Triple Fit Officially Launches in Millenia Walk, Singapore

Leading sports retailer, Triple officially opens its doors to fitness enthusiasts in Singapore with the launch of ‘TripleFit,’ Singapore’s Ultimate Fitness Performance and Retail Hub, at Millenia Walk.


TripleFit is the ultimate fitness performance and retail hub in Singapore with about 23,500 square feet square feet including an outdoor terrace, TripleFit aims to create a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts in Singapore. It will combine both a Fitness Hub and a Retail Zone offering members an all-in-one experience through the latest in athleisure wear, fitness trackers, and a broad range of fitness programmes all under one roof. It’s located at Millenia Walk (9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-62, (S)039596), TripleFit’s fitness hub open from 6:45 am to 10 pm on weekdays, and 8 am to 8 pm on weekends and public holidays. The retail zone, on the other hand, will operate from 11 am to 10 pm daily including public holidays.

Designed to reflect a ‘rugged and sleek’ environment, TripleFit will feature a uniquely designed retail zone which curates and carries the latest in activewear from European and Japanese premium niche sports brands. These brands will consist the likes of running and biking brands ‘Odlo’ (Switzerland) and ‘Newline’ (Denmark), high-performance compression wear ‘C3fit’ from Japan, British fitness wear brand ‘Every Second Counts,’ Swiss running shoe label ‘On Running,’ and American sportswear label Under Armour.

Under Armour will be among the key brands in TripleFit Retail ara.

“With the promise to ‘Engage,’ ‘Empower,’ and ‘Enhance’ its members, the launch of TripleFit will provide Singaporeans the ultimate fitness and retail platform to excel in their athletic aspirations. We offer fitness aficionados the ultimate platform to push themselves beyond their limitations. To achieve that, we have brought together under one roof some of the best fitness programmes, state-of-the-art fitness trackers, and the latest athleisure activewear from the USA, Europe, and Japan.” said Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer of TripleFit.

The fitness hub, which operates from the early mornings to the late evenings, offers class-based programmes such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning classes such as ‘Apocalypse,’ ‘Lift’ and ‘Tabata’, Endurance based classes ‘EuduroFit’ and ‘Athlean,’ Pound, Yoga and much more. Aside from regular group classes, TripleFit will also offer Personal Training and Specialized Training Programmes. The ‘Fitness Personal Shopper Programme’ at TripleFit offers members a detail education on the benefits of the different technologies within each apparel offered here at TripleFit before purchase. From choosing the right compression gear to selecting the perfect shoe to match your training and running style, the ‘Fitness Personal Shopper Programme’ will ensure a personal and unique shopping experience for all.

Head of Gym and a multiple-time CrossFit winner, Henrik Olofsson said: “Here at TripleFit we have three core training principles; Screen, Protect, and Coach. These principles ensure that our coaches set foundations for how we make decisions in programming and how we individualise our training. Active coaching techniques tie physiology and psychology together and allow our members access to everything they need to reach their fitness and health goals.” TripleFit will also be in the fitness industry leader by being the first in South-East Asia to incorporate state-of-the-art wearable fitness trackers by POLAR together with the POLAR Flow Club Solutions application within its fitness group classes. This unique style of evidence based training allows members to experience training at different heart rate intensities. It also allows the coaches to see who’s keeping up with the class, steer the group in the right direction, and provides added safety precaution for coaches and ensure that they are consistently training in a safe and healthy heart-rate zone and yet maximizing their efforts. TripleFit’s collaboration with Polar is truly one-of-a-kind, and you can see it in action during our EnduroFit classes. Monitoring heart-rates is considered the best way of measuring intensity in cardio training with endurance based components such as HIIT or Bootcamp style training. This provides our coaches and members with science-backed data on how they are performing during the class

Aside from the Retail Zone and the Fitness Hub, the 23,500 square feet area will also consist of a consumer electronics zone offering products from JBL, Fitbit, and Polar. Members can also refresh themselves post-training with cold-pressed juices, customized protein shakes, and wholesome bites brought to you by HIC Juice.

“Polar, the pioneer of wearable sports and fitness technology, prides itself in helping users train smarter to achieve their training goals. With the introduction of Polar Club, a unique cloud-based training system that allows TripleFit coaches to provide real-time guidance during classes as well as manage, track and analyse the quality and quantity of group exercise classes, members get to enjoy a premium training experience and be better motivated with evidence-based results. Moreover, Polar takes your workout sessions further with its Polar Flow online platform and app. When syncing Polar devices like the M600, A360,and M200 with Polar Flow, users will not only be able to view details of their workout, but also receive guidance and suggestions for improvement and keep track of their long-term progress. Blending our heart rate and activity tracking tools with TripleFit’s cutting-edge performance classes will not only help people get active and achieve their fitness goals but also ensure that their fitness experience is personalized and easy to understand, bringing them closer to reaching their goals,” said Edwin Ong, Polar Singapore General Manager.

