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Sleeping like a Baby

Posted by on 6. August 2007

I remember one of FAA’s classic joke when one client would ask how was his night… then he would say that he slept like a baby (some would equate to a peaceful sleep)… then comes the punch line… Sleeping like a baby also means waking up every two hours and crying (so much for the equation with peaceful sleep)… The reason for remembering this joke is that I’ve been in so-called FAA terms sleeping like a baby (except for the cry part, of course… no reason for it) as of late… I’ve been waking up with an hour or two intervals… which is somehow a bit draining… so much for getting past the low battery mode… That’s probably me being overly conscious with time… and deadlines…

It’s a good thing that during weekends, I always have time to get myself recharged with a longer than usual sleep… though this coming weekend would be an exception since it’ll be another Angkor Wat tour for me… Ok, I’d be willing to trade that sleep for the tour assuming I get past the board meeting in one piece… hehe… but after all the deadline is over… I’m definitely taking a breather… the broken sleeps is not good for me… the next time, I’m gonna sleep like a bum… hehe…

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