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Suunto Spartan Ultra is Definitely Progress Beyond Logic

Posted by on 4. January 2017

Suunto Spartan Ultra is the ultimate sports and adventure watch. It keeps you aware of all the metrics you need on your workout.  It has a touch screen display, bluetooth connectivity and it’s an investment to a lifestyle of fitness and adventure.

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There’s so many factors to consider in getting a sports watch.  You have to consider your budget, expectations and even long-term plans.  Different sports watches comes in different price range and features.  Low on budget, go for the basic features and it’s still good to go.  If you’re in for fitness and adventure for the long-term then having a Suunto makes lot of sense.  I’ve been a Suunto user since 2013 and that means covering thousands of kilometers running and biking with it.  Along the years, Suunto also got better from better features to an even better post work-out metrics and videos.

Aside from the video recap after the race. You can also save existing route and use it for navigation purposes on future runs.  You can customize your views and it can really help you on your race.  It’s really a mental edge being aware of the distance, pace, elevation, heart rate and a lot more.  I still use for Suunto Ambit 2 Sports for indoor cycling since it’s Ant+ compatible.  Starting with the Ambit 3 series, Suunto shifted to Bluetooth technology, which is more accurate when it comes to pairing of the devices. It’s also a watch that can go with you even on regular days as it can go as a lifestyle watch.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

What then sets Suunto Spartan Ultra apart?  The more obvious part is that it goes touchscreen and shifts to a colored display.  So it can go with a digital or analog display and you can vary your watch face.  It also has an activity monitor that allows you to monitor the calories and steps you make in a day.  I actually like this feature since I like watching my calories and activity in line with what I eat and do. Spartan Ultra can really make you more aware of your activities even on regular days.

Suunto Spartan Ultra has customized views per sport depending on the metrics you’d want to monitor.  You really don’t need to customize the views since you almost have all the metrics specially when you have 5 windows view available.   It helps having all the metrics in one view as you get to see everything already and saves you time shifting from one window to another. I actually discovered how to better customize the views with Movescount.

Just create a new sport mode and you can customize you’re views.  I prefer the average pace, heart rate, distance and duration on regular routes.  I would add the altitude and cadence on hilly routes.  The third view is the history of the laps in the run.  With that I’m good to go!!!

Operation Customize- Success!!!

Operation Customize- Success!!!

Suunto Sapartan Ultra In Action

Suunto Spartan Ultra powering my year-end climb to Mount Ulap

Suunto Spartan Ultra powering my year-end climb to Mount Ulap

If there’s one thing that I appreciate about Suunto Spartan Ultra is that it gives you awareness on the run or climb.  It’s really a mental edge when you know your elevation, your pace, your heart rate, your cadence, etc.  If you need to reach 1,000 meters of elevation, it helps to know that you’re slowly chipping in the elevation and  When you’re running a marathon, you’d like to know the distance and the pace to be able to control your energy reserves.  When you’re running a fast 10K, you’d like to know your heart rate to know if you can push yourself further.  When you’re an a rhythmic run, you’d like to know that you are maintaining your desired cadence.  Suunto Spartan Ultra can do all of that for you in real time.

Yellow Trails with Suunto Spartan Ultra

Yellow Trails with Suunto Spartan Ultra

Another clincher is the battery life. At best GPS accuracy, you’re good to go for 18 hours and it can go on for 65 hours at a lower GPS accuracy.  That’s a perfect watch for an Ultramarathons or for those going for overnight climbs.  GPS detection is fast, you’ll barely notice the watch searching for GPS when you start your exercise.  Having your watch on full power can really help you notice your progress especially on those seemingly endless trails and runs.  Suunto Spartan Ultra has also navigation features you can use when you get lost. You can also upload a route and the watch would guide you in terms of direction.

Tanay with Suunto Spartan Ultra

Tanay with Suunto Spartan Ultra

Suunto Spartan Ultra is your ultimate adventure watch and can go with different sports.  With it’s bluetooth connectivity, you can easily link it to your phone for easy loading of your work outs.  It also prompts you with messages from your phone and different apps even on workout mode.  Suunto Spartan Ultra is an investment to a lifestyle of fitness and adventure and that to me is priceless.

SUUNTO Spartan is distributed by Time Depot and retails at the following prices:

  • Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium P45,000
  • Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium 40,000
  • Spartan Ultra Black 40,000
  • Spartan Ultra White 40,000

Available at the following stores nationwide:

Metro Manila

  • Time Depot Rockwell, Shangri-La, Festival Mall, SM the Block, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons’ Manila,
  • Maximus Athlete’s Café Shop

North Luzon

  • Time Depot Harborpoint Subic


  • Time Depot SM Cebu, SM Davao, Centrio Cagayan de Oro

33 Responses to Suunto Spartan Ultra is Definitely Progress Beyond Logic

  1. Stephanie Jeannot

    My father would love this because of the pedometer feature. Yes, the fact that it can count steps and calories is excellent. Looks like a nice watch to put on your arm as well. Very fashionable.

  2. Emily, Our house now a home

    This watch is amazing! It has a ton of features and is a really nice looking watch too! It can work for sporty things, or just to wear as an everyday one.

  3. Angelic Sinova

    Woah, that watch sounds super cool. I think it is so awesome that it can track your progress and workouts like that.

  4. Jasmine Eclipse

    What an awesome tool for runners like yourself! It’s so incredible what kinds of new technologies they come up with!

  5. vermishelly

    Actually, you’re right. Knowing how much distance you have left, your heart rate, etc can really help you mentally when you’re running or doing other kinds of physical activity. For me, running / hiking is a struggle, but when I see what I need to do to reach my goal (e.g. number of km left), I get motivated to push forward and continue on. I don’t have a smartwatch though, but maybe it’s a good idea to invest in one. :)) Hahaha considering that I want to be healthier!

  6. Ruth dela Cruz (@ruthilicious)

    i didn’t realize how important wearing a good watch and gear when hiking until I read reviews and stories from your blog. I might get that if I get serious about running and hiking 🙂

  7. Ricci

    That is a gorgeous watch! I also love all the features it has!!

  8. Fred

    Touch screen and blue tooth connectivity on a watch sounds really high tech. I can imagine how important a watch like this for a runner to pace himself in marathons.

  9. Ria Lumandog

    I want this watch! But I’m not so sure if I’m ready to trek and climb mountains. Hahaha. I love how it looks like because the design is fashionable, yet very useful.

  10. Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    This looks amazing and would love to have one anytime. Features are really cool especially for runners like you.

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