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Powering My Workouts with Javita

Posted by on 16. February 2017

I guess there’s more to Javita than just their Teas and Coffees.  I added Javita Rush and Flex into my workout and it gave me an energy boost and at the same time, it faster muscle recovery.

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While I started drinking Javita because of their coffee, I am starting to appreciate their other products as well.  When it comes to coffee, it’s just 11 calories and has 0g fats component. It can really help you on managing your weight and still get an easy to prepare gourmet coffee.  It’s easy to prepare since it dissolves easily in both hot and cold water.  It’s just the right mix to give you that jolt to wake up your system for the day.  It’s a healthier source of caffeine and can really work wonders to your system.

Javita Rush

The first quarter of the year is always a busy one for me.  For one, all the interesting races are booked at this time because of the cooler weather and it’s also my busy season at work.  It’s a revolving cycle of sleep, work, train and repeat. That takes a lot of energy and needs a lot of consistency.  Little did I know that I had an energy source with me in the Javita Rush. With a tangerine pineapple blend, it’s invigorating to the taste buds and is a good energy base.  Of course, it’s one thing to read that on the label and it’s another thing to try it out.

Morning Run

Morning Run

At first, I just wanted Javita Rush because of the taste until one morning when it was the only cold drink available in my ref.  With no other choice, I used it as my hydration for my run and I was surprised by the outcome.  I started running from our home and would just run a few kilometers to the gym where I will resume my workout.  I felt energized so instead of going a short course, I diverted my route to Rockwell, where I had a few rounds at Powerplant Mall and went all the way to J.P. Rizal and went to Salcedo Village before going back to the Gym. The house to the gym is just about a kilometer and I ended up doing 11 kilometers.

Short Run Gone Long.

Short Run Gone Long.

After hitting the gym, I ended up spending more than an hour with a mix core and cardio exercise.  I still had the energy for the rest of my day. Talk about having a RUSH.  Since that day, I started adding Javita Rush as my pre-workout drink.

Plus more than an hour in the gym.

Plus more than an hour in the gym.

Javita Flex

River Crossing at RIzal Mountain Run

River Crossing at RIzal Mountain Run – Photo by Jose Ramizarez

With the energy reserves in place, there was something I needed to add to my training and runs. It was consistency.  When it comes to consistency, you have to work hard and also recover fast.  It’s a cycle of workouts and recovery.  The faster you recover, the more consistent you get.   That’s where Javita Flex comes in.  I like the sweet and fruity – strawberry and lemonade flavor of Flex.  While Javita Rush gives you energy, Javita Flex strengthen your joints to speed up muscle recovery and improve mobility.

21K The week after

21K The week after

Coming from a long lay-off last year, my muscles were still a bit rusty and stiff.  Javita Flex has helped reduce the stiffness and helped improved my mobility.  The first week I had a grueling 15-Kilometer race that had long and endless climb.  I had a 21-Kilometer road race the next week and then followed by an 11 kilometer mountain run over the weekend.  The good part about it was I was recovering fasted than I used to.  It’s just getting started since I ‘m set to do even longer races the next month.

At the peak of Mount Susong Dalaga after 3.5 kilometers of climbing.

At the peak of Mount Susong Dalaga after 3.5 kilometers of climbing.

It really helps a lot that I added Javita Flex as my post work-out drink as I’m ready to train the next day preparing for the next race.  It was a good thing I added Javita Rush and Flex in my routine.  It helps keep me energized and mobile in pursuing the finish line of each races.

How to Order Javita


You can order Javita online.  I ordered mine online and after filling out the form, I had my order delivered to me after two days.  I actually took it one step further by getting the STAR Gold Pack, which also comes with a dedicated website for me.

People can order and also join Javita through my site: .

31 Responses to Powering My Workouts with Javita

  1. robin masshole mommy

    A good muscle recovery product is not easy to come by! And the fact that this one gives an extra energy boost makes it PERFECT.

  2. DadofDivas (@dadofdivas)

    I can always use a boost and this sounds like a great way to start the day. I had never heard of this before, but now may just have to try it for myself. Thanks!

  3. denisenicosavingsd

    I can always use this information on how to start the day and share with my friends who want to learn more about a boost

  4. Jacqui S

    I’ve never heard of javita. I could definitely use a muscle recovery and boost lol. That strawberry banana one looks good.

  5. kage2015

    Your work out is intense and having something around to give you a boost. Of course having a great taste which is important. I’ll always go for the tea.

  6. Jeanette

    Could definitely do something like this after my work out! I am just starting to get back into the exercising world again and I need something to keep my body going. I will definitely check into this.

  7. Jennifer L Johnson

    I have never heard of Javita, sounds great!!! What a great way to power your work out and your life!

  8. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This sounds like a great way to recover after a tough work out. I’m really trying to boost my workouts recently, and this would be a perfect complement!

  9. Claudia Krusch

    I am interested in giving this a try. I have been looking for ways to boost my workouts.

  10. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    This product sounds like it’s really useful for workouts. I always need a boost when I workout.

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