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Posted by on 10. March 2011
“You create the perfect not by planning its every detail but by letting it run its regular course and just let the surprises make the difference.”

Different was how this birthday turned out to be. For one, I wasn’t playing the role of an expectant child that I usually do every year counting down the days towards my big day. I am no longer that person and somehow I have joined the bandwagon of just having to spend a regular day as it is… No plans… No parties… No whatsoever…

Zero expectations for the day means everything is a bonus and the response was really overwhelming. I used to plan every detail of how my day would end up well but this year, I just left the room for surprise open. I have over a hundred wall posts, messages, emails, calls and the little acts of kindness you get on your birthday. Well, appreciated really. Thanks!!!

A lot has changed a year ago and as time has progressed, I get to realize that things happen for a reason and from the time I thought I’d be shifting a year older but won’t be moving on by a single step, I’m probably about 700 kilometers away from that idea. It pays to be occupied with so many things… work, travel, run, friends, family and everything under the yellow sun. I don’t have all the free time in the world now but I’m still glad to fit in the necessities.

I think one of worst part of my persona is that I’m always around that I get to be stale. I no longer am. In fact, I’m grasping for time trying to be in one place to another so will just have to make do with the limited time and resources I have. Somehow, I’m now less needy and more independent. Not as reliable but more balanced.

Before the week came in, I did have a creepy scare with my sister having a dream of me getting hit by the water current upon crossing the bridge and getting lost by the river and it happened just as I was to hit the waters of Coron then I got a cryptic comment that my Sub60 blog seemed like a farewell letter. Of course, those are just signs which you can choose to ignore but it somehow made me think for a time and take necessary precaution (e.g. Tying my last vest 3 times before hitting the waters… hahaha). I guess, I’m out of the woods for now as I’m out of the waters and I’ve just turned 33.

I’m now glad to look forward to:

– the difficult times ahead as we try to beat time again to finish the annual report

– the never-ending challenge of catching a better pace as I’ll be racing again in a few weeks and go for longer distance.

– the future travels I’ll be taking as my weekends is being packed by the moment.

– and all the surprises just waiting to happen.

Just bring it!!!

Excess Inkblogs: Ok, I just superseded my supposed to be farewell letter by clicking the publish button on this blog.

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