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Run Franckee Run!!!

Posted by on 5. September 2007

I was still in the office past 7 so decided that it would be too late to have a work out at fitness first considering the mad rush for locker space at this time… so my mind thought of the next best thing to do… why not jog around outdoors… the nearby Velasquez Park… tried jogging here already so why not try it at night…

So changed to my Gym attire then dumped my things in my car and of to the park… started at quarter before 8… walking, running, jogging… and had some sit ups along the way… the weather was fine and as you run along the park, you get the feel of a light breeze on collision course with your cheeks… suddenly, I remember it’s already September… the ‘ber’ months that ushers in the cold weather… and yes… even Christmas (but too early to blog about that)… It’s a nice workout…

A lot of sweat after… and it’s nearly 9 pm so I guess it’s time… Stop Franckee Stop!!!

Postscript: Upon reaching the car… my SMS reads… don’t eat dinner, there’s pizza here… so i guess it’s back to square one… so much for the calories lost… hehe =>

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