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Zarks Ultimate Fun Run 2018

Posted by on 1. March 2018
10K Complete

10K Complete

I love intimate runs especially when there’s the freshly-made, tasty and mouthwatering Zarks Ultimate Burger waiting for you at the finish line. That’s how we enjoyed Zarks Ultimate Fun Run as it’s definitely fun in the run as well as fun in the bun.

Zarks Ultimate Run 2018

This is what I came for.

This is what I came for.

Each mouthwatering bite of Zarks Ultimate Burger is worth the thousands of steps leading to the finish line.  They didn’t skimp on the ingredients as the their burger is loaded with the meaty goodness with the fixings.  It was a long queue to the burgers but it was worth it as each burger was freshly prepared, warm and rich in flavor.  They could have opted to prepare everything in advance but I’m glad they made it fresh for us to a better Zarks burger experience.  After all, the good stuff takes patience.

With Mish, Rene and Amor.

With Mish, Rene and Amor.

Me and road runs hasn’t been in one sentence for a while now as I still prefer to spend more time on the trails. I still do but I’m taking an exception as a Zarks Burger at the finish line is a good enticement and would be a feel-good pace.  It’s also an intimate race with several friends to share the fun in running.  I have also such a beautiful pacer in Amor.

Meet my Pacer Amor

Meet my Pacer Amor

Amor has been starting to run again so we’ll be running at a feel good pace.  It’s gonna be 4 loops around the Oval.  While it’s not ideal to most, I like to do loops because it makes me cut the races into several segments.  I even divided it into sub-segments as you get to see the different exits along Quezon City Memorial Circle.

The race started before 6 am and since I was there before 5 am so I got a few chance to catch up with few friends.  It was difficult to be up that early for me coming from several busy days of work.  That’s what I like with intimate runs you get to easily meet your friends in the race venues.  I haven’t had a run in Quezon City Circle but it’s a welcome change in scenery.

At gun start, we went at an easy pace.  It was nice to have someone to run with for a change so I wouldn’t be too lazy on my pace. Amor had a steady pace and we would insert some walks to recover between runs.  As expected, I had shin splints, which is common whenever I have long layoffs.  I’ll live with the struggle as I slowly strengthen my legs when I do more frequent runs and workouts.  I would make mental notes on the exits since the starting point was at East Avenue, I would know that the next loop is nearer after each exits.

The first loop went fine with the run walk sets.  The legs felt better as it was warmed up on the second loop.  The third loop was routine and we enjoyed the kwentuhan pace on the fourth loop before the finish.  We’d still wanted to run several loops if not for our fears of running out of burgers.

Mish hosted the event.

Mish hosted the event. We’re both wearing Hoka One One Arahi.

It was really fun running on the road again.  The finish line is an easy way of reminding you how fulfilling running is always.  The burger is just an added enticement.  I guess I better start working my way back into running faster road splits in between trail runs.  Here’s someone who’ll inspire you that in running, nothing is impossible.

With Rolando Espina, who topped the 500 kilometer ultramarathon from Ilocos Norte to Quezon City.

With Rolando Espina, who topped the 500 kilometer ultramarathon from Ilocos Norte to Quezon City.

You read it right, that’s 500 freakin’ crazy kilometers. Hats off really for people running Ultramarathons, I guess there is just no finish lines for them.  Before it was just the 50 Kilometers and 100 Kilometers but nowadays people can do multi-day 500 kilometers run.  It was really an honor meeting up with him and he still looks fresh after that 500 kilometers.  Aside from Mr. Espina, there were also 4 other finishers. I guess nothing is really impossible.



I stayed for the ceremonies and it turned out a a celebrity in Kris Bernal topped the 5K category.  Yes, she’s fast and pretty.

Kris Bernal

Kris Bernal

It was an ultimate fun in the bun and the run experience by Zarks.  It was nice seeing them involve in running plus staging the longest ultramarathon to-date.  I guess, running is the best excuse to munch an ultimate burger.  Well, see you on the road and trails.

Look someone also enjoys her burgers too.

Look someone also enjoys her burgers too.

22 Responses to Zarks Ultimate Fun Run 2018

  1. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Those burgers sound great. That would be a great incentive to get a great workout and burn extra calories. This looks like a fun run!

  2. Rochkirstin Sioco (@rochkirstin)

    Haha! Knowing that there’s a Zarks Burger waiting at the finish line is indeed a good motivation. It’s a nice reward after completing the run.

  3. Lisa

    I can’t imagine running an ultra marathon. Talk about hard core. The burger sounds delicious. I’d run for a burger.

  4. Bhushavali

    Is that a wooden medal? Wow! Happy to see even medals going nature friendly!!!
    Burger? Promoting fitness? Isn’t that a bit of irony!!!

  5. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Congratulations on your passion for walking and running. I’ve been hearing good stuff about Zark’s burger, wish I can taste their burger soon.

  6. mimicutelips

    The way you describe that burger makes me want one immediately. If that was my prize at the end of a run I might be more likely to run more often.

  7. Sandy N Vyjay

    That was indeed a fun run. After all the running, there was an nice incentive. A fresh burger.

  8. Anosa Myrabev Malanga

    Ohh congratulations on your Zarks Run. Glad I came over your post, it reminded me of including running for my fitness journey.

  9. chewoutloud

    Good going! Sounds and looks like a super awesome run! Great job and yay for food at the end. That’s why we run, is it not? 😉 🙂 I’m seriously thinking of buying a shirt that says, “I run so I can eat” 😉

  10. Elizabeth O

    It looks to me like you smashed your run and really enjoyed it too. Especially when there was a burger waiting at the end!!

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