Run Comfortably with Drymax Socks

Keeping your feet dry can really save you a lot of trouble with blisters and irritation.  It keeps the feet comfortable as you make your way to the various surfaces (including wet ones).  Drymax socks can keep your feet dry with a moisture eliminating fabric embedded in it. It also adds more cushion with a dual layer as part of the built of the socks Drymax is now available at Runnr stores.



I got my first pair of Drymax socks late last year and it has been my go-to trail socks since then.  At first, you’d be awed by the demo above and wonder how does one keep the water of the feet.  Having your feet wet, especially on the early part of the trail and road runs could lead to blisters and irritations.  Those little discomfort can accumulate and end up causing you a race or not being able to finish a trail.  Having a good pair of sock matters especially on the trails as you get through different surfaces and also waters.

Muddy trail, who cares? Right?

Muddy trail, who cares? Right?

Of course, the best way to try a new technology is to just go out there and get your feet dirty.  Even before Drymax came, I’m really picky with my socks as there were races I had to deal with blisters and that’s a not a really good story to experience.  The trails can really be wild and give you a lot of different surfaces.  Muddy trail can drag your feet and even enter your shoes.  River crossings can really get your feet wet and prolonged water exposure can lead to blisters.  Soft rocky trails can have some debris on your shoes and can make it uncomfortable.

River Crossings can be fun!

River Crossings can be fun!

I’ve been to a lot of surfaces with the Drymax socks including muddy trails and river crossings.  Surprisingly, my feet was still dry.  You’ll feet the water enter the foot but the wet feel isn’t there since the moisture is kept on the outside layer of the socks.  I’ve been so used to the comfort of Drymax socks that when I wore ordinary socks and passed by a grassy surface with morning dew, I felt the moisture creep in the feet.  That’s already a big difference.

I was so impressed by the comfort of Drymax socks that I got several more pairs when I saw them in Singapore.  It was also good since it was on sale at that time.  I’ve been on the trails for the most of the past few months and my socks is Drymax.  I also like that it feels softer on the foot with its double layer construction.  That’s specially helpful with the numerous steps I take on a trail run as it reduces the impact of each foot strike.  It serves as a compression with a better fit and arch band support.  The double layer construction also serves as a protective pad, which would keep the feet comfortable even when debris enters your feet.

Another aspect I like about Drymax is its durability.  The first pair I had since last year still feels as good as new and I’ve been in the trails almost every weekend since then.  There’s another good news when it comes to Drymax since it’s now available at Runnr Stores, which also means I got myself another pair of socks.  The Lite Trail Running socks sells within the P500 to P600 price range and is definitely a good buy with its durability and effectiveness.

The trail is best enjoyed when you got to experience the different surfaces and with Drymax, I just worry about the run.  It’s a comfortable socks that will keep your feet cool and dry even on the wilder trail conditions.  They have also specific socks for running and triathlon.

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5 Coffee Places to Try in Baguio City

Baguio has the perfect coffee weather and is now a home of a lot of excellent coffee places.  While I don’t get to spend most of my time at home, I got a chance to coffee hop lately to come up with a list of must try coffee shops in the city and nearby.

Life is like a cup of coffee

If there was one thing common about my frequent visit to my hometown lately aside from exploring the trails, it was coffee.  I was able to try several coffee shops in the city.  The routine was simple, hit the trails in the morning and then find a coffee shop in the afternoon.  It also just so happens that Baguio has been enjoying a really cool, foggy and rainy weather as of late.  That’s the perfect ingredient for seeking warmth from a cup of coffee.  I’ll narrow it down to 5 cafes though I’ll be mentioning some by categories.

  • Old reliables – Cafe by The Ruins and Choco-late de Batirol
  • Value for Money – Viscos and Citylight
  • Scenic Cafe – Cafe in the Sky
  • Hang-out locations – Sessions, Sessions Gallery and Coffee Library

5 Cafes to Try in Baguio

BZA Homearts Cafe

BZA Homearts Cafe is located at #37 1st Road Quezon Hill, Baguio City.  The cafe gives you a nice living room setting with fireplace filled with Rhinestone Artworks all over the place.  It’s a bit remote but it gives you a lot of IG worthy photos and a really relaxing atmosphere with its laid back and homey ambiance.  Food varies from burgers, pasta, chips and some meals and they boast of some hot and cold coffees with excellent presentation.

Facebook Page: BZA HomeArts Cafe

Mount Kalugong Kape-an / Cafe

Technically, the cafe is not in Baguio since it’s in La Trinidad.  It’s a few kilometers away from Baguio and is located at Mount Kalugong.  It’s a kilometer’s climb from the foot of Kalugong Road (Near Benguet Memorial Service) but it also gives you the overlooking view of La Trinidad along with the rock formations in Mount Kalugong.  They serve a wide range of coffee and really delicious cakes.  It’s a good stop when you hit the trails or when you just want to have an excellent view along the mountains.

