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Uncharted Waters

Posted by on 22. August 2008

It was a problematic long day yesterday… I guess the ball won’t always bounce on your favor… and somehow, it’s how you get back and try to redeem the ball once again… Ok, that part was more on the thrill of watching a game 7 in the PBA last Wednesday where the Gin Kings won despite the odds of a depleted line up and a determined rival… The heart does play a big part on how we prevail against adversities…

And back to my long day… and yes, even at my best efforts there are things and situation that are bound to happen… and yet everything starts by having the will to sit back… sigh… and look forward to new challenges on tumultuous terrains and start again… I feel like facing a blank wall but there’s a beauty in seeing a blank canvass… you get your mind to imagine various landscapes… There’s always a glimmer of hope…

Emotional power up needed… Luckily, in a stroke of impulse last month, I was able to book a Hong Kong getaway next weekend… a time to recharge before facing uncharted waters… I’ve been on uncharted waters for quite some time… then again, growth means conquering uncharted waters… no matter how tough or turbulent the trip is… and then again the turbulence that a storm brings doesn’t last forever… the rays of sunshine will glisten sometime… =>

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