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Stuck on a Grey Area

Posted by on 12. June 2007

Started watching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy borrowed from Jing during the weekend and so far going to the 7th episodes, I’m usually hooked by the series of first year interns who are in the so-called phase of being in the bottom of the food chain in the surgery group… hehe… it kinds of my new staff days in SGV, which like first year interns are at the bottom in the audit profession… hehe… Anyway, the story is great!!! Since the plot lines are in surgery, things at times like blood and actual operations may appear to be inconvenient to the eyes (especially that seeing these situations is not necessarily my strong suit)… Anyway, the strength of the show comes from the day to day life and death deciding moments that these interns and doctors go through… and apart from the medical drama; there’s also, a touch of the respective personal lives of the various characters…

Medicine… like Law… can easily be glorified in movies and tv series… The stakes seems always higher… come to think of it… hmmm… how about a series detailing life of CPAs… hehe… This will probably even bore me in the process… So back to being stuck in the Grey area, I have still more than 2 and a half seasons to go…

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