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A Behind the Scene Look at SuBIT

Posted by on 9. May 2012


Even as I’ve triathlete teammates, this year’s edition of Subic International Triathlon was the first tri-event I was able to watch.  Since most events are out of town, it does take much time and effort to go out of your training schedule and weekend activities to get a chance to watch it.  This year, I made it a point to watch SuBIT and take a glimpse on what it would feel like in an actual triathlon event.  Of course, a triathlon event does not begin at gun start.  It start on the first day of training or even when you start conditioning your mind on joining the event.

Dungaree Beach

Dungaree Beach

Dungaree Beach is the site of the swim leg wherein the triathletes would have to do two loops of 750 meters open water swim.  A day before the actual standard distance event, triathletes were here testing out the waters.  The waves are a bit strong by the time we were there at noon time.  It was also a chance to relax and spend time with family and friends before the big race the following day.

Bike Recon Mission

I joined Jeff late in the afternoon for an easy ride around Subic just to test the course and there’s something about Subic that makes riding a bike more fun and relaxing.  It’s the scenery and the not so crowded traffic in the area.  Since we were just squeezing the bike rides between activities at SuBIT, it was just a short one though I definitely would have wanted to bike some more.  I’m still drawn by the thought that it would have been fun to bike from Waterfront Road to Dungaree on race day as the roads were closed for cars. It’s gonna be 40K for the participants on this course for the bike leg of SuBIT


A Carbo-loading event is a common pre-race ritual.  Part of the SuBIT registration was a buffet dinner after the briefing on the race course and the event.  We had our dinner at Jerry’s Grill in Waterfront Road. Of course, it’s early bed time for those joining the event the next day.

The Main Event

It was exciting to watch an actual triathlon event from the time the participant test the course, to the time they hit the water and the time they take in their dose of carbohydrates and do their final stretches. These are the things that happen even before an athlete steps into the starting line.  The swim had the athletes go in waves spaced 15 minutes apart wherein they have do two loops of 750 meter open water swim.  Then they transition to a very tough bike course wherein they have to undergo 40 kilometer Subic’s rolling and at times hilly terrain before the go on the a 10 km run leg covering 4 loops around Waterfront Road and Dewey Avenue and an additional several hundred meters to the finish line.


The Swim leg was properly spaced wherein the 15 minute difference meant that each new wave would be about a lap apart thus not overcrowding the swim area.  Seeing familiar faces navigate the swim leg was a nice sight to watch and some would have different strategies.  Some would go all out in the swim leg while some would reserve their energy for the longer bike and run leg.  Some would rest in between laps while some would always be on the go.


The bike leg was a 40K challenge with a very tough bike route around Subic since there were hilly portions of the course.  I guess this is where the contenders broke away from the challengers.  Heat was also a factor at this part especially for the last wave to be launched at the swim leg which is the 30-39 age category.


The triathletes were slowly piling up in the run course with the earlier waves starting to go over the run course a 10K run with the Subic Bay ocean view in Waterfront Road and Dewey Avenue where supporters of the participants were packed cheering for them.   At each time during the four loops, there would be new faces who just completed their bike leg and using whatever is left for one final push to the finish line.

Behind the Scene

I was on photographer duties (photos here) this time around while watching the event.  It was great watching a triathlon event.  It was great to see Team Total Fitness and my triathlon friends had a great performance for the event and excellent debut race for Season 2.  It did remind me of my own journey into multisports that started from running to duathlon and maybe… just maybe triathlon.  For that part, I should be back to my race preparations for my own duathlon event.  I have a long way to go yet in duathlon but it’s gonna be an enjoyable one.  I never was one to rush my milestone in multisport but I’m always there to enjoy the process and another lesson I did remember in this exercise… chasing PR makes running, duathlon and triathlon a lifestyle and not just a fad.

So I’m now back to chasing my own PRs.  Back to the training grounds.

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