Facebook Page: Mt. Kalugong Kape-an / Cafe

Arca’s Yard


Arca’s Yard is located at 777 Tiptop, Ambuklao Road, Baguio City.  It’s a hang-out place that has been converted into a mini museum, library and cafe.  The place is filled with artworks and their library is soon to open.  They have a generous serving of meals and cakes that matches well with their coffee.  The thing that stands out with Arca’s Yard is the view of the mountains and the pine trees especially if you’re located by the porch or near the window.

Facebook Page: Arca’s Yard

Coffee and Pine

Coffee & Pine is newly opened and is fast to climb this list.  Every corner of the place is just IG worthy. It also has an overlooking view of the mountains and the pine trees.  They have a good mix of cakes, meals, sandwiches which is also well presented.  They have their regular line of coffee and also have some unique mix of their own.  I got to try the Blueberry Cheesecake coffee and its just coffee and dessert rolled into one. It’s located at 15th Street Outlook Drive, Baguio City.

Facebook Page: Coffee & Pine

Cafe Yagam

Cafe Yagam tops my list of must try with its Cordillera theme complete with wooden chairs and tables.  It has a fireplace and bonfire area for the cooler months.  In terms of meals, you can go safe with their burgers or really check out their Cordillera meals, which I may say is really rich in taste and flavor.  They have coffee options and I like that they have slow brew available with beans that have been sourced in the Cordillera.  Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Baguio City (near Hotel Elizabeth).

Facebook Page: Cafe Yagam

Coffee and the City

BTW, Afternoon Fogs have been common in my previous visits in Baguio City.

BTW, Afternoon Fogs have been common in my previous visits in Baguio City.

Well the list could go on and I could even do a part 2 of this in the future.  What’s your favorite Cafe in the City?

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Anker is Now Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe

I’ve lost count on the number of times that I was on a trip and had limited sockets for my devices.  There were also those times I’d be outdoor on the field or even on a long hike and ended up being battery empty. I’m glad that I’ve found Anker power ports and power bank to make sure I am able to power up my devices.  Anker is now Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City.


  • Checking in on a local hotel and find out that there are limited sockets to charge devices?
  • Getting into a foreign country with a different socket and can’t request too many adopters?
  • Going on a remote location on a trip with no available electricity?
  • Going on a long drive or trips with no available charging devices?
  • Spending a whole day on field and you have to keep your phone available for that crucial business call?

These instances happens so many times that we end up with empty devices we can use to contact people or for emergency purposes. I got too experience them too.

I travel a lot, whether for work, for recreation and even for a race and more often than not, there are limited electric sockets.  I also commonly encounter the different power socket on international trips.  Of course, I also get to tick off those bucket list locations and long hikes with limited or no power source.  Then there’s those long drives and whole day field assignment where I try to conserve my phone’s battery for business calls and emergencies.  The list could go on, I actually have limited number of available sockets too at home so I just alternate charging my devices.

I found Anker a few months ago and it solved all those dilemmas.   Anker has power ports, power banks, car charging ports, cables and audio devices. Of course, there are other power charging devices so what sets Anker apart.

  • Anker has built in Power IQ.  The Power IQ component of each Anker product help manage the flow of power to your devices enabling it to charge faster and at the same time, stop when the device is fully charge.  This also solves overcharging issues.
  • It also has a multiple protect feature to keep devices safe from power surge and other short circuit issues.
  • With a faster charging time, it keeps the device more mobile and not being plugged in to chargers and ports all the time.
  • Multiple port to charge more devices faster.
  • More product options depending on your needs.

Here are some Anker Products and features:

Power Ports

There are Power Ports that can charge 4 to 5 devices at the same time.  It really helps when there are limited sockets since there are more charging devices in a single Power Port.  It also uses Power IQ to efficiently manage the flow of power and also not to overcharge your devices.

The main difference between the 4 ports and the 5 ports is that the 5 Ports has 2 ports with two Quick Charge ports, which can charge 4 times faster. If you are just a regular user, the 4 ports should be ok but if you are a power user, it might be better to go with the 5 ports.

  • PowerPort 4 – SRP 1,790 (Available in Black and White)

    • 40W 4-port USB charging hub for phones, tablets & more.
    • Fast Charging Technology
    • Capable of charging 4 devices at the same time
    • Surge protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.
    • Compact look
  • PowerPort 5 with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 – SRP P2,790

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 delivers charging speeds up to 4X faster than standard chargers. Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to deliver the fastest possible charge to non-Quick Charge devices.
  • Anker’s exclusive MultiProtect system provides surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and more to deliver unbeatable protection to you and your devices.


With more features in our phones, tablets and other devices comes the need for more energy.  Anker has several variants with 5,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh.  Each devices usually would need 3,000-4,000 mAh for full charging so you can do multiple cycles of charging depending on the capacity.  Some Anker powerbanks also have a faster charging speed, which would be a factor when you are a power user.

