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Up to You…

Posted by on 31. January 2008

When consulted at times, I end up saying “up to you!!!” No matter how profound my thought of the matter is. I still believe we are all old enough to know what’s right or wrong. and even if we’re headed of in a wrong direction, it still helps us in a certain way.

Not that I don’t care if people make mistakes but most of the time, people have to decide on what they want and not on what others want.  Other people are just there to guide them but the choice should always be from within.

If you’d say you’d like to jump of a cliff.  I’d say, that’s stupid but I guess you’re old enough to know what’s right but in the wildest scenario that you’d jump, I’d definitely come running down the cliff to catch you.  Being in my protection bubble doesn’t mean, me nagging you how to live your life but for me hovering in a safe distance that you don’t lose your space and at the same time, to be you’re safety net in those dire times.

Then there’s the other thought I sometimes say, whatever makes you happy… and that my friend is always up to you. =>

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