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Upgrade Your Listening Experience with #Skullcandy Navigator

Posted by on 5. June 2015

Sound Quality, Comfort and Style with Skullcandy Navigator

Skullcandy brings you a combination of sound quality, supreme comfort and style that gives you a better listening experience.  It gives you that powerful bass output, the natural voice and the precise tones that lets you feel music and the action as if it were right in front of you.  It has soft ear cuffs and adjustable headpiece that is designed with comfort giving the ear a relaxing time with #SkullCandy #Navigator.

Skullcandy Navigator

I’m a Multi-tasker!

I’m a multi-tasker!!!  I work better that way and I guess that’s the only way how I survive having a regular day-to-day finance job, maintaining this site and training for my runs in the evening.  When things get too complicated, I need a stabilizer to keep my focus and that’s where a handy Skullcandy Navigator can come in.    When my mind is entertained, it keeps me razor sharp and focused at the tasked at hand.  It’s either I squeeze in some time to watch my favorite TV series in a window in my laptop or listen to feel-good music.  It keeps me in the zone and doing my work faster and more efficiently.

Getting Things Done With Skullcandy

When it comes to a listening experience, get something that gives you crisp, clear and precise sound.  That’s what I found in the Skullcandy Navigator which takes pride of their sound quality, comfort and style.  It’s advance acoustic delivers a great attacking bass output, natural vocals and precise tones.  It gives you the feel as if you were listening to the vocals live and up close.  That’s the sound quality that keeps you entertained and appreciative of what you are listening to as it feels so clear and real.  Each Skullcandy also comes in stylish over the ear headphones that gives you maximum comfort with its soft ear cuffs that could keep you being entertained for hours.   It’s been designed for comfort, has a really compact look and you just know that the product has continued to evolve out of the years of experience and passion of people at Skullcandy.  Another big plus for Skullcandy is that it uses a metal under structure which makes it extra durable.

You can also take calls for Skullcandy

Speaking of Multitasking, you can also take calls with the Skullcandy Navigator with its 3 button in-line control and mic.  It gives you a better call quality with its supreme sound and you can focus on the conversation because of the ear cuffs.  I love using it with my iPhone and it lets me give voice instructions via Siri.  It’s easy to call using the Skullcandy as you just press the middle button which sets up your voice control and send in the instructions.  Aside from calls,  I was able to search for the nearest coffee, search the net and other stuff via voice instruction which was better captured by Siri because of the mic as compared to making direct voice instruction to the phone without the mic.  The 3-line button also controls the pause, play and the volume.

Skullcandy connects through your phone with through its voice features.

Another feature I like about the Skullcandy is that it has detachable cable.  That really reduces tangles of the cable and that helps a lot since I also have a lot of chargers and wires stowed in my bag.  You can simply detach the cable and place it with the Skullcandy in its pouch and you have no more tangling wires to worry about.  It’s a simple innovation but when you think how many earphones get destroyed because of tangled wires, this really is a game changer.

Go for the Skullcandy listening experience

Skullcandy also has among the trendiest look when it comes to headset.  It brings in the iconic Skullcandy style that constantly delivers an excellent performance with its acoustic sound quality from a bass output that gets you feel the beat of the music, the natural vocals that gives you a clear grasp of a song or a dialogue and precise tone and highs for your playlist.  A Skullcandy listening experience also comes with the comfort of  its ear cuffs with memory foam and adjustable headpiece so you can get the perfect fit with the headphone.  Navigate your way to a better listening experience with the Supreme Sound, Maximum Comfort and Style of the Skullcandy Navigator.

Skullcandy Navigator is available at Dans Bike Shop and Recreational Outdoor eXchange (R.O.X.).

56 Responses to Upgrade Your Listening Experience with #Skullcandy Navigator

  1. rochkirstin

    We are the multitasking generation that relies heavily on this kind of gadget to fulfill tasks quickly and more efficiently. The Skullcandy Navigator is a good gift for myself if I want to invest in a durable and high quality headphone.

  2. Bluedreamer27

    What i like most about this headphone is that powerful bass output… that’s one of the problems I have with most headsets today.. I do prefer loud music but I just can’t appreciate them that much with the headphones because the bass sounds are ripping my ear drums apart LOL.. unless I had to manually adjust the sound on my phone…this Skull Candy seems very interesting.

  3. Angelo The Explorer

    Now that I have Spotify and that I could listen to any music I want. Having a nice headphone like this is very essential. I wish I could have one too! This is definitely a great stuff!


  4. Jojo Vito

    wow, I’ll check this out. I really need a good headset especially for long travels 🙂

  5. Stephanie

    Those look really comfortable. I’ll have to check them out as I need a good pair of headphones for my job. Thanks for sharing!

  6. JessicaACassidy (@wifetoalineman)

    We need new headphones here at home too. My kids play their ipad and Nook every day.

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