Incoming Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2

soleus ccc

Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2 gives you the fun and the adventure exploring the Pintong Bukawe – Casile Trails.  Both trails are run-able and will give you a really long and sweet descent at the first part and a long climb on the way back whether you’re doing the 12K or the 21K.  Save the date, July 9, 2017, as all the dirt roads lead to Mount Sinai in Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal.

Read About:

Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2


I’ve been to Mount Sinai for the nth time and I love how it immediately gives you a scenic vantage point overlooking the mountains and the sea of clouds.  That’s were all the fun begins again for Soleus Cross Country Challenge, which is now on its second year.  Come July 9, 2017, it’s time to hit the dirt roads of Casile once again with 12K and 21K distances to choose from.  The part that keeps me excited is the long sweet descent to the river, which would be exploring new territories in this year’s staging. Tough as it is, I also look forward to the 3-4 kilometer climb on the way back.  It’s just a mental challenge I’d love to endure over and over again.


Elevation wise, it’s gonna challenge your climbing skills as you’ll have to endure a lot of elevation gain.  Yes, it’s really a challenge but you’ll love this one as you’ll be preoccupied by the numerous scenic sites in San Mateo rizal.  Register now and get ready to conquer the Soleus Cross Country Challenge.

Race Details

Soleus Medals

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 9, 2017
  • Venue: Mount Sinai, Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal
  • Gun Start:
    • 21K – 6 AM
    • 12K – 6:20 AM

Fees and Inclusions

  • 12K (Early Bird: P900 – April 27 – May 31, 2017) / (Regular: P1,100 June 1 to 30 2017)
  • 21K (Early Bird: P1,100 – April 27 – May 31, 2017) / (Regular: P1,250 June 1 to 30 2017)
    • Inclusive of Event Shirt, Race Bib, RFID Tag, Finisher Medal, Snacks


  • Bank Deposit
    • Bank: Banco De Oro
    • Account Name: Mirjam Ann G. Del Rosario
    • Account Number 0039-8019-6644
      • Once payment has been made: please fill up the downloadable registration form, write the name and the distance on the deposit slip then email scanned copies to
      • An email confirmation will be sent once received and validated.
  • On-Site: L Time Studio
    • SM Mall of Asia – Ground Floor-In Front of IMAX
    • SM Megamall – 3rd Floor, Mega A
    • Market Market – 2nd Floor
    • Trinoma – 2nd Floor- Near Food Court
  • Kit Claiming:
    • Date: July 1-2, 2017 (Sat-Sun, 10 am to 6 pm)
    • Venue: TBA

Race Update

Race Maps

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Time to Fly with Hoka One One

Blazing the trail with Hoka One One – Photo by Eric Tipon for Active Pinas

Hoka One One has brought in the added support for the long run yet retains the lightweight feel on the shoes.  I’ve been using Speed Instinct and Speed Goat on the trails and I’m enjoying the added comfort, support yet still retain the lightweight feel with Hoka One One.

Read About:

Hoka One One Speed Instinct

I’ve joined the Hoka One One craze a month before it landed in Manila.  I was able to get Speed Instinct at a discount in Singapore.  Toe area is a bit shallow so I got a half size bigger than my usual shoe size and it was now a perfect fit.  I immediately noticed the cushioned feel of Speed Instinct and surprisingly, it;s lightweight at 8.40 oz.  That’s almost an equivalent of a lightweight road shoes.  The lugs are not too aggressive and it almost feels like a road shoes.  In fact the first time I used the Speed Instinct was on the road.

8K on the Road

8K+ on the Road

I almost forgot that it was a trail shoes as I was posting road pace covering more than 8 kilometers in an hour.  It’s responsive on the road, which makes it an excellent weapon for road to trail races.

I got to test out the Speed Instinct on several trail races.  First taste of the trail was a 16 Kilometer race at Mount Sinai in Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo Rizal.  The trails along Mount Sinai were mostly muddy dirt roads and the traction was good.  Despite not being too aggressive on the lugs, the shoe had multi-directional lugs to keep you firmly planted on the trail. It also felt so fun blitzing the downhill trails of Casile with a mix or dirt roads and stone paths.  The cushion reduced the impact of the stride giving me more courage and less stress on the descent.  I barely noticed the technical part heading to the river since I felt that the traction was fine.  We ended up on the road and it’s the Speed Instinct’s time to fly.

