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Stop over

Posted by on 27. August 2008

After a nice meeting in Cambodia and a visit to the Kampong Cham plant, I’m into my 2 hour plus waiting time to my flight back to Ph… So for a change and not to be bored, I got myself into a corner and was able to get a clear Wifi signal in Saigon Airport…

It was a tiring day yesterday, with call time at 7 am and a long trip to Kampong Cham plant… and then, going around the plant is quite a chore… and then the long way back again… the soonest time, I was able to check mail, I was bombarded by emails… lots of things to do… and then the drinking spree at night…

I’m on my way back and in a few hours, I’d be touching base with Ph soil… though just for a day… so it’s gonna be an intense day tomorrow… somehow, it always is… I guess, those heartbeat-stopping moments is now starting to take its toll… and the next stop over should do much rejuvenation… I hope… =>

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