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Send-off Rendezvous

Posted by on 15. September 2005


Send-offs are starting to be a common these days for CPA Auditors since the world has been one big global market place for skills. Thomas Friedman, in his book, “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” opined that globalization started when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. In my opinion, the audit profession blossomed when the high and mighty Enron fell, resulting to certain shifts in the accounting standards. A global arena + a shift in the accounting standards = more opportunity for Filipino CPA Auditors. This has led to an exodus of talented people to foreign soil. Come to think of it, I’ve lost count already of my friends who took a bite in the global pie of opportunity.

So much for the semantics, we had dinner at CPK Glorietta as a send off to our colleague, Jay Anne, who in a few weeks would be transferring to an audit firm in the United States. Present during the dinner was FAA, our former engagement partner, Ms. Carol, our favorite manager when we were still in SGV and other colleagues, Donald, Kreng, Che and Denise. We had a nice chatty dinner and a lot of catching up in each of our ongoing epics of our lives. It was a great time and could have been better had the others been not prevented by the stormy weather.

As for my own send-off, that would be the day yet to be determined but going into the last term of my MBA… MBA has been fun, enriching and exciting experience… Thrill and anxiety awaits me at the end of this journey… as the crossroads leads to several paths… where anything goes and as in every global market….it’s an open market…

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