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Run 2 Me

Posted by on 5. September 2017

Run 2 Me was an intimate run in celebration for Master Lao Ogerio’s Birthday.  It also came with a long uphill climb to Mount Parawagan to Wawa Area.  A good climb is always a welcome challenge for weekend trail warriors like me.

Run 2 Me

Trail Chick Maica and Princess

Trail Chick Maica and Princess

I’m starting to get used to hitting the trails on weekends.  The trail run for the week is Run 2 Me, which is a birthday run for Master Lao Ogerio.  I’m building up for a race in Hong Kong in October, which is one of the reasons for the more frequent trail runs.  We’ve just been to the Wawa loop 2 weeks before for Rough N’ Tough Mountain Run Leg 2. It’s a different route this time, which includes Mount Parawagan.

Race Route

Map Powered by Suunto Spartan Sports WHR

Map Powered by Suunto Spartan Sports WHR

Race starts at the covered court in Wawa area and heads up all the way to Mount Parawagan for the next 5.5 kilometers and heads back to Wawa area.

The Race

Race starts at 5:30 am and starts with the 2.5 kilometer climb to the intersection before heading to Mount Parawagan.  Since the first 1.5 kilometer was on concrete, played a little bit of elevation management, run on flats and descents and walk on the climbs.  I’m bringing in  some fatigue from trails runs and training prior to the race and its evident as in the middle of the climb as I felt some pain in my lower back.  It was hard to lean forward which was a faster position when you climb.  I had to adopt to the situation. First was to embrace the pain and reduce the lean forward to reduce the stress on the back.  It was a bit slower pace but at least I am consistent without stopping.

I also decided not to use poles today even if there’s 5 plus kilometers of climb.  I wanted to give my quads a work out to strengthen it. I should be good to go with or without poles.  The poles could have been helpful on the long climb but I need to experiment on the races.  I also had a lighter hydration setup using just one hydrapak flask paired with my Amihan vest.  I was racing light for this one. Now, if i could only shed a few more pounds.  It was another kilometer on rough roads before we hit the intersection where I ate one banana before the next set of climbs.

My training buddy until October, Princess.

My training buddy until October, Princess.

I’m also running the trail with Princess since we are training for the same race in October.  The next set of trails was new territory for me but long story short, it was pure uphill.  I just made a steady but consistent effort.  The game plane was go easy on the climb part and attack the descent.  The next 2 kilometers were purely ascent and followed by muddy trails.  By now, I’m used to muddy trails so instead of taking it slow, I just continued to slide forward on the trail.  It was another kilometer before I hit the u-turn slot.

Mount Parawagan

Mount Parawagan

The u-turn slot was Mount Parawagan.  There was no clearing but I still appreciated the view even if it’s just pure white background. The world is much more beautiful in the eyes of a trail runner because we get to see the sheer beauty of nature.  Up next, it was the descent.  I started to brisk walk the muddy part. Once I’m past that stretch, I started to run downhill.  I’m starting to love downhill running especially with the Hoka One One Speedgoat 2. It’s a shoe made specific for downhill running.

Downhill fun!!! - Photo by Master Del Villanueva

Downhill fun!!! – Photo by Master Del Villanueva

I hit the aid station had a few drinks and also refilled my flask before heading to the next sets of descents all the way to the finish line.  I’m not yet at my peak but I’m loving running a bit faster than the usual chill pace.  It’s always fun to hit the finish line and see a lot of familiar faces yet again.  It was a simple intimate race but it was a good one. Happy Birthday Master Lao.

Finish Line - Photo by SPDS

Finish Line – Photo by SPDS

31 Responses to Run 2 Me

  1. Liz Mays

    This sounded like a really satisfying run. The climb have been a real challenge with the fatigue you were already dealing with.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    A race that starts that early! Wow. I am still asleep at that time! Congratulations again on your new achievement!

  3. Melanie Smith

    You are incredible! I would like to exercise more like you, but i am too lazy for that hahaha

  4. Our Family World

    Congratulations again for a successful run. I am amazed at your stamina. I hope my sons could do that too. They are grown ups and since they were done with college, they seemed to be done with sports too, although they sometimes go hiking with friends.

  5. adriana

    What an amazing event! It looks like such a great course too. So motivating – I am dying to get into running more! Sounds like so much fun!

  6. Otakore

    Congratulations with finishing Run 2 Me. Your Hoka One shoe is super durable. You’ve also mentioned your Hoka One from your previous trail runs. The brand is something I shouldn’t forget when I decide to buy a trail shoe.

  7. Debra Hawkins

    I am always so impressed with all of your races! You are so active! I need to start training!

  8. StephJ

    Awesome! Another great run!

  9. Jennifer

    Congratulations, on such a great run. You are a true inspiration,.Every time I visit your blog and in awe.

  10. Jaime Nicole

    I definitely enjoy running in nature as well. It gives you a different perspective – much more relaxing than a treadmill!

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