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Soleus Buddy Trail Run

Finish! – Photo by Active Pinas

Soleus Buddy Trail Run was a beautiful course. You’d be challenged by the long climb. You get to test the daredevil in you on the slippery descents.  You get to test your will and endurance along the course while appreciating the beautiful views of Rodriguez and San Mateo Trails.

Read About:

Soleus Trail Buddy Run

Post Race Thumbs Up – Photo by Running Photographers

I haven’t been in a race for almost two months since I promised myself to rest my body after all the wear and tear over the past 6 years of running.  The rest was good on my system but it also pulled down by my endurance level.  Soleus always creates a more relaxed environment so it would be a good race to make my come back. No expectations though but find out if I can still withstand the rigors of trail running.

Race Route and Elevation

The Race starts at entry point to Wawa Dam and heads on an immediate climb to Parawagan area for the first 5 kilometers.  The race then moves to a rolling descent along the New Casile Trails for the next 5 kilometers heading to the hanging bridge. The last 6 kilometers is a rolling technical trail beside Wawa River before completing the loop back to Wawa Dam Entry Point.

The Race

Chillin’ Photo by Pinoy Trails


We arrived at around 5:30 just a few minutes before the 21K Buddy gun start. We had our gun start 5 minutes later.  It felt unusual to be in a race again but it’s always fun seeing people who share in your passion.  It’s always a more laid back feel at the start where people get to chat while waiting for the gun start.  I’m a bit worried though since being away for so long makes you think if you still have the energy level for a race with so much ascents.

Running Downhill – Photo by Reggie Cruz of Running Photographers

I knew that the hardest part of the trail was the first 5 kilometers of mostly ascents. In cases like this I just condition my mind to just focus on the first five kilometers and the rest would be easy.  At gun start, I took the short paved area just to have a fast start and from there I got the feel of how being rusty feels like.  I had my shins and calves in pain, which I had to endure until my muscles warmed up.  After the short run, I went back on the brisk walk pace on the climb. I just wanted to be consistent in the climb without much stops.

It was exhausting but at the same time, I want to test my climbing threshold so I endured the slow paced climb as long as I could.  The first kilometer were mostly paved grounds and shifts to dirt tracks on the second and 3rd kilometer.  It gets technical on the 4th and 5th kilometer with broken ground and rocky terrains.  The views get better as you go higher.

After enduring the long climb, things should get better right? Well yes and no.  There were some slippery stretches on the descent that brings out the dare-devil in me.  Let’s just say when the trails are wet, gravity is not on my side.  I also noticed that without much training I don’t have much endurance.  I noticed that I don’t recover as fast as I could on the climbs.  It took me some time before I was able to speed up on the descent. That’s something I have to work on again.  The next 5 kilometers were mostly descents with several short climbs along the route.  Some of the trails were slippery so I also slowed down for this part.  It felt a while on this stretch of the trail and we’ve finally hit the tenth kilometer after crossing the new hanging bridge.

The new hanging bridge at Casile – Photo by Running Photographers.

It was nice crossing the new hanging bridge at Casile. It’s a bit shaky as people gets to pass by the bridge.  After the hanging bridge it was the last 6 kilometers of the race.  I’m a bit exhausted already and that’s what I get for missing so much training time. Well, I’ll build on this.  I just went on a brisk walk pace even if the terrain was run-able. The next 3 kilometers were surprisingly challenging as it had steep ascents and descents as well as technical trails.  Approaching the end of technical part, I miscalculated my step and ended up falling two steps of the trail. Nothing serious just a lot of mud and some minor bruises.  It’s just the way of the trail welcoming me back.

Dismounting a Bangka – Photo by Fab Running PH

The trails led us a small boat, which was the option for the trail because of the deeper river at this time.  It was the last 3 kilometers of the race after this.  It had a nice view of the large fields as well as the view of the two mountains, Mount Binacayan and Mount Parawagan.  I just went on to walk my way to the remaining part of the trail.  It was nice to see the view of Wawa Dam again as I exited the trail en route to the finish line.

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The Festival of Lights in Makati is Back!!!

Nothing says it’s Christmas in Makati like the Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Garden. It’s one of the best light shows in the world.  It’s back and it’s gonna warm your heart and let you feel the festive mood of the Christmas Season starting November 15, 2016 to January 8, 2017

Read About:

Christmas in Makati

I guess no matter how chaotic things get, the Philippines is the best in the world in enjoying the festivities of the Christmas Season.  It’s inculcated in our rich culture and heritage that Christmas is a time for the family, the community and the rest of the country to celebrate the goodwill of the season.  It’s the most wonderful season of the year and nobody welcomes the season better than Ayala Triangle Garden with their Festival of Lights.  It’s the signature light and sound show that has awed thousand of visitors at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  The light show is presented by Ayala Land and co-presented by HSBC and partners MasterCard, Coca Cola, Sun Life, Oishi.