  • PowerCore Slim 5000 – SRP 1,590

Slim and sleek, the Power Core Slim 5,000 carries enough juice to charge your devices once or twice depending on your device.  It’s also uses PowerIQ that has adaptive, max-speed charging for any device (up to 2A).

  • PowerCore 10000 – SRP 1,690

Power Core 10,000 is just about the size of a Credit Card and can charge your devices 3 to 4 times. It uses both Power IQ and Voltage boost to manage the power transfer and speed up the charging of devices. Also comes, with Anker’s Multiprotect System.

  • PowerCore Speed 10000 QC – SRP P2,290

PowerCore Speed 10000 QC has enough juice to fully charge your phones 3 to 4 times at an even faster pace.  It charges devices 80% faster than regular powerbanks since it uses 3 distinct fast charging technologies.  It also comes with surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and other advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.

  • PowerCore+ 10050 – SRP P2,690

PowerCore 10050+ has enough juice to charge your device 3 to 4 times and charges even faster with its Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port. It also recharges faster than other powerbanks. It also has Power IQ and Voltage Boost for faster charging and power allocation and also has the Multiprotect System of Anker. PowerCore 10050 also comes in Pink, Gold and Black.

  • PowerCore 20100 – SRP 2,990

PowerCore 20100 has two ports and capable of charging 7-8 cycles of your device.  That’s probably enough power to charge your devices for a week. It also uses the Power IQ and Multiple protect technology to keep charging fast and safe.

Other Devices

Anker also have Power Drive car charges prized at P690 for Regular Car Charger with 2 Ports and P1,390 for Fast Car Charger 2 Ports that uses the same technology of their power ports.  They also have Apple MFI certified Powerline Lightning Cable priced with P790-P990.  They also have cables for other micro USB devices too.

Available at Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe

Anker is now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

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#TaleOfTheTrail MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park (Singapore)

MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park

MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park

MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir Park was a breath of fresh air in Singapore.  It has long run-able trails on rolling terrains with a Tree Top Walk showing a higher view of the reservoir.

Tale Of The Trail

Unplanned! This how this Tale of the Trail starts.  I was on a business trip but I decided to come a day earlier just to be with friends in Singapore.  I had a small window on Sunday morning before I transfered to our designated hotel.  It was a good thing I brought my Hoka One One Speed Instinct and a few running clothes. I always bring some running gear just for chances like this.  I didn’t bring any hydration bag.  I just used my Oakley pack-able bag to store a bottle of water and my other stuff.  With a short window, I was planning to walk 45 minutes and go back the next 45 minutes to be home by noon.  I took a cab to MacRitchie Reservoir Park to save time. Alternatively, you can take the bus to the park.

Map and Elevation

Map and Elevation powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sport

Map and Elevation powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sport

Starting at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, it’s about 500 meters of paved paths going around the reservoir before entering the trail head.  There’s about of 3 kilometers of ascending trails to the intersection. There’s another 2 kilometers of ascending trails heading to the Tree Top Walk. The trail descends for the next 2 kilometers where you can either head back to the old trail or take the outer trail, both of which takes another 5 kilometers back to the Reservoir Park.

Trekking the MacRitchie Nature Trail and Reservoir

After arriving at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, I immediately saw a lot of runners either cooling down or warming up for their run. The park opens at 9 am and I arrived at 10 am, which leaves me about two hours.  Initially, I’ll just do whatever I can in 45 minutes and head back after.  I started my walk from the reservoir park and a short climb after, I was at the reservoir.  There were a lot of activities available at the reservoir from fishing, water sports and of course, hiking.  I entered the trail head 500 meters into my walk.

I entered the trail head and I immediately felt at home with the forested trails.  It was covered trails, dirt roads, rolling terrains which is slowly ascending.  The place was filled with hikers and runners.  The trails were run-able.  I seriously would want to try a pure run on this loop sometime again.  I started my walk slowly as I was just following the pace of the hikers. I’ll push the pace later.

The trails were about 3 kilometers from the trail head.  It felt cool because it was covered by the forest.  The ascents were spread out just right so it didn’t feel too tiring.  There were also several descents along the way.  It was also a cool morning so I didn’t have to hydrate much especially since I’m going at a very relaxed paced.  I’m really enjoying the rich green view.  The plan was to reach the end of the trail stretch and head back.  Maybe I can do the tree top walk some other time.

Seeing Macaques is so normal in this trail.

Seeing Macaques is so normal in this trail.

I’ve reached the intersection in 45 minutes and I can now head back but I saw one road, which was just a kilometer away to Upper Thomson Road.  It’s possible to do this loop and just take this way back and still be home by noon if I take the road back.  I went on the trail heading to the tree top walk, which was another 2 kilometer stretch of ascending trails.  I tried to push the pace a bit and I was now running on some stretches.  It was still on covered trails, passing through a golf course and a little bit of road stretch.

