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When the Heat is ON

Posted by on 20. January 2012

One of the factors you consider when you are training or joining races is the heat of the sun.  When you go for longer distances or more disciplines in duathlons and traithlons, being protected from the sun becomes more important.  Team Total Fitness is lucky enough to have Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock as one of its sponsors.

Whether you’d like the tan which comes with the heat of the sun or you’d still want to retain your fair complexion, the bottom line is you’ll need protection from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.  This is what dermplus has to offer.  They have products ranging fron SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 24 for those individuals with light to dark brown complexion, SPF 35 for those with fair skin, SPF 35 for kids for chilren’s delicate skin and SPF 80 for extreme protection and those who bask in the outdoors who needs longer protection from the sun like runners and multi sport athletes.

Team Total Fitness is very grateful for the support Dermplus has given to the team.  As some of team members are going for their Ironman 70.3 in August and the rest of the team doing Triathlons, Duathlons and half marathons, training in the heat of the sun is now a requirement.  Dermplus protects the Team as it prepares for the bigger and longer battles so even when the heat is ON, the team is still training and racing hard.

59 Responses to When the Heat is ON

  1. Ness

    I agree that you also have to take care of your skin while you are enjoying running. And its great to know that Dermplus is supporting this. However, I haven’t tried using Dermplus… I will try to check on this brand the next time I go to malls.

  2. Alwin

    Nice sponsor. Running events are a good way to promote skin care products, especially sunblock. On another point, I learned that one should wear sunblock when going out even if the sun is not up.

  3. Joniel

    I usually do or use sunblock when I participate a run here in Cebu. But the higher the SPF the more expensive it would be. I haven’t check the price of dermplus yet and maybe they are cheaper I will buy and try for it.

  4. Adeline Yuboco

    SPF80? Wow! I sure need to get me one of those! I tend to easily burn underneath the sun.

  5. RonLeyba

    For sure team total fitness will be featured soon at one or two sporting event covered by major media outlet. You guys are awesome!

  6. Deann

    Now I want that! JK! XD I’m not going outside but I do use a Nivea lotion with SPF too, whenever I run to grocery. XD
    Btw, they are good sponsor! 😀

  7. Teresa Martinez

    It makes good sense to take care of the skin most especially when participating in outdoor activities like this.

  8. Rizza Javier (@beingwell20)

    True. Even for short runs, I put on Nivea sunblock to protect me from the sun’s rays. Problem is, nangingitim pa rin ako..nyaiks!

  9. Mel Cole

    what a nice way to run and get some loots from the event. nice body fitted athletes.

  10. claire

    Wow, SPF80 is really cool. It will absolutely protect the skin with this higher SPF and the fun run is a great success too.

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