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Start Your Wednesday Brooks Run Happy Habit

Posted by on 30. March 2017

Wednesday is Run Happy Day as Brooks in cooperation with 2xU, Pace Prehab and Recovery, Planet Sports and Kerry Sports Manila, brings you the Run Happy Crew.  It’s a series of lecture and run sessions that focuses on individual aspects of the run.  Run Happy Crew is held every Wednesday from March 29 – May 3, 2017, 7 pm at Kerry Sports Manila.

Run Happy Crew

Brooks has been bringing the Run Happy feel with their shoes, which is made for runners by the runners themselves.  They bring Run Happy in a totally different way via their Run Happy Crew, which is a series of Running sessions focusing on individual aspects of the run.   The run is free and you just have to pre-register as follows:

  • Visit Kerry Sports Manila in BGC or 2xU Performance Center in Glorietta
  • Sign up the Registration form provided at the cashier
  • Those who sign up in-store automatically gets a 10% discount coupon to 2xU and P500 off on Brooks.
  • Confirmation message will be sent via email within 24 hours upon registration
  • Present any valid proof of registration to the run coaches on event day and go run happy.

The sessions started on March 29, 2017 with a talk on breathing as well as a 5 kilometer run around BGC.  There will be new focus topics on the succeeding sessions, which falls on Wednesday, 7 pm at Kerry Sports Manila.

The first session handled by Coach Francis Diano was all about breathing. Breathing is really important when you run as it helps regulate your system.  You can have side stitch, stiffness on the shoulder and lack of breathe when you don’t use the proper technique which is breathing from your diaphragm.  I’m a chest breather most of the time so I try to be more conscious with proper breathing on the run.  It can really help you sustain your surges on the run as well as prolong your endurance. The participants got to try out the tips on an actual run around BGC.

Run Happy Indeed.

Run Happy Indeed.

Well, this is just the start of the weekly Run Happy Crew sessions. Make it a Wednesday Habit.  Take note on the individual topics and then get to combined all the skill set on the May 3 session.  You’re definitely gonna be a better runner in 6 weeks and more importantly, you’re gonna Run Happy.

12 Responses to Start Your Wednesday Brooks Run Happy Habit

  1. Jeypi Kyu

    wow.. can i still join this though i haven’t been present on the first day.. seems like this is a good way to become healthier.. 🙂 it’s great that you shared this info especially for us in the PH. 🙂

  2. Jason Panuelos

    I’ve always wondered about fitness groups like this! It seems like so much fun and a great time to spend with friends 😀

  3. Otakore

    Looks very engaging and fun. If my workplace is near Kerry Sports Manila, I’ll be able to join.

  4. Fred Hawson

    Great to attend these educational sessions. Runners need to know these important matters if they intend to go seriously into the sport.

  5. Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    we too are following too but not as religiously as you do. Will participate in family run this year.

  6. mitchellejuaban

    Breathing in any form of physical exercise is important. However for a run like this it takes more than that. And so I guess it is essential for runners to learn techniques.

  7. mrstressbuster

    Looks quite cool and fun thing to do. Keep it up.

  8. Bhusha

    First of all, good to know that the run is free!!! Good to know that some training on proper breathing is given!

  9. shubhadabhide

    In SG also, we are going to have one Free run…So that more people can participate. So good for this Happy run, they are giving proper training.

  10. Tiffany Yong

    Is this something like an interest group where everyone with common interest come together? Nice to see more people coming together to spread positivity and health!

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