I noticed people in front me rest 500 meters heading to the Tree Top Walk.  I went on because of the time constraints.  It was a steep 500 meter climb heading the tree top walk.  The tree top walk was a 250 meter walk on suspended bridge with an overlooking view of the reservoir.

You can just see a glimpse of the reservoir, which is because of the rich forest reserve of MacRitchie.  It was slower at this stretch as it was on suspension bridge and everybody was enjoying the view from this vantage point.  There were also Macaques on the suspension bridge.

Hello There!

Hello There!

The bridge and the trail was one way from this point.  After the bridge, there was a short descent followed by a longer climb on wooden stair paths.  I took longer strides on the wooden paths just to finish this stretch faster.  It was then descending wooden stairs and paths for the next kilometer and after one more kilometer of dirt roads, there were two alternative path. One lead to the old trail, which is about 5 kilometers and another which takes you to the outer trails and is about 5.5 kilometers.  I took the way back to the old trail since that had an option for me to exit earlier given my time constraints. I’ll do the other loop in the future.

I went back to the old trail.  I activated the navigation mode of Suunto to track back the old route until I reach a familiar area.  I reached the intersection again and I had two options to take the exit which is just a kilometer to the main road or go back to the old trail, which is another 3.5 kilometers.  By my estimate, it would take me 20-25 minutes longer on the old trail but I like the idea of finishing 12 kilometers for the weekend.  I went with the old trail and since it’s mostly descending I just went on to run some stretches to finish the trail faster. I ended up finishing the whole loop including the stops and the sight seeing in two and a half hours. Not bad for a weekend hike.

I went back to MacRitchie Reservoir Park and I was already soaking in sweat.  Well, an easy walk turned out quite a workout already and I’m glad even if the time was short, I was able to sneak in another Tale of the Trail.  I took a cab back and it was time to prepare for the work part of the trip.

Read About:

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AJ Matthews is All Set for Bellator 181

AJ Matthews is Battle Ready!

AJ Matthews is Battle Ready!

I’ve seen AJ Matthews work out twice now.  Beside his fun-loving and halo-halo munching exterior is a heart of a true warrior.  He’s all business when it comes to the ring. AJ is all set to return on the cage at Bellator 181 on July 14 at WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

AJ Matthews

Fil-American AJ ‘The Mercenary’ Matthews held at demo workout last May 25, 2017 at the Alphaland City Club.  There’s no doubt he is ready for his return to the cage at Bellator 181 after seeing him breeze to his drills and spar with his coach.  He also enjoyed several minutes of state-of-the-art recovery session at City Club.   AJ Matthews has been also visible in Under Armour events and campaigns like the Test of Will Challenge and the National Test of Will Finals in the Philippines. During the event that was participated in by several athletes and celebrities, Matthews and ONE Championship fighter Mark Striegl competed against each other to test their abilities.

All roads leads to the WinStar World Casino for The Mercenary as he is all set for his return to action at Bellator 181 on July 14, 2017.  AJ Matthews has been preparing hard for his next fight and has been seen devoting most of his waking hours into training and building relationships w his fellow Filipino Fighters both local and international.  He’s one of the up-and-coming international fighters and has been stringing up impressive victories including a first-round technical knockout over Kyle Bolt at Bellator 131 in 2014, and a knockout win over Charlie Rader at Bellator 70 in 2012.  One Championship heavyweight champion Brandon Vera and other UFC Champions have helped him in his preparation for his fight.  AJ is also a professional striking coach.

The 29-year-old has also been a pride of his fellow Filipino fighters as he has recently based himself now in Philippines with his team MMA Alliance. Matthews, whose mother traces her roots in Tacloban, has been embraced by his Filipino fans with open arms with his humility and charm.

Good Luck AJ!!!

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MSAP Media Congress 2017 Goes To Baguio City

Media Specialist Association of the Philippines (MSAP) comprises of various media agencies and individual practitioners, united in upholding strict industry standards of performance, ethics and accountability.  They gather for the 2017 Media Congress entitled Ascendant on September 6-9, 2017 at Baguio City. 

2017 Media Congress

The biggest and largest gathering of the country’s media experts and practitioners will take place in Baguio City on September 6-9. Now on its 3rd year, the Media Specialists of the Philippines (MSAP) brings the 2017 Media Congress to braver heights with the theme ASCENDANT.   The media congress is expected to bring more than 2,000 delegates making the event the biggest Media Congress to date.  It’s also a first to have a 3 1/2 day event as well as having the venue outside Metro Manila.   This year’s theme is designed to talk about the rising power of media, influencing and dominating behavior, culture and business and harnessing this for nation building and the greater good.