Up next was a 10K rolling trails at North Luzon Renewables in Ilocos where we were invited to test out their route.  In terms of trails it was a mix of rough roads and it wasn’t technical at all.  The unique part of the course aside from the wonderful windmills surrounding you, was that it had long stretches of climbs and descents.  One thing I noticed on climbs is that you tend to have more time on ground as you slow down with gravity.  That’s were a comfortable shoes like Speed Instinct comes into play.  Despite walking or slowing down some stretches, it still soft on the bottom of the foot.  I did have fun bombing the descents as I felt that it had enough support to protect my knees as I took advantage of gravity.

I was also able to use it for my race in Mount Batolusong.  It was a slow trail for me as half the race was spent on the uphill and on technical trails heading to Mount Batolusong.  The traction was ok but it’s not much of an advantage on the slippery part.  I can do well with the Speed Instinct but when I got to the more technical part, I had to slow down a bit because it has less aggressive lugs.  The steep descent, which was wet at that time, felt like a chore but as I went to more solid ground, it felt like time to fly again.

Mount Batolusong - Photo by Nik Jamisola

Mount Batolusong – Photo by Nik Jamisola

In a nutshell, I’d go with the Speed Instinct on road to trail runs and it’s a big advantage.  For mountain runs with extremely technical trails, I’d go with a shoe with more aggressive lugs for stronger traction.  Trail Running is like a game of strategies, you have to familiarize yourself with the terrain and surfaces and pick the one the would give you the best advantage.

Hoka One One Speed Goat

Hoka One One Speed Goat

Hoka One One Speed Goat

I got the Hoka One One Speed Goat from Runer and what can I say, it has big lugs.  It has more stability and balanced cushioning.  It’s also heavier at 9.7 ounces though it’s still feels light on the feet.  Let’s just say, it’s the bigger brother of Speed Instinct.  When the trails get tough, the Speed Goat may be one for you.  There are really some trade off, you get more weight, you get more cushioning and support.  It’s just a matter of choosing, which shoes would be perfect for which trail.  Definitely, the Speed Instinct is the faster shoes but when the going gets tough, you’ll love to hang on to the added cushion support and traction of the Speed Goat.

Speed Goat at Yellow Trails

Speed Goat at Yellow Trails

I got to try the Speed Goat at Camp John Hay Yellow Trails.  The Yellow Trail are mainly dirt tracks but the inclines can be a challenge.  It really feels soft on the feet whether you are walking or running in the trail.  Even when you’re standing on slanted trails it feels that you are firmly planted because of the aggressive lugs and traction.  I got to feel that traction and support even on slippery roads.  When the trails go down, you can go fearless because of the sufficient support and the traction.

Mount Yangbew

Mount Yangbew

I also did a run at Mount Yangbew and that’s where I noticed the superior traction of the Speed Goat.  The climb was short but it was on more technical mountain trails.  It felt at ease moving around the mountain with the Speed Goat.  I even climb one of the small rock formation for a photo-op and the shoe traction really helped.  On the descent, it was excellent in blitzing the trail as you just worry about your run and not slipping on the technical trails.

The biggest test for my Speed Goat was our 15 Kilometer recon at Tanay. While most of the trails were single track dirt roads which was easy to navigate, we had a stretch of 4 kilometers worth of river trek, crossings and even some bouldering.  The drains of the Speed Goat is quite efficient and I barely noticed the inflow and outflow of water over numerous river crossing.  Passing over some boulders and rock formation was a challenge as you had to be creative on your steps but the superior traction of the Speed Goat helped a lot on this stretch.  The difficult part felt endless but I felt secure with my shoes.  I even had to do the 4 kilometer ascent on muddy trails made slippery by the rain and slipping was the least of my worry.

