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Tough Days Ends Soon…

Posted by on 5. December 2007

It’s a day before board meeting and I’m still not done with my presentations… the last few weeks was real tough and the reason why I haven’t really entered an entry is that I just want to stop complaining at how pathetic things are right now… but when the smoke clears tomorrow, there’ll be much time to think things over… A less turbulent backdrop may lead to more logical mindset to re-evalute passions I’d want to pursue… Though I don’t expect to do anything drastic… hehe… Maybe just a mutiny at work… => hehe…

Anyway, I’m sure that the warm feeling of Christmas around family and friends will soon lit my somber mood and in a day and a half it’s all I’d want to feel… the joy of Christmas shopping… the laughter at the company of friends… and the feeling of security family members brings along… the merriment of smiling strangers all in the tune of the yuletide seasons…

When things are not well, then there’s always tomorrow to look forward to… and then there’s also a weekend Christmas party in Tagaytay on Saturday… Friends celebrating birthdays… Friends coming back for the holidays… Christmas bonus that comes with the season… and Gifts (I wish I do get some this year… hehe)… parties and peace and goodwill to all mankind (ok… got overboard with this part… hehe)

Ok, once I’m done worrying about tomorrow, It’ll be a new set of problems like a gift for the Christmas party on Saturday…. waah…. but in a way, I’d rather have that problem than the multitude of work I have to face today… = >

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