The congress promises to feature global and local speakers with fresh voices, presenting different perspectives, and new lenses in our industry. Leading this year’s Media Congress as Chairperson is Venus R. Navalta, IPG Mediabrands CEO.

This is the year that we cement the leading role of media agencies on navigating this interconnected world to drive business growth for clients and real value to people. This is what ASCENDANT is all about – on how we rise and embrace this new level of influence. The whole board of the 2017 Media Congress sets high standards with our careful selection of relevant, impactful content, a fresh speaker line-up that is inclusive, and the overall congress experience.” – Venus R. Navalta.

 The 2017 Media Congress board includes Hermie R. De Leon as Vice Chairperson, Gladys Basinillo (MSAP President), Mary Ann G. Buenaventura (MSAP Vice President), Cris Cepeda (MSAP Secretary), and Manny Hermosa (MSAP Treasurer).

“Our delegates will come in hungry for information and we will give them what is relevant to future-proof our industry. MSAP has always been at the forefronts of the industry’s trends that shape the world of communications. Expect that we will be bring in new value and knowledge to the media professionals,” shares MSAP President, Gladys Basinillo.

There will be the 2nd ICE Awards as part of the culmination of the congress. The ICE Awards was launched in 2015 and it aims to recognize the works of the media agencies in the Philippines.  To insure MSAP’s vision of a more immersive experience for the participants and attendees, the 2017 Media Congress will also showcase local artisans and Baguio’s unique culture.

The congress is open to all delegates with early bird registration fee of P8,000 up to June 30, 2017; standard registration fee of P15,000 covering for the full 3 ½ -day congress and entry to all side events and activities. Ice Awards entry fees for early bird registration is P5,000; standard registration fee is P7,000.

For further information visit or email, or call +63-905-463-9815, or +63-928-863-3371.

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Run Smarter with Milestone Pod

I’m a numbers guy.  It really helps when you get to see metrics and numbers and see how you progress through time.  MilestonePod gives you a waterproof foot pod that keeps track of your running metrics and gives you insights to improve your run. #MakeAnyShoeSmart #MilestonePod #MilestoneSportsPH 

Milestone Pod

Once you get the hang of running, you learn that there’s so many things to consider to progress in the sports.  You can increased your cadence.  You can lengthen your stride length.  You can go for higher legs swing.  These are just the few things you improve for better pace and be able to run more efficiently.  Well, you don’t have to dwell on the number, you just have to get the right device to monitor your runs.  Hello MilestonePod!!!

Milestone pod can be synced to your phone to give you all the metrics on your run.

Milestone pod can be synced to your phone to give you all the metrics on your run.

Milestone Sports Philippines officially launches the much awaited MilestonePod; an affordable waterproof foot pod with extensive battery life that improves your performance and keeps you running healthy. In a day and age where one has to pay a premium to own a decent performance tracker, the MilestonePod is certainly a breath of fresh air.  It’s more affordable than a running watch, priced at P1,695.  The Milestone Pod can work with bluetooth GPS watches or work on its own and it measures practically everything.

Tested it on a trail run in Bacolod and yes, it’s waterproof.

The MilestonePod measures foot strike, rate of impact, ground contact, leg swing and stride length which transcends what most GPS watches can cover. The MilestonePod is also as user-friendly as it is pocket-friendly. Not only does it record more than 10 different metrics, but it simplifies and summarizes all the data for you as well. Think of it as taking all the raw data recorded on standard running watches and being able to read it in the form of a children’s book. Simple, straightforward and animated!

Measures practically everything.

Measures practically everything.

“These little bits of information are what will bring every runner’s game up a notch. Given the many advancements in footwear, there’s still so much about ourselves that shoes alone cannot provide.” said Hitler Dulay of Milestone Sports Philippines at the Pod Powered event at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café. “Clipping the pod onto any shoe instantly awards the shoe with a brain of its own.” he added.

Going Beyond Pace

So how does the pod fare with the experts? The MilestonePod is actually backed up by highly acclaimed athletes in different sports.

  • Coach and Triathlete Don Velasco, has included the pod with his many tools in his famous run lab – of which has produced many podium finishers in recent local races.
  • Milestone Sports Ultrarunner Rose Betonio is also an avid user of the pod. She was amazed by the accuracy and quality of information the pod was able to give as she finished 2nd female overall at the Monster Ultra 200 in Singapore last May 1, 2017.

The MilestonePod is also amazingly well-matched with different platforms already being used by runners. It’s compatible with select Polar, Suunto and Garmin units. Furthermore, the pod is usable through popular and interactive running apps like Zwift and Strava. Many upgrades like these are said to be on its way making things more exciting for the growing number of ‘Pod Heads’ around the world.

This little running buddy is a must-have in every runner’s arsenal. It can guide a beginner to start running with proper form, or help a seasoned runner breakthrough from a plateau. If you’re looking for a low-cost, informative and durable performance tracker, this pod is the perfect fit for you. With the MilestonePod, less is definitely more.

