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Tagged With: Rain

Pinoyfitness Sub1 Baguio

It’s been raining for about 3 weeks before the run and somehow when the race started it stopped save for a few drizzle along the route. Pinoyfitness gave the challenge for those chasing the elusive sub 1 race time and also gave a scenic route for those like me enjoying the fun wave. The climbs were endless but the cool weather and the pine-scented atmosphere made this a really great feel-good run for everybody. Continue reading »

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Tag Ulan sa Pinas

After his last caricature Pasko sa Pinas, my friend Mike Famaranglas’ doodles is back on this site.  This was sort of a tradition in the school paper decades back that we’d have caricatures take center stage in our paper. Tag-ulan Rainy is already an understatement to the last several weeks in the Philippines as we’ve … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak BGC

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness Life I Used to Have “I was barely alive and on a solo effort, I gallantly tried to avoid three successive zombies. I went to the left and I was able to evade the first.  The next one, I faked a move to the right before sprinting … Continue reading »

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Running in the Rain

I was a kid today. A normal 5K run became something different and exhilarating – Running in the Rain. It do remind me of the carefree times when we were kids playing in the rain. This time it was during a run that was made difficult by rain soaked clothes and shoes, slippery terrain and … Continue reading »

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Rain, Rain Go Away…

It’s finally raining… and after too much basking in the sun… for one rare time… I’m calling it a welcome change… though having too much rain in the afternoon, reminds that it such a good time for hot noodles and sleep… and of course, it wouldn’t help if I were back in Baguio… lying in … Continue reading »

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Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

  When we were a bit younger, we’d usually have ourselves doused for the first rain of May in Baguio City.  Of course, that was ages ago…  Moving on, I’m not already the Baguio resident that I’m used to; being now based in Makati due to my work… Anyway, I went to Baguio last weekend … Continue reading »

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