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Take the 28 Day Fitstrong Challenge with Mark Streigl

Posted by on 13. February 2018

Big Victories comes from small gains, top MMA fighter Mark Streigl shares a six minute workout that can help you develop a healthy lifestyle.  Take the 28 days Fitstrong Challenge and start a habit of fitness and achieve results.

Mark Streigl

Mark Streigl

Mark Streigl

Under Armour Athlete and top MMA Fighter shared his workout routine to national coaches and trainers last Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Edsa Shangrila Hotel for the launch of 28 Days Fitstrong Challenge.  28 days could be a life changer as your body learns to adopt to the different workouts and can help your mind adopt into a system and a lifestyle of fitness.  It’s a road map to being fit, toned and losing weight. As an MMA fighter, keeping weight is a key factor for Mark to make weight limit and his routine helps ensure that he is ready by fight day.

With Princess and Mark

With Princess and Mark

Mark shared a 6-minute workout you can incorporate in your day.  Even if you are on a busy schedule, it still a good habit to maintain.  I do mine in the morning before I go to work and try to do another set when I am at home.  It’s a simple 6 minute routine as follows:

  • 30 seconds knee rolls (similar to crunches with your hands reaching your knees per repetition).
  • 30 seconds leg lifts (from a flat lying position, straighten your legs and lift up and pull down)
  • 30 seconds plank
  • 30 seconds knee crunches (from a push up position, alternately crunch your knee to your core are)
  • Repeat the set 3 times without rest and your good to go.

The hardest part is to start but once you get the hang of it, the routine becomes a habit.  I’m also taking the 28 days fitstrong challenge so please join me with the challenge and let’s inspire more people to a fitness lifestyle.

28 Day Fitstrong Challenge

From left to right : Ms. Sze Chi from Sanctband Headquarters , Master Jermy Ng, MMA superstar Mark “Mugen” Strieg, One of A Kind Marketing Managing Director Christine Majadillas and Chief Operating Officer Engr. Allan Majadillas.

The 28 Days Fitstrong Challenge was developed by Mark throughout his MMA career and can be done with the aid of Sanctband.  It can be done anywhere and will help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and at the same time becoming fitter and stronger at the end of the program.   Aside from a healthy lifestyle and a stronger version of you, you’ll also get a chance to win some prizes from Under Armour and Sanctband.  The 28 Days Fitstrong Challenge will be launched digitally on March 10 to April 6 digitally and will have a culmination event on April 7 and April 14 at BGC.  There will be a series of video tutorials from Mark Streigl that would be uploaded to various social media platforms weekly. During the entire contest, a participant must perform the video tutorial, the post it on their social media account everyday with the use of the unique hashtag alongside major partners #SanctbandGlobal #SanctbandPH #UnderArmourSEA and #UnderArmourPH.  At the end of the challenge, the participant must also post their before and after photo. Winners will be selected through the participants social media posts.

Streigl has also tested the 28 days fitstrong challenge on his friend.

“He is my high school friend. He works in Taipei and he flew over to the Philippines and live with me for five weeks. He wanted to have more energy, feel better, feel stronger, and be healthier. He was able to lose 30 pounds in four weeks. He feels much healthier. I’m very happy with his progress and I know he is happy too,” said Striegl.

Sanctband Certification



Earlier during the day, there was also a Sanctband certification for the national coaches and trainers conducted by representatives from Sanctband Master Trainer Jeremy Ng.  Sanctband has a whole range of fitness equipment including mat, resistance bands, spider cord among others.  It was one of the more lively training sessions I’ve seen with some interactive games to energize the participants.  The workout sessions featured the different Sanctband products and their uses.  The resistance bands can really help you strengthen muscle group and improve your form.

Buddy workout using the spider cord

Buddy workout using the spider cord

Sanctband Resistance Band, which would be exclusively distributed by One of a Kind Marketing in the Philippines, is a natural latex resistive exerciser and resistance training device.  It is suitable for all fitness levels and can be incorporated in many exercise regime.  Sanctband Resistance Exercise Band is colour-coded to indicate the resistance levels and strengths of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports therapy and training.  Sanctband Powder Free and Reduced Protein Exercise Bands are developed to address the uncomfortable feeling of using powdered bands and concerns of latex allergy when using a latex band.

Sancband Master Trainer Jeremy Ng conducts the training sessions.

Sancband Master Trainer Jeremy Ng conducts the training sessions.

The different Sanctband products are impressive.  It’s like having a whole gym available at home.  The Sanctband was perfect for the national coaches and trainers as it goes well with different sports.  You can strengthen the different muscle groups needed for any sports by adding resistance.  The participants did the workout with and without Sanctband and after using Sanctband, the routine felt easier and with improved form.

With Allan and Z

With Allan and Z

The session was informative and also gave the coaches and trainers a different approach to their training routines.  Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion and Under Armour Athlete Meggie Ochoa also gave a short talk to the participants and mentioned her upcoming talk on Self Defense upcoming in April.  Under Armour and Sanctband was able to give us new approaches to fitness through the 28 days Fit Strong Challenge and Sanctband resistance bands.

22 Responses to Take the 28 Day Fitstrong Challenge with Mark Streigl

  1. Amanda

    Sounds like you have found a great team to be part of. I know a ton of people who are fitness coaches and how much work and effort it requires. Kudos to you!

  2. Emily, Our house now a home

    This 6 minute work out seems really doable! I like that is a quick but still helping me stay healthy. I will be giving this a try in the morning for sure, thank you!

  3. Everyday Made Fresh

    This sounds like a really great event. I’ve never heard of the 28 day challenge, but it sounds like you’d get a lot out of it.

  4. James mortch

    I know the guy. what was a big fitness trainer. Many time I hear this name on fitness world. they are very good trainer. When I read your post am many inspire to fit my body. I want some more information about fitness. Can you told me some information about this trainer.

  5. Sara Welch

    This is definitely a challenge I could use. I need a fire under my bum to get me moving!

  6. hotlunchtray

    So many of the folks you feature are testaments to how a little bit every day can really add up! I think the older we get the more we see that cumulative difference. That can either be intimidating or inspirational!

  7. Ana De-Jesus

    As someone who is constantly on the go I really like the idea of a 6 minute workout that I can incorporate into my day. Would you say it is a good workout for someone who has back problems? And what would be the best time of day?

  8. Mrs. D

    How cool! What a great opportunity to learn from the expert. I need some motivation to get back in shape. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jillian Frances

    This challenge sounds awesome! It is always nice have a team of people to motivate you.

  10. mimicutelips

    I need to take his advice, I’m trying to get about into a fitness routine. I’ve fallen off for way to long. It is time to get working on this summer body.

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