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Sickly Souls Day

Posted by on 3. November 2008

I spent All Soul’s Day weekend in Baguio… with the usual visit to Everlasting cemetery… and lunch at nearby Rimando’s… It was nice to see that it was a bit more maintained compared to before… This was such nice playgrounds for us when we were kids… ages ago…

The different part was that after a visit at the cemetery… I had a fever and head ache that I spent the whole afternoon and evening sleeping it out… too bad I had to miss going to La Union… visit the Casino and go to the nearby beaches… I sure would have loved to see the splendid La Union Sunset… Waah.. I’ll do that sometime else… The next day was spent at Baguio Cemetery… which as always was a maze on how the structure was in place here… Didn’t spend much time here… Offered candles and our prayers to our dead relatives…

I just noticed that there were a few visitors this year compared to the previous years’ visit… I guess, having the occasion packed in just a weekend made it less appealing to people to go back to their respective provinces… The holiday coinciding with a weekend… and it’s quite weird that there are no extension to this given that we have so many long weekends for a variety of reasons… but not this…

So here I am back sulking at my desk for the usual work… =>

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