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The Zombie Journals

The Outbreaks

Outbreak Manila

Outbreak BGC

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

Outbreak BGC 2

Outbreak Mission: Filinvest City – Part 1

Outbreak Missions – Filinvest City  Part 2

Adarna Initiative: Directors Cut

: Outbreak Missions: Intramuros Operation Stronghold

Outbreak Assault

The Zombies

The Psycho Prisoner

Michael Jackson Zombie

The Surgeon and the Bride

The Werewolf Zombie

The Rockstar Zombie

The NUNdead

Jonah and Jeck

The Sekyu Zombie


The Kid Zombie

Jham Jham Zombie

Annabelle Zombie

Crazy Zombie Clown

The Professor Zombie

Black Swan Zombie

The Beauty Queen Zombie

The Dancer Zombie

Incoming Outbreak Primers

Incoming: Outbreak BGC

Incoming: Outbreak BGC 2

Outbreak Survival Missions is Coming

Outbreak Mission Goes to Intramuros

Outbreak Assault: Time to Strike Back


Unmasking the Rockstar Zombie

Unmasking the Werewolf Zombie

Features / Contests

Do you want to be a Zombie?

A Horde’s Tale

OMZs Unleashed

OMZs Goes #TWDonFox #BreakoutPH

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  1. Heather

    Wow some really gory zombie stuff here. Guessing you like zombies a lot.

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