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Soleus Running Dance Festival

Posted by on 7. February 2017
21K Done!

21K Done!

Soleus takes a bold new step with Soleus Running Dance Festival last February 4, 2017.  With the addition of world-renowned Zumba Fitness Presenter William Flores, Soleus is set to launch a series of fitness device that will count steps, lift counts and heart rate to make the most of your workout.

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Soleus Running Dance Festival

With Sabor Latino Himself William Flores

With Sabor Latino Himself William Flores

Me and dancing don’t get along well. I am too stiff and uncoordinated but there’s something about dancing that’s liberating and fun.  With William Flores in town, let’s just let’s forget that I have two left foot when it comes to dancing and just enjoy the activity.  It’s not everyday that you get to dance with a world-renowned Zumba Instructor.  Surprisingly, I did enjoy the zumba workout and it can be as challenging as a long run. 90 minutes with the energy level of William Flores is really intense, sweat-filled and really fun. It’s 100% total workout.

Soleus has been known for its presence in the running community with their really affordable GPS running watches that can really get you started in monitoring your progress. Soleus is expanding their line of watches to include cycling and fitness channels. SOLEUS, the brand that brought you “everything you need and nothing you don’t” to Running watches will now bring you everything you need for your gym fitness exercise as well.  Soleus is tapping William Flores for their series of fitness device that will count steps and lift counts, along with monitoring your heart rate to allow you to make the maximum use of your overall training and this will be launched over the course of 2017.  So it’s time to measure it all from running, dancing and to everything you do at the gym.

Soelus creates a world where people activate their passion and build community through their sports by making stylish, easy to sue timing and fitness devices so people can enjoy each moment of their work outs.  It was a loaded weekend for William Flores as there were sessions over the weekend and of course the Soleus Running Dance Festival.

The Soleus Sprint is such a cute workout accessory.

The Soleus Sprint is such a cute workout accessory.

Race Map

Map via Strave

The race starts at Seaside Boulevard and heads to Roxas Boulevard at Kilometer 5. The race then heads to the length of Roxas Boulevard from Edsa until Luneta and back for the next 10 kilometers of the race.  The race then heads back to Seaside Boulevard with an out and back at Sunrise Drive and Diokno Boulevard before hitting the finish line.

The Race

Before the Race - Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

Before the Race – Photo by RJ of Running Photographers

Being in race preparation mode, I’m just taking each race as more of training or testing some aspect of my run.  For this one, it was more of mileage and experimenting on different strides.  No time pressure for me for this one but just letting the legs get used to beating of running.

Sabor Latino

Sabor Latino

At gun start, I started strong just to let the legs warm up a bit for the first kilometer.  I then proceeded with my run-walk set for the next two kilometers of the race.  I was trying to shake off my rustiness from missing so many runs during the week.  The 4th kilometer had me feeling some stiffness on the shins and calves so I had to slow down a bit. I limited my walking breaks to just 20-30 seconds just so I won’t get lazy on the race. That’s the game plan for the next two kilometers.

It was nice seeing Inja and Cindy after the race

It was nice seeing Inja and Cindy after the race

Upon reaching Roxas Boulevard, the legs was feeling much better. I increased the duration of my runs longer and kept the walking breaks shorter. It was not fast but I was moving.  I held that pace for the next 5-6 kilometers from the Buendia Flyover to Edsa and back to Buendia Flyover.

Photo by Bicolano Runner

Photo by Bicolano Runner

I was now on my way to Luneta and I tried experimenting on different strides.  The plan was to endure the out and back and try to power walk the last 5-6 kilometers.  With the distance, I felt that the tightness was creeping in from my shins to my itbs. I kept the run-walk sets albeit the walk stretch was a bit longer to allow my legs to relax a bit.  I kept that pace until the 16th kilometer.  I still felt I can push it a little so I continued the run-walk set until I entered the Seaside Boulevard and Sunrise Drive midway the 19th kilometer.

Struggling but not quitting - Photo by Bicolano Runner.

Struggling but not quitting – Photo by Bicolano Runner.

The legs felt heavy already at Sunrise Drive. Even if I tried running, it was at a really slow pace. I shifted to power walk for the last 2.5 kilometers but kept the cadence high on the walk.  I kept that pace heading to the finish line.  That was a good training run.  My legs and game plan was able to adopt to different situations.  I’m done with my 21K and I still had enough energy for the post-race festivities.

Of course, you can see people enjoying the zumba with William Flores and hats of really to Soleus team for pulling one of a kind event. Hope to see more of William Flores and Soleus new line of fitness watches.

33 Responses to Soleus Running Dance Festival

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Congratulations! I would never have run that far! Maybe a fourth of that and I would be dead tired. The watch you featured in this article would be a good gift for my son who is into running marathons. I’ll have to check that out too.

  2. Laura O'Neill (@LauraOinAK)

    I find that dance based workouts are more fun for me. Zumba is catchy, too! Not that I have great moves.

    Congratulations on completing the race.

  3. Rebecca Swenor

    Soleus Running Dance Festival sounds like it was a lot of fun. I have yet to try Zumba but have wanted to for a while. It makes for a fun workout. I loved the video by the way. This looked like it was a great run. The watch sounds like something I would love to check out too. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Amanda

    Sounds like a fun theme for a race. I have never tried Zumba but I know so many people who love it. I can’t help but imagine you dancing and running at the same time. Sounds exhausting!

  5. Stephanie Pass

    Congratulations on completing the race! I could never do that. I’d much prefer the dancing workout.

  6. Traveling Morion

    This event, Soleus Running Dance Festival, is indeed fun and new way to enjoy running. COngrats Bro!

  7. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Congratulations on another run completed! I have been also dealing with some issues on my shins when I walk too much. I would love to try Zumba!

  8. Cathy McInnes

    Looks like a great race experience, Congrats on another run finished! Great accomplishment!

  9. Bhushavali

    Adidas just organized a Zumba and Run combo here in our city. Its actually fun to do both back to back!

  10. Deborah Cruz

    COngrats! Sounds like you had a great time.

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