It’s the 6th year of the Festival of Light and this year get’s even better with award winning directors Voltaire de Jesus and Luther Gurnia at the helm with musical scores expertly arranged by acclaimed musicians and composers Jazz Nicholas and Mikey Amistoso of Matusi Manila.  This year’s show comes with three different themes, which is the Christmas Fiesta, Classic and Epic Christmas and Sweet and Magical Christmas every 30 minutes nightly from 6 to 10 pm.  The Festival of Lights is the centerpiece of Ayala Land’s 2-months-long Christmas spectacle that aims to bring the holiday cheer to everybody from November 15, 2016 to January 17, 2017.

Upon nightfall, Ayala Triangle Gardens transforms into a magical paradise as more than a million twinkling lights start to play with sounds. As the sounds of Christmas favorites fill the air, the string of field lights on the ground start dancing. For several minutes, these lights will flash and change colors and the beat of the music, bringing the unmistakable Christmas Spirit alive.  Aside from the millions of lights, the light show also utilizes smoke and laser effects giving you a futuristic feel of the light show.

Nice Bumping into fellow OMZ and now Rappler Photographer Alecs Ongcal.

Bask in electric beats that depict the holiday spirit through 3 distinct medley.  The Christmas fiesta will showcase a collection of music that will encapsulate the well-celebrated Filipino tradition with fun, bright and very rapid movements inspired by Rio De Janeiro.  The second medley will take the audience to a whole new world of classic and epic views with scores inspired by magical, heroic and period films. Coupled with a vast array of sparkling colors depicting the traditional Christmas Spirit, memorable feelings of joy and passion fill the hearts of the revelers.  To conclude the show, the 20,000 square meter garden will come ablaze with color as more than one million light bulbs dance to sweet and magical beats inspired by the much-loved Disney repertoire, transforming the landscape into a wonderful Christmas Dream.

“This year, we’ve prepared another magnificent show that will definitely spark everyone’s merry hearts, bringing families, friends and the whole community together and remind them of the joys of Christmas,” said Sheila Aguilar, Project Development Manager for Makati

Makati has captivated people with its spectacular lights and sound show for the past 6 years.  The Festival of Lights has also made the coveted list of Conde Nast Traveler’s Seven Most Spectacular Lights in the World, in the company of distinguished luminaries such as the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, the holiday lights display at the Legendary Champs-Elysees in Paris and Japan’s Kobe Luminarie.

Beyond the Ayala Triangle Gardens, major Makati thoroughfares Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue are festooned with beautiful street lights, stained glass wrapped around palm trees ad kinetic windmills. Accross the metropolis, concrete islands have been transformed into Christmas landmarks featuring holiday themes closest to the people’s heart – the Holy Family, the Three Kings, Angels, Christmas parols and gifts.  The bright lights and sounds shines beyond Makati as Ayala Lang brings its much awaited lights and sounds show accross Nuvali, BGC, Centrio and Ayala Center Cebu in an effort to spread the Christmas Vibe and Cheer.

Holiday Cheers at Makati

Here are the line up of activities for the season.

  • Circuit Makati will light its tallest outdoor Christmas Tree, an immersive 56 feet installation that will loom over the biggest outdoor Circuit Makati Bazaar.  The holiday shopping extravaganza will feature over 500 merchants offering a wide assortment of gift items, food, clothes and holiday delights at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds on November 18-20.
  • The Gourmand Market will step foot in Makati as it brings its well-loved gastronomic delights at Ayala Triangle Gardens on December 9-11. Enjoy a wide array of food and culinary delights from Buns Brothers, Tipple and Slaw, NAV Modern Thai, Les Bagels, Empanada Mas, Manongs Bagnet, Garapal, Olympis’s Roast Beef, Pastry Amoire, Pedro Beer, Pepi Cubano, Sevilla and Son, Soap Story, Stanford and Shaw, Type A and Snackbox.
  • Makati High School chorale groups serenades everyone with well-loved Christmas Carols at Makati Inter-High School Caroling Competitions at the Globe Circuit Events Grounds on December 19.
  • Thanks giving Masses will be held from December 15-23 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens Fountain Area every evening at 6 PM.