Available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café, Flying Don V Coaching, Multisport Hub and SwimBikeRun.PH.

MilestonePod and Me

Milestone Pod and my On Cloud Flow

Milestone Pod and my On Cloud Flow

I’ve been using the Milestone Pod since January this year.  I’ve paired it with my Brooks Mazama on trails and On Cloud Flow on the Road.  The first test was on the trails. While trails can be an anything goes adventure, it’s also nice your metrics on the climbs, on flat grounds and on descent.  Trails may not be rhythmic as road runs but seeing the metrics can really help you improve on the aspects of your run.  You can now be more conscious on how cadence, stride length, foot strikes is on different surfaces and let’s you know what aspects to work on.

MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation of your shoes.

MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation of your shoes.

I got a better appreciation of MilestonePod when I paired it with my On Cloud Flow.  Road running is more of a rhythmic activity so you get a better idea on the cadence, stride length, leg swings and a lot more.  I like that it also measures the life of your shoes.  Having the MilestonePod reminded me of those days when I was chasing my first sub1 10K.  We used to do drills to improve our cadence, stride length and leg swing.  With each drill and consistent training, I got improvements in my pace until I eventually hit my goal.

Set your goal and hit your mark.

Set your goal and hit your mark.

Milestone Pod has an insight function that lets you focus on a goal and the Pod helps you monitor it.  When chasing a sub 1 10K or setting a new PR, these metrics do matter.  Sometimes just being a bit conscious on your stride, proper impact and cadence can really speed up your run.  There are also several ways to improve your cadence like doing speed sets, cross training on bike and a lot more.

MilestonePod also helps you avoid injury.  Rate of impact is a sign that your are landing too hard and might be more conscious on your landings or maybe even to change to a more cushioned shoes.  I’m having a higher rate of impact now since I don’t run as frequently as I used to. In other words, I’m back to my old habits.  The longer you run, the more you get muscle memory and the better you run.  I need to wok on that.

I also have a more conservative approach when I run so I am having a lower leg swing.  Higher leg swing generates more power and longer stride lengths, which can save you more energy and run more efficiently.  We used to do butt kicks and high knees to improve on the stride length and the leg swings.  The key is to be more consistent on the drills, monitor it with the pod and in no time, you are running more efficiently.

There are also graphs for each metric to help you observe your run patters.  I tend to do a more efficient run walk set so you can easily see the cadence fluctuate between run and walk sets.  There are so many reasons to love the MilestonePod and you can actually do away with the watches and run by feel and it measures the following:

  • Pace
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Foot strike
  • Rate of impact
  • Leg swing
  • Ground contact
  • Cadence
  • Stride Length
  • Runficiency Score
  • Shoe Odometer

It measures your laps and gives you an insight on how you perform over time.  The key is to have an even effort or even go for those negative splits.  MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation on your runs and would really be a good investment especially when you are starting your running careers or even just chasing new goals.  Numbers matter and it’s by measuring your performance that you learn how to progress. Run Smarter with MilestonePod.

Contact MilestonePod Philippines

  • Milestone Sports Philippines
  • Mobile Numbers: +639224647489, +639178846426
  • Email:
  • FB:  MilestoneSportsPhilippines
  • Hashtags: #MakeAnyShoeSmart #MilestonePod #MilestoneSportsPH #PodPowered
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Incoming: Maxicare Run 2017

Maxicare has been saving lives for the past three decades with their HMO Benefits offered to their members.  Maxicare celebrates 30 years of delivering the finest healthcare services via Maxicare Run 2017 at Bonifacio Global City with 200 meters, 3K, 5K, 10K and 16K categories.

Maxicare Run 2017

Maxicare Launch

Maxicare Launch

Maxicare Healthcare Corporation is celebrating their 30th Anniversary via a fun run event to be held at Bonifacio Global City on July 9, 2017.  The past three (3) decades have been truly eventful for Maxicare and all of its Members, Employees, Partners and Providers. Delivery of the finest healthcare services have been made possible thru and for these stakeholders.  Maxicare has been a brainchild of a group of premier doctors and esteemed businessmen with the aim to provide quality health care to the Filipinos, Maxicare Healthcare Corporation has become the consistent leading Health Maintenance Organization (based on Business World’s Top 1000 Corporations) in the country in its 30 years of providing healthcare at its finest. They are the trendsetter and trailblazer in the HMO industry with innovations to meet the needs of their over 1.1 million customers.  It has made waves in fully digital and IT services especially with their TeleConsult and TeleMedicine projects which allows members 24/7 access to healthcare services.   Maxicare has been the leader with the lives it has touched handling over 4 million availment per year.

