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ActiveHealth Community is Here

Posted by on 28. September 2016

ActiveHealth has always been about creating progressive athletes.  They are now taking it a step further by having an online portal for swim, bike and run communities. The app is complete from coach support, to expert sections, mentors session and monitoring tools for your training and races. ActiveHealth Community is designed to help you exceed yourself.


Coaches and Mentors for ActiveHealth Community

The growth of the fitness community has been overwhelming over the years. From the boom of running 5 to 6 years ago came a lot of progressive athletes who dared to conquer longer distances and even new disciplines.  Some ventured to cycling, swimming, triathlons, cross fit, trail running, ultramarathons and a lot more. There are more people who are into fitness compared to before.  We should take care of that growing passion with an app to guide you as you set your training goal, progress and eventual conquer new goals and progress as an even better athlete.

We are a happy Bunch!

One online portal to unite them all and that’s the ActiveHealth Community App.  ActiveHealth is taking its growing community of running and multisports athletes from the physical realm of race tracks and training grounds to the digital platform of online race prep and coaching, historical race results tracker, sports nutrition and sleep advice among others. It is giving another dimension to its engagement with its active race participants through the online platform called the ActiveHealth Community (AHC) portal.  AHC App is a all in one tool for expert and mentors advice, sessions, training and race monitoring and a lot of community updates that will definitely inspire you to exceed yourself.

According to Alex Panlilio, Unilab Consumer Health Operating Vice President, “The idea behind AHC is to strengthen the ties that bind the community, which is pursuing an active lifestyle, and pursuing excellence by encouraging them to strive in reaching their potential. AHC is yet another medium to deliver the mission of ActiveHealth to empower the progressive athletes”.  

ActiveHealth team (Mr Antonio Mapa AVP Unilab Consumer Health – Ms Zeny Mejias ActiveHealth Project Manager – Mr Lester Castillo Sports, Event and PR Executive, Unilab ActiveHealth

AHC members have access to training plans that are customized to the ActiveHealth race that they are joining, expert advice/support from AHC Coaches and mentors through classes, training camps, articles and online coaching analysis, updates on all events, special offers of ActiveHealth as well as rewards for being an active member of the community.

AHC Coaches

What sets AHC apart from other training programs or clubs is that we know our community of runners, cyclists, and triathletes very well so we can provide them what they require as progressive athletes in order for them to exceed themselves. And that is a holistic, system-based approach covering all areas of training and race preparation—sleep, recovery, nutrition and gear,” shares Ani De Leon-Brown, Senior Coach Consultant of AHC.

AHC Experts

AHC members have access to a roster of the best coaches and sports specialists in their fields such as veteran coaches and marathoners Titus Salazar and Ben Alacar, former triathlon team coach Dan Brown, first certified female multisport coach in the Philippines Ani De-Leon Brown, multi-awarded triathlete Coach Andy Leuterio and other seasoned triathlon coaches such as Ian Alacar, Kaye Lopez, and Nonoy Basa. We also have sports science experts Riel Espino, Saul Sibayan, Kris Agarao, sleep and recovery expert Francis Diano and sports nutrition experts Harvie De Baron among many others who are in the process of finalizing contracts with ActiveHealth. It really helps to be in touch with the right coaches, mentors and experts as it would help guide you in your goals and help you progress in all aspects.

AHC Mentors

“The mentors will be the on-ground teachers who will assist the members with their form and technique. There will be regular mentor sessions across different training areas in Metro Manila so we can provide assistance to more athletes,” adds De Leon-Brown. Eventually, AHC will also conduct mentor sessions or classes outside of Metro Manila.

You can also add your teams in the community

AHC is accessible via the ActiveHealth website, / or by downloading the app on Google Play store and Apple store when it becomes available towards the end of the year. AHC is open to all participants of ActiveHealth races (Run United, Tri United, among others) since 2010 up to the present. Once an athlete registers for an event, they automatically get a link to the AHC portal. The AHC portal is linked to the online registration of ActiveHealth races. Membership is free and has no expiration. For your login information, please check previous emails sent by the Active Health Community.  It’s easy to update info and once you’re in AHC, you have all the training database you need.

Be Part of AHC,

ActiveHealth is offering a premium subscription to AHC members who want to avail of additional benefits such as priority registration to all events (i.e. registration will be open to premium subscribers two (2) weeks before it is open to the public), access to coach classes, request online coach analysis (extra fees apply) and other features such as sleep timer on the mobile app, once it becomes available. The Premium subscription will be offered at an introductory price of PhP365 per year.

Exclusive rewards and offers are also in store for AHC members. They can earn rewards/points by completing tasks and activities within the community such as signing up and completing races, attending classes, and achieving targets. The detailed rewards mechanics will be available to the athletes on the AHC portal.

Those interested to join AHC can already do so when they register and participate in the upcoming Tri United 4 on November 27 in Clark, Pampanga.

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