Christmas is gonna be Merry and memorable at Makati. So bring in your families, colleagues and friends to the different events happening at Makati.  For more information on latest events and happenings at Makati, visit and follow MakeItMakati on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Incoming: Legion Run 2017

When a 5K run is a walk in the park then you have to add Legion into the Run.  Legion Run adds 20 plus obstacles in the run.  It’s a tough run but the less competitive atmosphere promotes cooperation among participants.  It’s coming to the Philippines for the first time on March 4, 2017 at Greenfield District, Sta Rosa Laguna.

Legion Run

The Legion Run is an international event where successful runs were held for the past years in different parts of the world such as France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria and more.    It’s a totally new outdoor experience as it’s a 5 kilometer team-oriented run with 20+ obstacles that’s both gonna entice the tough runners and even those who are just starting to get the hang of it.  The key here is the non-competitive nature and the team play involve.   The Philippine debut of the event, the second to be held in Asia, is set on March 4, 2017 at the Greenfield City in Laguna, Philippines. There will be elements of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire all throughout the obstacle course and participants are expected to hurdle these by jumping, climbing and crawling.

Finishers complete the experience by conquering all these body and mental challenges, worthy enough for them to be regarded as true-blooded “legionnaires”. Legionnaires can then celebrate their success with food, drinks and various post-event attractions that can be found in the Legion Run Festival Area.  Legion Run is more than just a run or an event. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Everyone participates for a different reason but they finish all the same; “changed”. This isn’t a race and the only prize to win is Pride. Legion Run is about overcoming personal challenges and the thrill of proving to yourself you CAN. But most of all, it’s about getting out there and having FUN again.

Get ready to get dirty and create a bond with friends and new found ones at the obstacles and the party.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • DATE: March 4, 2017
  • VENUE: Greenfield, Sta Rosa Laguna
  • TIME: 6:00AM onwards
  • KIT CLAIMING and CHECK IN Starts: 6:00AM
  • GUN START: 8:00AM waves every 20 minutes with maximum of 175 participants per wave


  • Early Bird (November 15, 2016 to December 15, 2016) – Php 1500
  • Regular Rate (December 16, 2016 to February 24, 2017)- Php 2000
  • Door / Event Day Rate (March 4, 2017) – Php 2500


Race Day

  • Bring a valid government ID (ID card, passport or driving license) plus your printed and signed
  • Recommended gear:
    • Anything you feel comfortable wearing while running, jumping, climbing and crawling through
      mud is fine. Recommended:
      • Half-finger training (grip) gloves
      • Long tights / compression pants
      • Knee high socks
      • Sports shoes

Race Updates

To learn more about the Legion Run, follow our social media accounts in Facebook: or and Instagram, email at

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Stand Out with Oakley and their Customized Eyewear

It’s a bit crazy but that’s how far you can go with customized Oakleys

When you’re wearing Oakley, you’ll definitely stand out with their fashion-friendly eyewear and top-of-the-line safety and comfort technology.  Oakley gives you more reasons to stand out with their customized eyewear that gives you full control on the design. 

Read About:

Customized Oakley

When you wear an Oakley, you’ll feel the difference on why its on the top of the line when it comes to sports and lifestyle eyewear.  There’s that unrivaled impact protection that can be a lifesaver.  There’s the 100% UV protection and High Definition Optics that remains the same at different lighting conditions.  There’s the comfort with their rounded stem and improved fit on the nose area. I guess that’s not enough to entice its legions of Oakley followers. They are giving you a customized option where you can choose which colors scheme matches your preference.  You’ll definitely stand out with Oakley.

When it comes to sunglasses, There are so many options yet sometimes the existing designs can be different from the exact one we are looking for.  Oakley allows you to create the perfect pair of sunglasses personalized just for you. Just visit the different Oakley stores for a fully customized experience.  They have a special customization wall that allows you to choose the color of the frames, the lenses and even the signature Oakley “O” on either side.  There are over 15 frames to choose from with infinite amount of color combination.   The best part is the wait (or lack thereof)! They have all the resources to create your custom sunglasses right in the store. The whole process takes only fifteen minutes, and you walk out with a brand new pair created just for you.

Oakley provides unrivalled performance and technical brilliance. And this philosophy has resulted in some of the best-engineered sunglasses on the planet. With over 600 patents Oakley is where physics meets art. ‘Mad scientist’ Jim Jannard started Oakley in 1975 for elite athletes who see the limits of possibility as another challenge.

Standout from the crowd and design your own Oakley Custom Sunglasses today!

Customized Latch and Jawbreaker

You can customize almost any Oakley Eyewear and the Latch and the Jawbreaker is the latest addition on the growing sunglasses you can mix and match.


A creative collaboration from the world of skateboarding, this design inspired by influential athletes is shaped with a classic keyhole bridge and the curves of rounded lens orbitals, and we engineered it with the convenience of an interior kick-up feature that lets you clip it to your shirt.



