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The Last of the Auditors

Posted by on 23. January 2007

Every time I have dinner with my SGV friends and colleagues, our number dwindles.  The reason being that the opportunities out of the Country are numerous especially for those with at least 3 years experience in Audit.  With the Global standard starting to be the same, the demand for experienced Auditors/CPAs increases.   Since the work ethic of the Filipino CPA defies regular time which is beyond the global standard, the world is importing the work ethic and the uncompromising sense of ownership on the Global scale.

The remaining CPAs can now relate to how Luke Skywalker felt being the last Jedi in Starwars. In their case, the last CPA/Auditors.   It probably is a tougher case for those who remained in audit as the layer of experienced auditors is becoming thinner by the minute and in its place, a lots of young bloods and quite a few high bloods. It will balance out eventually as the CPA passing rate has gone up but the trend is still ongoing.

It’s a global market and the door is wide open.  Even the last of the Auditors get some perks as the supply of experienced CPAs/Auditor decreases, the demand for them increases as there are more requirement for local positions.  It’s quite a rosy picture for a dynamic profession and the complicated part about it is that the rules of the standards are changing and everybody needs to catch up real fast.  Change is good but we need to adopt in order to make the most out of it.

18 Responses to The Last of the Auditors

  1. jsncruz

    It has a good side though, in my opinion: experience is priceless and this can only increase the more experienced ones’ market values 🙂

  2. Rochkirstin Santos

    Not only are auditors dwindling in number now, but also local doctors as compared to nurses. There are many other job roles which are decreasing in number as many people would like to go abroad to earn more money than to stay in their mother hometown to stick with family.

  3. Khakiness

    Been there, and the life of an auditor is really not easy. I could have been doing audits now if I did not pursue my law career. Auditing is a tough job, but it is also very fulfilling.

  4. Orly Ballesteros

    Another brain drain experience. All I ask dear skilled auditors go back to our country and give back. Also, never lose your identity.

  5. Airra Pingol

    I’d have to agree w/ Rochkirstin, not only auditors are decreasing in numbers but some other jobs as well.
    Change is good, yes.. but The unemployment rate remained essentially unchanged. :/

  6. R.O.M.E.L.O.

    I really can’t blame them for leaving the country for greener pastures… speaking of unemployment… I’ve been unemployed since 2003 but it’s okay since I’m only a High School graduate so I don’t really expect much when it comes to securing a job… LOL

  7. archie

    Before I wanted to become an accountant, but I’m not good in numbers.. I even hate computing expenses.

  8. Pal Raine

    Problem here is our economy, maybe they want/need more money that is why they choose to work abroad. Just having this thought if CPA’s like NURSES now, will instead of shortage they will INCREASE in population and just like NURSES…CPA’s will be a treat for near future. *wink*

  9. Rossel

    I agree, this is true with some other jobs. My OB-Gyn is now in USA working as a nurse. Why not when she’s earning five times or more of what she was earning here? For some people money is more important than career and we can’t blame them. The country can’t give them what they need.

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