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Posted by on 5. May 2011
“There’ll always be something that could go wrong tomorrow so don’t waste your todays worrying about how imperfect things are in the future.”


My first career choice was always to be a writer and from suddenly joining the school paper back in high school to holding editorial positions after as a student journalist, I knew writing is something that gives me satisfaction. A curve ball thereafter, I ended up with a career in audit, accounting in finance.  No regret whatsoever. On second thought, it does pop out in my mind every time you get to see the rapidly changing standards that are most of the time incomprehensible and how difficult things get at times. So even at my busy state, it’s just so refreshing to write my inkblogs. It’s a passion, a diversion and a way to release all the tension.

Travel has been the flavor of the past two weeks from getting burnt and roasted in Boracay to being a kid-for-a-day at Universal Studios in Singapore.  I’ve always have half my feet going towards the next adventure and most of the time taking it   I’m not done with my jet-setting ways and it may have just began.  It’s always nice to find yourself lost in a new place, plunging into new things and taking a new direction.  Even if I’m starting to feel the sting in terms of finances, I’d still choose to embark on a new adventure than just sit idly and I’ll be in another one in weeks to come.  Travel does break the monotony of the daily routines and if you stress hard, you might as well relax hard enough to keep thinks sane.

Running has been a late and unexpected addiction.  Who’d ever thought that exhausting all your energies risking injury and waking up so early just for trying to chase a time and a distance could be so habit-forming?  It has a lot of upside if you’re willing to go through the rigors of an intense training, muscle pains and a lot of time hitting the streets.  It gets you fit, it gives you confidence and it makes you stronger inside and out.  Sometimes, no matter how crappy my day gets, I always know that I can run at the end of the day.  I run because I can and as in life, I stop if I must, I slow down if needed but I always end up going towards my goals.

Writing, Traveling and Running are things that has occupied my TODAYs… and yes, by the way, I do work too.  I am now past the busy phase of work now.  This is also the opening where I can now freely explore other options without feeling a tinge of guilt for an unfinished workload and I should reconsider all my options  as I haven’t been happy with how things are and I don’t think that would change in an instant.  Oh well, that’s part of tomorrow’s worries and there may be several more things that could go wrong, so I’ll leave it at that but I have today to enjoy, to experience and to learn from and when tomorrow does not turn out right I always have several passions to take my time and attention.

76 Responses to Today

  1. Mark Morfe

    While I’m having a bad day today (2 laptops have crashed), its good to know that you’re enjoying what you have today. As what the song says “Come and seize the day” ^_^

  2. jsncruz

    The more I learn about you, the more similar we seem to be, bro. I started out as a writer too, and now I’m running just like you 🙂

  3. Erin Joan C. Yang

    Oh I can relate to what you are saying. Recently, I want my todays to be full of adventure or trying out things I have never done before. Feeling ko, parang in just 5 hours that I am sleeping, I can do more. Don’t want to waste the day hehehe, 😀 Now I want to do that until tomorrow hehehehe

  4. papaleng

    good to hear that you are enjoying your “Today’ . Just wondering, have you taught about what it will be your ‘Tomorrow’. I believe it will be much better than what you are enjoying right now.

  5. tatess

    Back here again to share your post .You are busy as a bee today.

  6. Gemma|My Dailies

    Same here! writing, traveling and then running! wish! lol!… It’s just toooo cold here to run!!! Carpe Diem, I know.. I know.. Lol!

  7. Daquio Janine

    sabi nila pag magaling sa english, mahina sa math. e bat ikaw kuya Franc? haha :p
    BTW, you refreshed my mind, as u can see to my FB status, “ang dami kong tatapusin”, but u got the point that we only have TODAY, so why not just live with it. Do not be too exhausted with the future.

  8. Rochelle

    “There’ll always be something that could go wrong tomorrow so don’t waste your today’s worrying about how imperfect things are in the future.” — I’ll definitely put this in mind. Worrying doesn’t add a minute to our life, so why worry? 🙂

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