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Wiik Outs

Posted by on 6. November 2008

I’ve been having my calorie roasting sessions Wii Fit style… It’s been real fun trying to squeeze my regular Wiik outs at night… then there’s a body test that shows my progress in terms of my bio mass index and weight… Still a long way from ideal but I’ll get there…

I hope to sustain my momentum as from the past whenever I make progress, I get distracted by so many things… and yes, there are quite a handful of things which I foresee will distract me soon… but I’ll always try to crave for the simpler life… a little less complicated existence…

Not that much outgoing anymore, but at least, I do find excellent use of my time at home… I’ve managed to transform my pad into a place where I won’t be bored… and even if things get boring, there’s always sleep to count on… Sometimes I feel that with so much to do at home, I feel my time at home is limited… Now maybe it would be fun to work at home… hehe… Wishing!!! =>

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