  • Built-in feature that lets you latch it to your shirt
  • Three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment while eliminating pressure points
  • Plutonite® Lenses offer top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

O Matter™ stress-resistant frame material is both lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection.


Jawbreaker™ is the ultimate sport design – answering the demands of world-class athletes with a 40 year heritage of uncompromising excellence. Oakley innovation has reached the pinnacle of performance by offering everything from surge ports for cooling airflow to Unobtainium® components for a comfortably secure fit, and with the hassle-free lens changing of Switchlock™ technology for vision optimization in any setting.


  • Oakley HDPolarized lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion that can come with traditional polarized lenses.
  • Extended field of view in the upper peripheral region to optimize for cycling
  • Unobtanium® earsocks and nosepads keep glasses in place, increasing grip despite perspiration
  • Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology makes lens changing lenses fast and secure

Patented High Definition Optics® (HDO®) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.

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Art and Athletes Combine in Base Camp at Maximus

Life is like an art work. You have to get the pieces available and make meaning out of it.  Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe and Tin-aw Art Gallery officially opened the Base Camp Art Exhibit last November 10, 2016.  It’s an exploration of the world of Athletes though Art and it will be open at Maximus until December 12, 2016.

Read About:

Base Camp

AM/PM by Lee Paje  / Oil on canvas / 24 x 12 inches

Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe always stood out since it first opened.  It’s among the few specialty coffee shop in Metro Manila and it boast of a cycling themed ambiance.  It’s one of the coolest and classiest place to hang out.  It gets even better this November 10 to December 12, 2016 as Maximus is the home of Base Camp Art Gallery, which is in partnership of Tin-Aw Art Gallery.  Tin-Aw is a collaboration of both emerging and established artist who evince strong interest and engagement with history and experience.

Field Notes by Henrielle Pagkaliwangan / Pen and ink and watercolour on paper / Image size: 9 x 33 inches; Framed: 12 x 36 inches

A merging of art and athleticism, “Base Camp” brings together twenty-two (22) young artists to express their views on the life of the athlete, the physical body and movement using their medium of choice. The artists include : Ambie Abaño, Moreen Austria, Renato Barja Jr., Mars Bugaoan, Lennard Buhay, Ian Cadiong, Francis Commeyne, Cian Dayrit, Anton Del Castillo, Gale Encarnacion, Carzen Esprela, Gab Ferrer, Lui Gonzales, Lofranco, Henrielle Pagkaliwangan, Lee Paje, Julio San Jose, Jun-jun Sta. Ana, Nicole Tee, Clairelynn Uy, Eunice Vergara, Jemime Yabes.

Healing by Ambie Abaño / Woodcut on textile mounted on stretched canvas with stitching / 20 x 30 x 3 inches

“Base Camp” is the first of what is hoped to be a series of exhibitions between Maximus and Tin-aw, as the two see a vibrant world that can be expressed both through sport and art.  What’s exciting about Base Camp is that how art merges naturally within the athletes world.  There are a lot of similarities with the two world’s.  Like the Artwork above called healing. This one is displayed just above the treadmill. It says a lot how we should take care of our cardiovascular health and the numerous healing athletes go through in pursuit of their passions.

Turn Left by Eunice Vergara /Mixed media /(Post, cement, ACP, Vinyl sticker) /84 x 24 x 12 inches

“More than finishing times or medals, sport allows a person to express his physicality, his grit, his soul in the competitive arena. Yet art is just another way of expressing this aspect of living. With ‘Base Camp’, we want to be known as more than just a café or sports shop. We are about the passion for living, which you can experience on a bicycle, on the trail, and through this show that Tin-aw has curated for us.” says Maximus’ director, Andy Leuterio.

Passing Through by Nicole Tee / Mixed Media on canvas (Photo transfer, thread) /10.5 x 61 inches

For Dawn Atienza, Director of Tin-aw Art Gallery, “Art is every where. And as such an art gallery is not just within the white walls of its exhibit space, but in the world around.” Sport and the Active Lifestyle merges   well with Art because it deals with people, their physical bodies as well as the environment we all live in. We are very happy with Maximus X Tin-aw and “Base Camp” is just the first of a series of exhibits in Maximus.”