I felt secure with the cushion, support and the aggressive lugs of the Speed Goat on technical surfaces.  For faster trails, I’d go with the Speed Instinct but for longer mountain trails, I’d go for the Speed Goat.  Either shoes would be excellent on the trails but each would have its advantages and disadvantages.  It really helps to understand the course. Hoka One One provides enough cushion, support and lightweight feel to make trail run a lot more fun.

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Incoming: Cardimax – Clark Ultramarathon 2017

Race Yaya paves the way for your Ultra marathon journey with Cardimax – Clark Ultramarathon.  Go Longer, Go Faster and Go Together on September 9-10, 2017 with 50K and 100K distances available for both solo and relay categories. 

Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon

Cardimax – Clark Ultramarathon is a premier ultra-marathon event in the Philippines happening on September 9 and 10 at the Clark Freeport Zone.  The event consists of 100 Kilometer Championship and 50 Kilometer Challenge categories.  It also includes4-Men and 2-Men Relays for the 100K and 50K, respectively. The partnership between Cardimax L-Carnitine and the Clark Ultra-marathon team is a synergy of purpose intended for promoting health through sports.  Cardimax L-Carnitine is a supplement that is ideal for endurance athletes; it helps in mental improvement and physical performance. It also reduces lactic acid accumulation and aids fast recovery.

Clark Ultramarathon gives the runners not just a goal but a journey as well. It’s a newbie friendly race that’s complete with a training plan and training sessions helping you progress to be an ultramarathoner.  It’s also a good forum for seasoned ultramarathoners to chase a faster time with the wide, clean and scenic roads of Clark.  It has the community vibe that can boost a runner’s morale to get you past the tough times on the race.

Cardimax – Clark Ultra-marathon, together with Race Yaya – Events Management, Clark Development Corporation, Simple Hydration Bottle, Quest Hotel, and Soleus / L-Time Studio, and its volunteer mentors and running teams are all set to bring together different perspectives, support and expertise, with the intention of providing an extraordinary race experience on the roads of Clark Freeport Zone. The Cardimax-Clark Ultra-marathon is a tough but memorable race.  Runners of various degrees of speed and ability are expected to gather in this journey to harness their OWN energy: to go longer, go faster, and go together.

  • Go Longer.  It is an ideal race for the aspiring and relatively new ultra-marathoners to go beyond a marathon distance or do their first century distance.  Similarly, endurance athletes can find the race as an avenue to improve and test their endurance levels while enjoying the tough but scenic course.
  • Go Faster. The race is set to attract top marathoners and ultra-marathoners in a challenge to outrun themselves and their competitors. The race will reward top performances in individual and team categories.
  • Go Together. This is more than a race; it is a journey designed to inspire each other in the sport.  It offers an 18-week Training Calendar and a race day event where runners can learn from each other and from coaches, fitness professionals and other partners. Together, our runners will “dig deep” and explore the innate, possibly dormant, strength in them. Everyone will experience the special camaraderie and friendship among competitors, volunteers, race officials and spectators.

  • RACE: The race starts at the Clark Parade Grounds between September 3rd and 4th, 2016. The surrounding area of the Clark Museum will be transformed into a festive race venue to welcome ultramarathoners, volunteers, family and friends. Clark Development Corporation (CDC), The Villages are the venue and hotel partners.
  • RACE ROUTE: The route shall take the runners to the wide highway towards the main gate, along the tree-lined Airforce City which displays WW2 fighter jets and planes, and will further take them towards SCTEX and back to Sacobia River on their 25th kilometer.  Halfway, the terrain shall present some steep climbs and downhills until the turn around point back to Sacobia Bridge. The last kilometers will be along Balagtas Avenue, aptly called “The Wall”.  The route is a mix of open and tree-lined roads.  It is expected to be chilly at night and scorching hot during day time.  A scenic view of the mountain ranges of Miyamit and Mount Arayat shall be a treat to the runners.

Clark Development Corporation, the Philippine Air Force, together with our marshals and Team Rescue 8 Medics, shall ensure safety for all participants.  There will be plenty of support at aid stations to allow the runners to focus on their race.  Outside support is prohibited, except at the identified aid stations.  This is a green race; runners have to bring their own bottles to aid stations. Simple Hydration bottle will be providing discount vouchers for all runners.

