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Year of the Franc – 8

“ I’ve spent the last day of 2013 getting lost in the woods and eventually finding my way out.  I guess it’s how my 2013 was, it had highs but it also had its share of challenges that needs adjustment and action and eventually finding my way out of those situations.”   Read about: 2006: … Continue reading »

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Year of the Franc – Year 7

Hello 2013! 2006: Year of the Franc 2007: Year of the Franc… Again??? 2008: Year of the Franc or is it? 2009: Year of the Franc… Part 4 2010: Year of the Franc – 5th Part 2011: Year of the Franc (Year 6) Year of the Franc is my official year end post since 2006 … Continue reading »

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Ordinary Month of July

Enjoying life is not about creating special days but it is making ordinary days feel special. Finer Side For the past three months, I’ve been in the fast lane going from one place to another.  Trips, Runs, Rides, Duathlons, Training Camps and a lot of out of town and out of the country travels in … Continue reading »

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Gloomy Month of June

Gloom By now, I’ve grown accustomed to starting a month with a blog that talks about what’s in store for the month.  If the month of May was lazy, this month has been gloomy.  For one summer is gone and the rain is starting to slow down my outdoor-centric lifestyle.  Somehow, I’m at a crossroad … Continue reading »

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March Attack

“It’s always great to set a day to appreciate life!!!” The Cons March isn’t always the easiest month for me.  It’s the time of year, when we chase 100+ pages worth of annual report and trust me, there’s never an easy way getting over this hump even if I’ve been preparing this type of report … Continue reading »

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Dark Side

One of the first few reasons I started this blog years ago was to blow off some steam.  I don’t throw out a rage nor shout at the top of my voice or do something crazy (or maybe sometimes) when I get in tough spots.  I just try to endure and hold on until things … Continue reading »

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November Resolutions

“Why wait for January when you can keep a monthly resolution?” November starts with 11.1.11 and would have 11.11.11 in a few days and somehow, you get the feel that this month’s special.  I just came up with an idea that while we wait for January in gleeful anticipation for a new beginning.  We can … Continue reading »

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The Real Life

“Having the time of your life is not the same as having a life.” Fun is not the only ingredient that makes life a life.  We get the impression that we have a better life the more the fun we have but on the contrary having fun is just part of it.  The other part … Continue reading »

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Upon finishing my scheduled 7K in my running training, it dawned to me that during this day 7 years ago, I started in what seemed like a roller coaster ride that has its ups and downs. Maybe not really downs since most of the time its always an uphill climb but there are times really … Continue reading »

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Around Davao

I was stuck here for several days for an audit engagement years ago.  I was perform controls testing and inventory count.  The count was a real challenge for one you have to measure by use of estimation and geometry warehouse full of copra, the white in the coconut which would then be converted to coconut … Continue reading »

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