized unveiled the WIN Tunnel at its headquarters in Morgan Hill, ushering in a new era of R&D in the cycling industry. These milestones represent significant shifts in thinking that shook the whole industry.

A mockup of the Specialized WIN Tunnel, the only one of its kind yet in the cycling industry

To pay tribute to aerodynamics, Specialized built a special exhibit at One Raffles Place in the middle of Singapore’s Central Business District and invited enthusiasts from around the region to attend a very exclusive launch event.  The #aeroiseverything exhibit introduced the concept of aerodynamics to the mainstream public, while educating experienced athletes that achieving maximum aerodynamics is not through one single piece of equipment but rather through a specifically designed eco-system of complementary gear.  Specialized is the only bike company in the world that owns a wind tunnel (the “WIN Tunnel”) and thus has the ability to test product more than any other bike manufacturer out there. This commitment to aerodynamics comes not just in the facilities, but also in the depth of talent at the company.

The #aeroiseverything exhibit

Heading up the Win Tunnel program are the greatest minds in the industry: “Dr. Speed” Chris Yu, who has a PhD in Aerodynamics from Stanford University; and Mark Cote, formerly from MIT Engineering and has ten years of experience working in wind tunnels all over the world. Mark is also the Global Road Brand Manager for Specialized, and he personally explained the key advances in the #aeroiseverything platform.

Specialized Global Road Brand Manager and “Aero Pharaoh” Mark Cote

Furthermore, Specialized also has a partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, which is responsible for most of the innovation in the McLaren Formula 1 team. This combination led to the development of the best-in-class product line Specialized has today.

S-WORKS VENGE ViAS: 120 Seconds Saved Over 40 Kilometers

The Venge ViAS aero road bike


Born in the Win Tunnel, every tube shape, trailing edge, and design cue of the S-Works Venge ViAS was made for speed. It faced intense scrutiny during its development, leading to it being 120 seconds faster than a Tarmac SL4 over 40 kilometers. To achieve this, Specialized had to develop special headset bearings and spacers in order to internally house all cable routing and brake lines, which resulted in the elimination of anything being left exposed.

The Venge ViAS “Zero Drag” front brake caliper

Proprietary integrated brakes create the perfect blend of aerodynamics and power. There’s zero additional drag and best-in-class stopping power and modulation, with the front caliper completing the fork’s trailing edge, and the rear brake drafting off of the seat tube and bottles where wheel deflection is at its lowest.

. The Venge ViAS “Zero Drag” rear brake caliper

Aerodynamic performance doesn’t come at the expense of fit, however. The Aerofly ViAS cockpit features a negative 17-degree stem in order to provide the optimal aerodynamic profile. To balance out the aggressive position, the Aerofly handlebars feature a positive 25mm rise. The fork’s lateral rigidity has also been increased by 30% for sharper, more precise handling, while the frame and fork are both Rider-First Engineered™ to ensure consistent performance, regardless of frame size.

. The Venge ViAS built bike comes equipped with a power meter

S-WORKS EVADE HELMET: 46 Seconds Saved Over 40 Kilometers

S-Works Evade

The S-Works Evade helmet mimics the profile shape of Specialized’s S-Works McLaren TT helmet, drastically reducing aerodynamic drag. In fact, compared to an S-Works Prevail, the Evade saves 46 seconds over 40 kilometers. And to blend performance with comfort, the helmet features strategically positioned air vents that draw in air around the head, channeling it out at the rear exhaust ports in order to create a cool microenvironment. Specialized also included its Trifix web splitter fit system, which is combined with height adjustment and an ultra-light Mindset micro-dial. Finding the perfect fit is intuitive, easily obtainable, and completely foolproof.

S-WORKS 6 SHOES: 35 Seconds Saved Over 40 Kilometers

Specialized S-Works Sub 6 road shoe

The S-Works 6 shoes were scientifically tested by the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to improve acceleration to peak power over its predecessor. It features a Powerline carbon outsole that’s asymmetrically optimized. With a Stiffness Index rating of 13.0, it is Specialized’s most rigid shoe offering.

Complimenting this is an all-new PadLock™ heel that combines a drastically tapered, engineered heel cup with molded pads that lock the foot into place. Further promoting energy transfer to the pedals, portions of the upper are constructed from a non-stretch, aerospace-grade material, Dyneema® Cubic Tech™, that’s so lightweight and powerful that it’s literally used in parachutes to slow down spacecraft.

At the upper, Specialized utilized a one-piece Stroble construction method that eliminates the variables that contribute to fit abnormalities. There’s also a perforated synthetic microfiber that’s lightweight, durable, and highly breathable, plus a dual proprietary BOA® S2-Snap closure system for precise, secure closure.

S-WORKS EVADE GC SKINSUIT: 96 Seconds Saved Over 40 Kilometers

Specialized GC skinsuit

An imprecise fit results in fabric bunching, and this contributes to lost seconds. To remedy this, the S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit comes in eleven sizes in order to provide a next-to-custom level of fit. There are also cuff-less welded sleeve openings to further enhance aerodynamics, while Dimplex fabric at the shoulders features a dimpled texture, like that found on a golf ball, to significantly reduce pressure drag.

Specialized also developed a patent-pending shoulder construction that eliminates the need for seams, greatly enhancing the suit’s aerodynamic profile, comfort, and overall fit. Engineered woven fabric is also used selectively on the leg and back panels in order to decrease weight, while simultaneously increasing fatigue-reducing compression.

To further ensure the optimal blend of comfort and performance, the suit includes a full-length front zipper and Cold Fabric technology that reflects heat rays typically absorbed by dark colors in order to reduce surface temperatures.

CLX 64 WHEELS & S-WORKS TURBO TIRE: 44 Seconds Saved Over 40 Kilometers

CLX 64 Wheels & S Works Turbo Tire

 The Roval CLX 64 wheelset and S-Works Turbo tire were jointly engineered in Specialized’s Win Tunnel, resulting in the fastest balance of aerodynamics and low rolling resistance ever created. In comparing rolling resistance alone, the S-Works Turbo tire has been proven to save 35 seconds over 40 kilometers versus its closest competitors, while compared to a standard aluminum wheelset, the CLX 64s are 44 seconds faster over 40 kilometers. And in a crosswind, they’re 104 seconds faster.

In terms of stability and traction, the 21mm tubeless-ready internal rim width further increases tire volume, in turn creating a larger contact patch. The wheels also utilize butted and bladed spokes, and Specialized also created its own proprietary hub shapes in order to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance.

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