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“A” Race

Posted by on 18. January 2012

“The First Step of Battle is Preparation”

While you can take runs and marathons as a weekly thing, you can’t give all of your races your best efforts.  Choose your battles and select few key races to prepare for. This is your A race.  It is where you unleash your peak form and it is where you break all the PRs and barriers you previously had.  Of course, you can still go for the weekly or monthly adrenalin rush in the race course but consider these all part of the preparations for the bigger races.

I’m picked several races to be my A-Races for the year.  I’ve selected it based on how challenging the course is based on elevation profile and race route, volume of runners and the unique experience it can provide and the timing them apart from each other consider my training and work load and of course, vacation plans.

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 – February 2012

This was suppose to be my original A Race for 2012 but we all know what happens during the holidays that disrupts your training preparations so I’ll be hitting the Condura starting line not in peak form but a half mary at the Skyway even in the wee hours in the morning is such a great race experience.  Condura team has the reputation of delivering the best races and at the same time it’s an advocacy run.  It’s gonna be challenging yet exciting to test our mettle on a timezone different from our regular time but it’s gonna be a unique experience.  Race preparations includes longer and more intense runs, cross-training with bike, several core workouts and a half mary at Subic International Marathon.

Baguio 21K – April 2012

This one is more of a sentimental choice as this is my return to my hometown  to go for a Half Mary 1,500 meters above sea level on a hilly (make that mountain) terrain of Baguio City.  Even at summer time, Baguio mornings remains chilly and breezy so you can add that to the challenge of this course.  I’ve always struggled running in the country’s summer capital as the hills get to your legs fast and it does sting.  I have eaten quite a lot of hills for dinner lately and will be having more in months to come so I should be ready for this one.  It’s also a bonus treat that I would be spending the Holy Week at home as this happens in time with the Holidays.  I’m having hills for Easter!!!

Powerade Duathlons – May 2012

I should have my first duathlon event by the May’s edition of the Powerade duathlon as it would be too son to catch the March edition.  Cycling has been a new addition to my list of to dos and as of now, I’m having 3 Sufferfest sessions per week and 1 for road handling.  In the next months, the cycling should shift outdoors at longer distance.  Well, this one is not really an A Race but I guess it’s gonna be, “this is my first time and I hope I finish” type of race.  It should be fun and maybe I would fit in 2-3 duathlons for the remainder of the year.

King of the Road – October 2012

There’s a reason why it’s called King of the Road as it rules the racing landscape like no other.  It comes with so much hype and has even gone international.  Even if its one of the biggest runs in the year, it does not feel crowded and who knows what innovation they would bring in this year.  It’ll be preparation time towards mid-year til KOTR though I may take in an international race and probably Takbo.PH in between the preparations.  KOTR was my first half marathon, I should come here at peak form.

Corregidor International Half Marathon – December 2012

Corregidor International Marathon is the way I want to end my year.  Running in the mountains and trails of Corregidor is just the kind of obstacle between my running season and off season.  The climbs are unforgiving, the trails are endless and the sun is at its peak but despite these challenges, it’s one of the more scenic runs you can take and as far as I can say, each kilometer is a different story.   It’s not the easiest run to take but crossing the finish line here is worth all the energy, pains and courage you pour in.  I do hope they have a second Nathan Ridge Run as I’m using it as a tune up for Corregidor.

There goes 2012 Racing Season.  I’ll still have my other races as part of Team Total Fitness and it’s gonna part of the whole process of starting my A reace in the best form I can have. The good part about having A Races is you can also plot in other key activities you’d want to do… Now to plan my 2012 “A” Vacation Schedule.

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