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Posted by on 19. June 2011
“Most of the time, we always want to know how things would end up but the ending is just a moment, it’s the journey that defines it.”

I always remember starting to run and train without any idea what I’m getting into but somehow the healthy and fit lifestyle has become a regular routine.  I guess that’s how things are, we never know how it would end up to be but it is always fun to go on a journey.  I would have never thought that I’d hit more than a 1,000 kilometers of running, battling a busy schedule, heat, rains, injuries and a period of sluggishness but I’m still running.  It’s challenging outdoing yourself and going over varying terrains and in fact, a few kilometers of those were spent in the uphill stretches of Baguio, the cold chills of Taipei, the running trails of Hong Kong, the wide streets of Singapore, the scenic route of Subic and the cobblestone roads of Bellarocca and the hot and humid streets of Manila.  Time to tune up the engine.

People get the impression that I have so much time in my hand but on the contrary I have as much time as any other person, I get to go to my regular work and at times do extra hours, I get to travel and travel much, I get to meet friends from time to time and I get to write this blogs.  I guess if you’re passionate with what you are doing, you’ll always find time.  You’ll focus more to finish everything you have to do in time.  Things are gonna get busy soon and I know I’ll find time to make it work.

I’m also glad that my other passion which is writing has been noticed with my Bellarocca blog having more than 120 hits already and was even posted at team Bellarocca’s group site.  Half of the write up was having a great experience and the rest was just writing about it.  It does help that I get to take those panoramic shots with my NEX3 camera.  I might take this writing stuff to the next level, maybe a career perhaps.  Let’s see, anything goes.

After spending the past three months traveling from here and there, I’m now thinking of making it a regular routine.  I’ll be making the most of my time.  It just seems odd that I don’t have the usual stock of travel tickets with me. Oh wait, I now need to travel to Taipei on Wednesday but that don’t count as travel in my mind as that’s more of business.  Oh well work a bit and play a lot and can’t wait on the play part. It’s just half of a year and I think I’ll get to go more places this time like ever before.

I’ve also officially thrown my hat of a half mary target come October and the races in between are now mere training races but it should be exciting since I’ll be competing in more middle range distances and that I am past the struggling and sluggish part.  It’s an all out effort now and somehow, you’re always not ready but I just have to take a leap and so be it.  I’m gonna cross that distance in time but I for now look forward to the training and races in between.  It’s the preparation that defines the goal.  Time to rev up the engine.

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