Caballo 3: Touristic Shit & The Filipino Aesthetic (Part II) by Francis Commeyne /Acrylic, wooden toy Jeepney & plastic magnet on wooden ironing board / Standing: 39 x 29.7 x 14 inches; Folded: 39.4 x 5.1 x 14.2 inches

There so much interaction between the arts and the life of an athlete and there’s no better venue for this collaboration than Maximus Athlete Shop Cafe located at the Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street , Mandaluyong City.  There’s a lot of symmetry between Art and the passion of athletes and you get to see them in front of you at Base Camp.  Base Camp will be available at Maximus until December 12, 2016.  For more information about “Base Camp” please contact Tin-aw Art Gallery at or Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café at

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Check out the Soleus Signature Series

I got the Soleus GPS One Signature Series

What’s the Sports or GPS Watch that’s best for you?  The answer to that question depends on your goal.  Soleus has the entry level Sports and GPS Watch that is affordable and at the same time dependable for monitoring the basic metrics of your run. 

Soleus Signature Series

Soleus GPS One in Action

Progressive running is all about monitoring the key metrics.  How fast were you in covering a lap?  How far have you been running? It all depends on which metric you’d want to watch and monitor over time.  Soleus allows you to monitor the basic information like time, pace and distance.  Soleus also brings in their signature series and introducing the elite athletes carrying their signature time pieces.

I’ve got the Soleus GPS One and was able to try it on a run at my regular running playground at Salcedo Village.  I can say that it’s easy to use since I managed to use mine without reading the manual.  It has 4 button controls so you’ll easily figure it out too.  Once the GPS signal is detected, it immediately records you distance, pace and time.  This can now help you on your pacing in your run.

The key selling point of Soleus is its affordability and can really be a great entry level watch without investing too much. It can even be your go-to watch even as you progress in your runs.  It has a GPS life of 8 hours so that’s good enough for a marathon or even a 50 K ultra.  Budget is one key deciding factor in buying watches. Soleus is a reliable one at a much lower price point.

Soleus has also released their Signature Series Watches represented by each of their elite athletes.  It also comes at the same price point of their classic series.

Soleus GPS One – Kara Goucher –  SRP 4950.

Kara Goucher is an American long-distance runner. She was the 10,000 meters bronze medalist at the 2007 World Championships in Athletics and represented her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.

This special edition GPS One was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, NickKara Goucher. The Goucher designed One boasts a star designed mask and a signature backing.

Get one more kilometer in, set one more PR, take one more run with GPS ONE. One button push gets you started on your run. 8 Hours of GPS battery life and a low profile case design for comfort keep you focused on getting you the Kilometers. Track your distance, pace, speed, and recharge for your next run or marathon.

Contender – Nick Symmonds – SRP P3450

Nicholas “Nick” Symmonds is an American middle-distance track athlete, from Boise, Idaho, specializing in the 800 meters and 1500 meters distances.  He is a 6-time US National 800 meters champion. He won a silver medal in the 800 meters at the 2013 World Championships.

This special edition Contender was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Nick Symmonds. The custom watch back features Symmond’s signature and, like it’s namesake, will have you breaking records in no time

At Soleus, we know your training doesn’t end when you cross the finish line. There’s always another race to win, PR to set, or moment to make. That’s why we created the Contender – For those of us who are always in training.

Chicked – Alysia Montano – SRP P2950

Alysia Montaño is an American middle distance runner. She is a six-time USA Outdoor champion 2007, 2010, 2011; 2012; 2013; 2015. She has represented the United States at numerous international championships including the 2012 Olympics.

This special edition Chicked was designed in collaboration with Soleus Elite, Alysia Montaño. Channel your inner Flying Flower with the custom watch back featuring Alysia’s signature and silhouette.

Get Them Now!!!

Soleus GPS One, Contender and Chicked are now available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.

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Incoming: Subic International Marathon 2016


Subic is not the easiest of terrains.  The Subic International Marathon has a rolling terrain and you’ll definitely feel the elevation when you run.  What makes it stand out is the rich forest and sea view of Subic that refreshes you when you run.  It’s back this weekend starting at Remy Field, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Read About:

Subic International Marathon

My half marathon PR at Subic International Half Marathon a few years ago.

I always have a good time at Subic International Marathon and it’s not because it’s in the easiest terrain.  It has a rolling terrain that your legs would definitely feel.  It’s a lot more refreshing running at Subic with rich forested view, fresher air and also a stretch appreciating the sea.  The field is also a bit competitive with fit police and army personnel pushing your pace in the field.    It’s also the longest running full marathon race in the country.

Subic International Marathon (SIM) is now on its 11th year. The race is set on November 12 to 13, 2016 starting in Remy Field, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  SIM’s premium full marathon and half marathon categories (42.195km and 21km respectively) will fire off on the late afternoon of Saturday, giving the runners a unique feel and experience while tackling the scenic and challenging course of Subic Bay Freeport Zone at night.

November 13 is the setting of the 10km, 7km, 5km and 3km no-frills fun run, capped in the beautiful, chill and relaxed atmosphere of a Sunday morning in Subic Bay. This is catered for everyone wanting a shorter, family friendly run.  With the expected 5,000 runners, SIM continues on with its yearly commitment to support the beneficiaries: Dilaab Foundation, Inc., God Bless Our Cops Movement and the Subic Chapter of Bukas Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community.

