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Posted by on 23. July 2007

Finally, after a long wait… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is back… There’s been quite a queue in Powerbooks Greenbelt last Saturday at 7:01 am… Had to accompany my niece, Neeca, who’s on vacation from Hong Kong and after a few days in Manila is on her way to her home province in La Union that morning… Of course, got my copy as well… hehe… so might as well join the early birds in the 7th Harry Potter installments.

After my cousins left for home… I was too exhausted to start reading so had to catch up some sleep first so slept from 9 am til 2 pm… and started reading the book… The rest of my day had me locked in my unit going through the chapters of the book… As of last Saturday, I’ve finished about 40% of the book… last Sunday was spent for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie at IMAX Cinema in MOA…

Hmm… what can i say so far… it has a da vinci like air of chase and mystery… but I’d rather reserved the rest of what I can say once I hit 100%… so have to read on… for the mean time…

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