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A Tourist in my Own Home

Posted by on 2. May 2013

TNF + BenCab + Diplomat Hotel

Read About: The North Face 100

                           Baguio 2Wenty 1Ne

                           Radar Run

The Day Before the Race

Going into my 22K Trail Run in The North Face,  I made sure to go home a bit earlier to be a tourist in my own hometown.  It’s been quite some time since I was able to go around town with most of the trip home are family occasions.  There were already several emerging destinations I have yet to visit in Baguio.  I came two days before TNF and since I was more in the mood to just enjoy the trail, I had all the energy to go around the day before the race.

BenCab Museum

Top View of the Garden

Benedicto Cabrera, more popularly known as BenCab, is a muti-awarded artist that has held exhibits in the Philippines, Asia, Europe and USA.  He is also a National Artist of the Country in the field of Visual Arts.  He lives and works in Baguio and  his BenCab Museum has started to pull in droves of tourist to see his collection that he has accumulated over the decades.  I’ve been aching to visit this place due to the favorable reviews and seeing the exhibit head on.  I’m not really an art fanatic but I’ve been to exhibits before when we handled Pinion Arts Guild way back in college.

The place was huge with three level worth of art works and also had an overlooking view at the side of the mountains nearby.  Interestingly, there’s an ecotrail within the area but let’s leave that for another visit as I would have all the hills and trails I would be taking on Race Day.

The street level had a few art works, a view deck and the museum shop.  Level 2 had Bencab’s gallery hall,  Cordillera gallery  and even some erotic paintings and photographs.  The erotic paintings and photographs did look very artistically done. Some galleries made you think and some were just amazing.  Level 3 had some Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery and the gateway to the coffee shop, Cafe Sabel and the farm and garden level.

Find the Hidden Francky

The Garden and Farm level was just a visual delight with a hut in the middle of a moat of waters surrounded by various flora and fauna. The area was located at the lowest level and had the view of the mountains and the trails around it.   The place had the serene feel in a refreshing backdrop.  Since I’m out of words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The Garden was just amazing

It was really a refreshing visit at BenCab with Artwork and nature as visual enticement.  It took me quite some time to see the place but it was worth the wait.  Next time, I drop by here, I’m definitely hitting their trails.

Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan,
Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
Tel /Fax: (+63 74) 442 7165

Diplomat Hotel

Hair Raising Moments at Diplomat Hotel

After lunch, we proceeded to the top of Dominican Hill, where Diplomat Hotel was located.  It’s accessible nearby another Baguio attraction, which is the Lourdes Grotto, which takes you 252 steps to the grotto.  The Diplomat Hotel is the lone attraction at the very top of Dominican Hill and gives you a panoramic birds eye view above the city.  The place was a former seminary, vacation house and refugee center during the world war and eventually a hotel.  The hotel ceased operations in 1987 but the place is a haven for photographers and also for ghost hunters given that the place is over a century old.  There has been a lot of tales of ghost sightings in this area and my Nephew wouldn’t want to have his picture taken in this area as he had friends who had unusual images joining them in their photo.

4 Pics, 1 Word –  C _ E _ _Y

The place was creepy with the old walls and empty structure.  Fortunately, there was no sightings nor ghostly presence felt but I’m sure it would have been different had this visit been done during the night.  It would really be scary moving around this place alone.  It’s always nice to admire old structures but with age comes a lot of attachment, stories and even paranormal presence.  On another aspect the view from that vantage point overlooking Baguio is really beautiful.

Seated at the top of Dominican Hill, Diplomat Hotel gives you panoramic bird’s eye view of the city

If there was an Outbreak Baguio, it should end here but since the road going here is extremely uphill.  The runners might have lost all the leg power once ghostly presence starts to join the fun.  That would make it extra exciting. Oh wait, even horde members might also need to run away from the paranormals.


By the way, there’s also one of the biggest 10 Commandment Capsule in this area.

Ketchup Food Community

Waiting for our Baby Back Ribs

After TNF 100, joined the rest of the family in Ketchup Food Community for one final dinner before going back to Manila. Ketchup Food Community was stationed at Romulo Drive, Near Wright Park and had various restaurants ranging from Filipino in Rancho Norte, Thai in Happy Tummy, Italian in Green Pepper, Indo-Malaysian in Rumah Sate and American in Canto.  We went for American dish in Canto and their Baby Back Ribs was really affordable and also really delicious.  Ketchup Food Community is an excellent choice when looking for an affordable place and gave you a lot of choices.

Visit their Facebook Site for more: Ketchup Food Community

Weekend OverFun time with the Family

That was one busy weekend and as of late, the runs has been bringing me home as TNF 100 was my 3rd run in Baguio City in the last 6 months.  Looks like, I’m starting to draw my cousins into the fitness side as we’re planning to do a trail run in Mount Sto. Tomas/ Cabuyao in the next few weeks.  That would be fun.  Glad to know that my hometown also share my passion for a fit lifestyle and has lots of events to cater to my need for speed and adventure.

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