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Still Shooting

Posted by on 27. October 2007

A bizaare week ends with a long day yesterday… Meeting in Cafe Breton in Podium Mall at 4 pm… Cocktails at Discovery Suites at 6 pm… Gym at FF Ortigas at 7 pm and another Shooters Night at Cig’s at 10 pm…
It all turned ok… I’m an ok person (Right Jing?? hehe…) Crepes at Cafe Breton was great… Didn’t eat much at the cocktails though met one of my MBA classmates there… Nice workout at Fitness First and the night’s highlight… another Shooters Night at Cig’s…
Only a few of AGSB buddies around… Me, Mascy, Gryf and Cig… We were joined by most of Gryf’s friends… and the place was real full… Congrats Cig!!! And if it’s a shooters night then it’s drink all the shots you can… so as usual lost count of the amount of alcohol I consumed… tried 7 shooters (correction, it was 8 shooters for me)… and another one where we had to sip in a bowl… and all the shots that came in all colors…
A part of me really wanted to unwind… as some thoughts and events has caused a lot of stress on my part… thanks to alcohol… I was able to unload some stress… sometimes looking forward leaves out the fun part of today but at least for this night… I had fun!!! Too much fun that I went home at past 1 am… and the rest is the usual stuff… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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