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San Fab Vacation House

Posted by on 13. June 2012

San Fab Vacation House

It seats on high grounds with a view on one side of the mountains and the beach on the other side.  San Fab Vacation House was the place we chose to have a family getaway.  Situated just at the border of La Union and Pangasinan, it was the perfect compromise for us coming from Manila and my relatives coming from Baguio.  Baguio has been a place I spent my childhood until I finished college but as the years went on, the visits are starting to dwindle and so was the time spent with my relatives even if I’d want to spend more time at the cooler weather of Baguio.  Baguio will always be my home and my relatives will always be my family and so I really do look forward to events like this.  Time to drop everything and have one great quality family time.

Chasing Sunset

Our morning trip from Manila ended up to be an early afternoon trip.  The first order of business is to catch the sunset.  The place have a high vantage point and just a stone throw away from the ocean it would have a splendid view of the sunset.  It’s a long drive from Manila and so we took that as the first challenge.  Sunset was scheduled at 6:25 pm that day and we arrived at 6 pm so went to the top deck to catch a glimpse of sunset.  Unfortunately, it was a cloudy afternoon but the sight of the sun trying to set in and overpower the thick clouds was still a sight to behold.  I love sunsets as its just reminds me that the best things in life are free.  Admiring the sunset from wherever you are is free of cost.

Activities Galore

There were to things I missed during this vacation WiFi connection and cable television and just when there were so many events on Sunday with Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and Pacquiao vs Bradley. There’s a lot of things to do that doesn’t involve connecting to the net and watching television.  Maybe it’s a good development as being in the net or on TV does shorten conversations and time spent among family members.  There’s a billiards, Foosball, Spinner, Basketball and a very nice swimming pool.  I also enjoyed doing laps on the shorter end of the pool and building up courage in breaching the area which is 7 foot deep.   We also did sing-a-long with the videoke machine in the place and of course good food with good Company.

Birthday Celebration

It’s my inaanak Arvin’s 15th birthday celebration.  Why do they grow so fast and so tall???  It’s been a roller coaster week for Arvin as he’s just been discharged from the hospital the afternoon coming to this event.  So it’s twice the celebration – for good health and a happy birthday for him.  We had most of our foods of the inihaw and the adobo variant and of course, his Birthday cake.  It’s nice to share a family meal even if it’s outside the usual confides of New Lucban.  This was a great time to bond and ended up having some drinks and games with my cousins til the wee hours of the morning.  Before dozing off, we did get to appreciate the moonlight from the vacation house.   By the way, they do have the comfortable hotel room type of bed instead of the bunker type beds they use in dorms.

Wrapping Up

We weren’t able to start the day early as we had so much fun the day before.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs and dried fish.  Some still did a little bit more of swimming.  We were able to make do with the ABS-CBN coverage of the NBA even though if its slightly delayed. We still had lunch together at Matituna’s in Urdaneta before we headed back to Manila and the rest headed back to Baguio.  It’s not the longest of weekends but it was well worth it.   I can’t wait for the next vacation.

100 Responses to San Fab Vacation House

  1. marri

    What else should one wish for…
    but to have beloved family to spend
    a vacation. NO CONNECTIONS to internet
    and cable? It’s better that way rather than no connections
    to loved ones. GOD gave you and your
    family the QUALITY TIME you all deserve.

  2. Francis Balgos | Ang Pala-lagaw

    Its great to have that family outing..
    like you, its become rare for me to join one
    ever since I came out of my parents care and started on my own after college.
    Its good to have a nice place where you can spend sometime together. 🙂

  3. one proud momma

    Aw, the vacation house looks so peaceful.. One of my dream houses!

  4. Adeline Yuboco

    Really nice vacation home. The view is just so stunning!

  5. Jo-Ann

    What a great family reunion. Seems everyone is happy and satisfied.

  6. Marie

    I could relax there! Looks so cozy and I could play billiards all i want! lol

  7. Yaniconquistadora (@YaniMetrado)

    A family bonding that you can cherish. Have more and priceless moment like this Franc. How I wish our family could do this regularly.

  8. Fernando Lachica

    A placid place to bond with family members at the top of the mountains. Lovely, you enjoyed so much!

  9. chubskulit

    Spending quality time with family is awesome!

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