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Posted by on 2. June 2008

If having meetings at lunch or dinner is “meating” then I guess working on weekends is “workends…” It was a strictly business this time as we flew to Cambodia on Friday to tour our facility there and wrap up the due diligence…

Welcome perks includes however, a business class upgrade from PAL, thanks to an overbooked flight… and a very reasonably priced 5-star Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh… A busy week culminates in a workends… The transit and travel time was a bit tiring (spent more time on this than work)… but the good part was that everything went well…

Back home last night, which happens to be a Sunday… leaving my weekend fully utilised on the trip… So there’s a bit of a layover today and would rather take things slow. After all the travel the past few months, I hope to get back in those boring weekends, bumming around the house on rainy afternoons… jet setting mode off for the mean time… and just try to reconnect with the other stuff that has been absent as of late… =>

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