Christian Argos, President and CEO of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

Christian Argos, President and CEO of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

“I am proud of our past, of our history, of our accomplishments and, most definitely, I have confidence in what the future will unfold and that Maxicare Healthcare Corporation will remain the Number One HMO in the Philippines. ”  –Christian Argos, President and CEO of Maxicare Healthcare Corporation

The 30th Anniversary of Maxicare will be celebrated in a race via Maxicare Run 2017 on July 9, 2017 at the Bonifacio Global City.  This is another chance for Maxicare to touch life and promote overall health and wellness.  It features 5 categories : a 200m dash for 4-8 year old kids, the easy 3k, the amicable distance of 5k and the competitive 10k & 16k.  It’s expected to be race friendly to newbie participants and challenging enough for more experienced participants.  There will also be an extensive “Wellness Village” where the runners and their families and friends can dine, relax and enjoy activities that Maxicare’s partner brands have prepared.  This activity is in partnership with one of the most recognized run organizers in the country, LeadPack, and is for the benefit of Bahay Aruga, a free halfway house for Pediatric Cancer Patients.

Race Details

Medals for all finishers

Medals for all finishers

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 9, 2017
  • Venue: Bonifacio Global City
  • Gunstart
    • 16K – 4:30 AM
    • 10K – 5:00 AM
    • 5K –  5:05 AM
    • 3K – 5:10 AM
    • 200 Meter Dash – 6:30 AM

Fees and Inclusion

  • 200 Meter Dash (4-8 years old) – P350
  • 3K -P550
  • 5K – P650
  • 10K – P750
  • 16K – P850


  • Online via
  • On Site:
    • Chris Sports Branches
      • Glorietta
      • SM North EDSA
      • SM Megamall
      • SM Mall of Asia
      • SM City BF
      • Market Market
    • Maxicare Office

Race Updates

Race Maps

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Toby’s Sports Takes Customer Relationship and 24/7 Online Shopping to the Next Level

We Got This!  That’s how Toby’s Sports have been for the past few decades with their All-In-One Sports Hub Business Concept.  Their “We Got This” Campaign brings Toby’s even closer to the consumer market, which also comes alongside a 24/7 e-commerce site to be more accessible to the consumer.

Toby’s Sports

With its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports enjoins everyone to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle whatever sports you are into.

With its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports enjoins everyone to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle whatever sports you are into.

Toby’s Sports has been in the business for nearly 40 years already. It has evolved to be more than just a store and has been continuously building itself as an ally in fitness and sports for its millions of customers.  Toby’s Sports prides itself in having the widest selection of products in the industry, carrying a well-curated line-up of the latest footwear, apparel and equipment from the world’s best brands, plus a wide portfolio of its own in-house brands that combine performance with value.

Rest if you must but never quit—this is one of the core messages of Toby’s Sports new “We Got This” campaign.

Rest if you must but never quit—this is one of the core messages of Toby’s Sports new “We Got This” campaign.

This is complemented by a team of sports enthusiasts and specialists that are more than willing to share their expertise to anyone who walks inside any of its stores. Toby’s Sports also plans to actively provide its customers with opportunities where they can achieve their sports and fitness aspirations by partnering with other organizations, coaches and trainers that are dedicated to improving people’s lives through fitness.

There is no such thing as a great roadblock if one’s mind is set in swimming one’s way to greatness and fitness—this is one of the core messages of Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign.

There is no such thing as a great roadblock if one’s mind is set in swimming one’s way to greatness and fitness—this is one of the core messages of Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign.

We Got This

It takes a great deal of work in achieving that perfect body and active lifestyle, but Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign wants every individual to know that rest, focus, and dedication are just as important.

It takes a great deal of work in achieving that perfect body and active lifestyle, but Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign wants every individual to know that rest, focus, and dedication are just as important.

Toby’s Sports, the largest multi-brand sports retailer in the Philippines unveils its national campaign that underlines its aggressive pursuit to promote sports and an active lifestyle. The retail chain also officially launched its e-commerce site, a testament to its commitment to providing the best shopping experience to its customers, further solidifying its place as the sports retailer of choice for Filipinos.

With its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports encourages everyone to hold on to that rope a little tighter and not give up on their goals of achieving an active and healthy lifestyle.

With its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports encourages everyone to hold on to that rope a little tighter and not give up on their goals of achieving an active and healthy lifestyle.

The new campaign, titled “We Got This,” highlights an individual’s journey to achieve success in whatever sport or fitness activity he takes on. This journey is made visual in the campaign’s centerpiece, a video that examines the mental and physical hardships—from an aching, calloused body to a state of frustration and self-doubt—upon which every success story is written. The compelling video, which has already broken through digital channels and can be viewed above provides inspiration to anyone who is planning to take on a similar journey.

Whether into basketball or not, Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign will make one realize that there is no excuse not to get physically fit and healthy.

Whether into basketball or not, Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign will make one realize that there is no excuse not to get physically fit and healthy.

