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The Bull Runner Half Marathon

Two Years Ago, I always thought crossing my first marathon was my finish line at TBRDM2014. A graduation of sorts for my running career which started in 2010. It turned out as a beginning of a new chapter and a new life. It’s life changing in a way that you believe that you are indeed ready for anything. Two years have passed, I still look forward to being around The Bull Runner Dream Marathoners as their feel good stories unfold in front of me. #TBRSmartDream2016 Continue reading »

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Your Team: Samahang Mananakbo ng Smart

People get the impression that people who run have so much time but the truth is a greater majority of runners (including me) are also corporate employees. Members of Samahang Mananakbo ng Smart (Team SMS) are both corporate employees and athletes. They run as a pack whether it’s a fun run, a marathon or even an Ultramarathon. Let’s get to learn more about their SMART story. Continue reading »

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The Live More Run

Live More is the Color of the Day Distance: 5.22 Kilometers Date: January 19, 2013 The Live More Run There’s just something about colors that make adults feel like kids.  It pleases the eyes.  It warms the heart.  It makes us remember that life is not all black and white but it’s a colorful one. … Continue reading »

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Incoming: Smart Live More Run

A Colorful 2013 Start 2013 on a colorful, fun and a healthy note!!!  While a 5 kilometer run can at times feel like an eternity for newbies, adding more color in the run could make it feel like a party.  The Live More Run is a run you can enjoy with family, friends and even … Continue reading »

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