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Posted by on 24. October 2008

Time… Something I don’t seem to have much lately… In a way, it worries me since It’s a bit too early to think about that… but here I am so drawn to the variety of things to do… to finish and to accomplish…

I’m a little distracted by so many little nuances to manage… issues, personalities, attitudes and a whole lot more… Come to think of it, it’s not really the volume of time spent on these nuances that eats up my time… It’s a bit difficult when a lot of weight is right there in your shoulder with not much to look forward to when it comes to the help department… Hope I won’t burnout soon…

Time has just seem to be shorter than the usual which just means I have both hands full of things to do to sneak a peak at my watch… Focus… Something I have to re-learn or might as well unload some work… but I guess, there are no takers… Solution in sight not really but I hope it doesn’t come to a point that I won’t be salivating on the idea of having a stress leave… Hmmm… =>

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