When you take on a new challenge or set a new goal for yourself in the realm of sports and fitness, you undergo several hurdles that make you want to give up. #WeGotThis is our rally cry to keep them going; to let them know that as the leader in the sports industry, Toby’s Sports is not just here to provide them with the right gear, but to also give them the support they need to succeed. Simply put, we have their backs every step of the way,” said Toby Claudio, President of Quorum International Inc., the parent company of Toby’s Sports.

Boxing is one of the most tedious sports, but Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign encourages boxers, athletes, and every individual out there to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle no matter how exhausting it can be.

Boxing is one of the most tedious sports, but Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign encourages boxers, athletes, and every individual out there to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle no matter how exhausting it can be.

New E-Commerce Site

Complementing its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports also launched its e-commerce site in support of every individual, athlete or not, in their goal to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Complementing its new “We Got This” campaign, Toby’s Sports also launched its e-commerce site in support of every individual, athlete or not, in their goal to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

True to its commitment to strengthening the relationship with its customers, Toby’s Sports is extending the shopping experience well beyond mall hours with – the retail chain’s e-commerce store. The new online store adds dimension to Toby’s Sports’ retail presence and distribution strategy in the country, serving as an online storefront for its ever-expanding range of products and brands, offering deals that may not be available in the physical stores. Customers can browse through product information and photos, and shop unique sizes without having to go from store to store. Customers can also enjoy the convenience of dropping off return packages via the nearest Toby’s Sports store or LBC branch.

Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign tells that it takes a great deal of focus, willingness, and persistence to achieve that coveted fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Toby’s Sports “We Got This” campaign tells that it takes a great deal of focus, willingness, and persistence to achieve that coveted fitness and healthy lifestyle.

 “Our e-commerce platform was completely revamped in October 2016, and we have since added multiple services to allow for a more convenient shopping experience. Officially introducing the site at the same time as the new campaign really brings the message home for us—that our dedication to our customers is unparalleled,” Claudio quipped. “With this new online store, we can now cater to their sports and fitness needs 24/7, and expand our reach to consumers located in areas in the Philippines that currently have no access to a Toby’s Sports physical store,” he concluded.

Toby’s Sports new “We Got This” video campaign highlight not only one’s physical hardships but also examines one’s mental journey to a hard-earned fitness.

In line with the new campaign, Toby’s Sports’ online store will be giving away limited edition #WeGotThis statement shirts to its first 100 customers today. The new campaign will be rolled out in phases with several planned activations throughout the year, with the #WeGotThis storytelling continuing at brand events, retail touch points, and various digital channels.


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Incoming: Siargao International Marathon 2017

I had the chance to run in a half marathon in Siargao a few years ago and it was among the most refreshing route I’ve tried.  I got fresher air and a lush green countryside route that kept me visually enticed while on the run.  Siargao International Marathon is happening in July 23, 2017 at Del Carmen, Siargao with the Half and Full Marathon Distance to choose from.

Read About:

Siargao International Marathon 2017

When it comes to race-cation destination, Siargao is on top of the list.  It’s a popular hub for surfers and attracted droves of tourist with their world-renowned surf breaks, beautiful beaches, clear waters, scenic views and natural wonders.  The municipality of Del Carmen also has a tourist hotspot in the Sugba Lagoon, which passes through the Del Carmen Mangroves.  This is the second largest mangrove forest in the country and is a home to 27 out of 70 mangrove species in the world.

A vast track of mangroves have been illegally cut to make charcoal.  Siargao International Marathon supports the cause of Del Carmen Mayor Alfredo Matugas Coro’s mangrove rehabilitation program, which started in 2010.  Run 21K or 42K for the mangroves.  The event aims to promote the island of Siargao as a sports and eco tourism hub.

Running in Siargao in 2013

Running in Siargao in 2013

Del Carmen is an excellent place to run with a lush green country side view while Gen Luna is the place to go for water sports like surfing.  So run, tour and enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the country.  Register now and get ready to make each stride count for the environment while you get to appreciate the sights and attractions of Siargao . Each race kit comes with a pledge of one seedling to be planted in the mangrove forest on July 25, 2017 during a planting activity that would include a talk by Dr. Jurgenne Primavera, Chief Mangrove Scientific Adviser.

Participants can now register via, which has an option to book their direct flights from Manila to Siargao via Skyjet Airlines.  The Siargao International Marathon is in collaboration with the Municipality of Del Carmen, Siargao and the Department of Tourism and is presented by Skyjet.  This is also supported by H&M Sport, Pascual Greek Yogurt, The Live Fit Lab and Tetrapak.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 23, 2017 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Del Carmen
  • Time: 5:00AM – 11:30AM
  • Gun Start
    • 42K,  5:00 AM
    • 21K, 5:30 AM

Fees and Inclusions


  • Online via (May 15 to July 17, 2017)
    • Online credit card transaction: additional P50

Race Updates:

Race Maps

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