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S420 2005 Edition

Posted by on 25. November 2005


S420 then just a room in Diego Silang building at Saint Louis University but with time it has been a foundation of friendship of the noble and proactive bunch called S420 people… it was a room which fostered idealism, creativity and camaraderie… S420 was not just a room… it was also a bridge to where we are then to where we are now…

It’s quite ironic on my part to write something about college going into my last term in MBA at Ateneo but as requested by my good friend Arnold yesterday via yahoo messenger from Indonesia, I was thrilled to post this blog even at the height of my busy schedule…

It was during Arnold’s wedding that the S420 people in Manila and Baguio got a chance to meet up… There was the just wed Joey and Mildz, the splendid singing voices of Gil, Nina and Xiela, the future lawyer Ephz, the great hosting job of She, the grand entrance of Lisle, then there’s our birthday reminder JP (By the way, my birthday is on March 9 para ma-remind mo din yung iba pag birthday ko… hehe), the multi-titled Byron, the aussie bound Jet, the eloquent Au, Hermie and Moida.

The place was at the Majestic Fernwood Garden… quite an interesting place to hold a wedding (I wonder how much Arnold spent??? hehe…) The pristine atmosphere was an excellent place for such a gathering… The event provided an opportunity to chat and catch up with each individuals latest escapade… This time it was not like old time when we had all the time in the world but such a gathering reminds you of one thing that no matter how you move onward with your life, there would be certain things constant… good friends and wonderful memories…

Quite an excellent mix of characters… diverse yet similar… each one has ventured his own path to traverse… each destined to create an impact in each block they step in… but one thing will stick that these individuals were frequent inhabitants of room S420 at one phase in their lives.

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