The Subic International Marathon is organized eXtribe, Inc., supported by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Tekton Manufacturing Corp. makers of ProteinCare and Perfect Muscle, Salomon Philippines, Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel, Pacific Cross Health Care Inc., Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc., Slimmers World Subic, Ambucore Ambulance Services, and Cycles & Brew by Hubble.

Further details on the event can be found more at or

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Incoming: Soleus Buddy Trail Run

Soleus Buddy Trail Run brings you the rich view of Wawa Dam, Casile and Parawagan Trails.  You get to enjoy a roller coaster up and down trail ride  with a lot of scenic views and exciting river crossing.  The event is happening on November 20, 2016 at Wawa Dam, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal with 16K distance for those on Solo Mode and a 21K Adventure for those running with a buddy.

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Soleus Buddy Trail Run

Be among the first the newly constructed hanging bridge at Casile

Soleus Trail Buddy Run would give you both high and low vantage points to admire the views surrounding Wawa, Parawagan and Casile area.  The trail run will start of with a climb before an out and back climb and descent for the 21K at Parawagan.  It then shifts to run-able climbs and descent at New Casile Road and Casile Road before you get to enjoy the hanging bridge at Casile and go on unlimited river crossing adventure heading back to Wawa Dam.

The best part about the race is that you can enjoy it with a buddy.  Think of it as a few hours of bonding with a friend, a family or even your crush.  The trails are much sweeter when shared with someone.  You can go at a competitive pace or at a relaxed pace but don’t forget to enjoy the views, the company and the fun of trail running.

You’ll love the views from the top.

The last 6 kilometers of both categories is at the Casile, Inigan and Wawa area and there’s the newly installed hanging bridge to add a new dimension to the adventure. This is followed by several river crossings  Also, take a look around you to appreciate the surrounding mountains in the area.  It’s a lower perspective but it can still humble you with its beauty.

Get Ready to Run on Waters

The adventure is happening at November 20, 2016 and there’s still a few weeks to register. You can register by bank deposit or by visiting L Time Studio Stores at SM Megamall, Market Market and Time Gear at Trinoma. Register Now!!!

This is barely a kilometer away from the finish line. Don’t forget to have a snap here.

Race Details

Finisher Shirt

Date and Venue

  • Date: November 20, 2016
  • Venue: Wawa Dam, San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal

Fees and Inclusions

  • 16K – P950
  • 12K Buddy – P1,900
    • Inclusive of Race Bib, Finisher Medal, Finisher Certificate and Finisher Shirt


  • Bank Deposit
    • Landbank of the Philippines
      • Account Name: Liziel O. Tan
      • Account Number: 1476-1050-36
    • BPI Family Bank
      • Account Name: Roel Ano
      • Account Number: 5996476377
    • If Payment has been made: please e-mail the scanned copy of the deposit slip with your name, contact number and shirt size to or post it to bbgrun facebook account
  • In Store
    • L Timestudio – SM Megamall (3rd Floor Mega Building A)
    • L Timestudio – Market Market, 2nd Floor
    • timegear – Trinoma, 2nd Floor

Race Updates:

Getting There:

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Manalmon (San Miguel, Bulacan)

Mount Manalmon Summit

Mount Manalmon was an all-in-one adventure destination.  You have a feel good climb, a cave exploration, river crossings, swimming and even a crazy monkey bridge crossing. 

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Tale Of The Trail

Madlum Cave

I’ve been on off season mode for over a month now to allow my body to heal after all the rigorous running for the past 6 years. Day hikes like Mount Manalmon is an exception because it goes at a more relaxed pace and still gives that extra challenge with the climb.  The tour was organized by Wanderbee Travel and Tours so all I had to worry about was making sure I get to the meet up point on time and bring just a bit of supplies.  This is a short and sweet climb with the max elevation just 196 MASL. It’s really nice to do the easier climbs and just enjoy the views and the climb.

Map and Elevation

Map and Elevation Powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports

The route starts at the jump off point at Biak-na-Bato Park at Madlum River.  It’s a rolling course heading to Madlum River on the first kilometer before the trail gradually ascends to the top of Mount Manalmon at around 2.5 kilometers.  It goes back to Madlum Cave for a more extensive caving and then goes back to the jump off point.

Trekking Mount Manalmon

From our meet up point at 5:30 am in Eton Centris, it took us more than 2 hours to get to the jump off point.  It was overcast along the way so I expected a really cool climb but upon arriving at Biak na Bato National Park, it was really hot. So be it, hot trails it is. At least, the views would be more prominent.  After crossing the bridge at Madlum River, we got a briefing from our guide at the Jump off point.  Madlum Cave was just a few steps away from the jump off point.

Madlum Cave has a lot of heritage attached to its walls.  This was also the site where they found a golden statue of Saint Michael (San Miguel, which is now the name of the town).  The statue was said to be hidden in the cave during the Spanish Era.  The cave also had a share of battles in the wars that followed.  It was a short stop at the cave, but we’ll take the longer tour of the cave when we get back.

Madlum River

The cave had technical rocky surfaces and you also had to watch your head from hitting the rock formations at the top.  The exit of the cave led to the Madlum River which was a beautiful site as the river came with a lot of rock formation surrounding it.  We took some time enjoying all the photo opportunities here.  It was starting to get hot so we had to continue.

River Crossing

Up next was crossing the Madlum River to go to the other side of the trail.  Madlum River came with strong currents and uneven stone surfaces.  You just have to watch your step and try to use the bigger stones for leverage.  It was fun getting wet on the river.

Run the trails

The trails shifted to fields and forest trails.  It had a gradual ascent over the next 500 meters.  Bulk of the trail was a bit shaded though there were some open areas where you’d definitely the sun’s heat.  I was at the lead pack and I set a consistent pace.  We would rest on the views and the shaded part.

To Mount Manalmon

Once you get to see this sign, it means the climbs gets a bit tougher. It’s a short stretch though since the max elevation is less than 200 MASL.  The climb goes a bit technical a bit with single track trails with big uneven steps.  It was one push after another then we saw one big boulder above.

All alone in the middle of the rock.

Upon seeing the rock, the guide told me to go there first so he can take my picture.  I then asked the guide if I should go back down after my shot.  The guide laughed and told me that no need since the rest of the group would follow me to the rock.  It was a steep climb and I may have climbed this stretch a bit fast as I ended up huffing and puffing when I reached the rock.  I then positioned myself at the edge of the rock for that photo.

The view of the river and the nearby mountains.

This is still around 30-40 meters before the summit but it had a beautiful view as you can see the river and the large track of greenery surrounding the place.  We took some time here to rest and enjoy the scenery.


We then proceeded to the summit. It was just about 200-300 meters away from the big rock.  It was just a short climb and there were areas where people would rest and eat after their visit at the summit.

Off to the summit.

The summit was another big rock with a lower end with a view of the river and the higher end with a view of both sides of the river.  It was another impressive view. We also got a story that there are some enchanted spirits in the river below.  There were stories of a taong-itim (black man) and a taong bwaya (crocodile man).  I guess, the place has just a rich heritage from the historical to the supernatural.

The Summit

The rock at the summit was a lot smaller than the rock we visited before this but it had a higher perspective.  It’s just a visual delight when you see all the greens surrounding you.  After our visit to the summit, we had our lunch at the area beside the summit before heading back.

It was really hot. Thanks a lot to lightwater.

It was a quicker descent on the way back.  We went at a consistent pace heading down to the river, which was about a kilometer away.  We then rested in the river and I did get my feet wet again in the river.

This is the only way I know on how to wash my shoes. That’s the Brooks Mazama, which is the latest and among the lightest trail shoes available now.

The water in the river was really clear and clean.  The Brooks Mazama allows water to just flow in and out of the shoes, which makes it less uncomfortable even when you resume on dry grounds.  It’s also quick dry with its mesh type upper.  I also had ahon socks, which is tailor-made for trail running with seamless finish to avoid discomfort even when your socks get wet.

Enjoying the Madlum River

After the Madlum River, it was time to revisit the Madlum Cave.  Aside from the rich history of Madlum Cave, the cave had a lot of rock formation.  There were the different rock formation, which was formed over millions of year with the interaction of natural forces.  There were the some stones that glistens in the dark with the crystallized formations around it.  There was a replica of the statue of San Miguel.  It’s just exciting going over narrow passages, which includes one where you had to crawl out of the cave.

Crawling out of the cave.

After crawling out of the cave, it was a short walk back to the jump-off point.  We also got to try the monkey bridge, which is free for the brave souls to try.  It was scary especially that the wires get to be extra shaky when you move but if you’ve seen the view around it, it’s worth a try.  You get the rocky formation surrounding the Madlum River as your backdrop.

Call me crazy but this was fun.

One thing that gave me confidence to try this one was that I tried the aerial walk in Camp N in Nuvali so this should similar to that.  It’s about the same experience except that the wires get extra shaky as you pull your harness as you move along the bridge.  The first 3 steps is the toughest and becomes routine once you get the hang of it.  One crazy adventure added to the bucket list.  We also had a swim around the Madlum river before calling it a day.

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