100K runners (including the 4-men 100K relay teams) will take off at 6PM, while 50K runners (with the 2-men 50K relay teams) will start at 12 midnight.  Participants should finish within 10to 18 hours after gun start for 50K and 100K, respectively.Real time updates on the athlete’s location will be available online as they pass through time checkpoint stations via the Race Yaya Timing System.  Soleus will be the official timing partner.  This will be the first of its kind in the ultramarathon road racing in the country.

The organizers and sponsors will treat participants as they cross the finishing line with race rewards.  Top three overall and top three in each age-group category will be awarded during the Awarding Ceremonies. The fastest 100K and 50K team for 2016 will be crowned Team Champion. The 2015 Team Champion to beat is Ayala Triads for 100K and Team Soleus for 50K.


What to Expect?

  • INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE: On its third year, Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon is expecting participation from international runners, particularly representatives from neighboring Asian countries.  Local champion, Wilnar Iglesia, represented the country in March 2017 and won the championship in Titi Ultra, Malaysia.  The team expects to continue to send our top athletes in competitions outside the country.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Significant numbers of running teams have signified intention to volunteer in our Aid Stations.  Volunteer application is still open.
    • Weekday Tempo Run – Ayala Triangle (June 2017)
    • Weekday Speed and Strength Run – Ayala at the 30th (Secondwind)
    • Recon Run – August 28, 2017 (Clark Freeport Zone)
  • TRAINING PROGRAMS: Upon registration, participants are provided an 18-week recommended training program for them to properly prepare for the race.
  • TRAINING MENTORS: Experienced running teams who have volunteered to adopt runners in their training: Ayala Triads, Second Wind Run Team, Soleus, Team Matindi, Pinoy Aspiring Runners, Powerpuff Boys, Urban Runners and Marupok.  The training schedule of Volunteer running teams will be posted in our website.  Runners who wish to join the team in their trainings can join and connect to them directly.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: September 9-10, 2017
  • Venue: Clark Freeport Zone

Fees and Inclusions:

  • 100K – Early Birth P3,300, Regular P3,500
  • 100K Relay (4 x 25) – Early Birth P4,800, Regular P5,000
  • 50K – Early Birth P2,000, Regular P2,200
  • 50K Relay (2 x 25) – Early Birth P2,300, Regular P2,500
    • Early Bird (April 15 or when slots are filled up)
    • Inclusive of 18 weeks training program, personalized race bibs, race yaya timing bracelets, P300 GC from Simple Hydration, finishers shirt and Medal


  • Go to  and follow the registration procedures in the website.
    • Please ensure that you have read the (a) Race Details: Description, Qualifications, Restrictions and (b) Race Rules and Regulations.
  • Runners have the option to pay online, via bank deposit or at the Second Wind Running Store.  Runners who have paid online will automatically get their slots reserved.  Non-online payment should be made ideally within 48 hours from registration, otherwise, slots will be re-opened to other runners.   Registration will only be confirmed after payment.

    Any runner found to be in violation of the race restrictions, qualifications and requirements after registration and/or payment will result to disqualification, race exclusion and forfeiture of their registration fee.


The Race is organized by Race Yaya.  Race Yaya is a team of seasoned runners who have professional expertise in the fields of marketing, finance, event management, information technology, race organization, among others.  They have organized and managed several major endurance events.


    • L-Carnitine has been recognized as a weight loss supplement, but it is more important than that. It helps our body function the way it should.It is necessary to transport fat into the mitochondria of the cells to produce energy. Whether it is energy for a sport or our simple daily activities, energy for a sick or recovering patient, energy for the elderly, Cardimax helps create it naturally and efficiently. Cardimax – Harness your own energy!
    • The Race is organized by Race Yaya as Event Manager with Attorney Jonnifer Lacanlale as race director.  Race Yaya is a team of seasoned runners who are professionals in the fields of marketing, finance, event management, information technology, race organization, among others. They have organized and managed several major endurance events.
    • Simple Hydration Bottle provides each runner with special discounted price which will allow them to #RUNSIMPLE during their training runs and at the race itself.  Simple Hydration bottle is a 16oz hook-shaped bottle, which you can tuck anywhere. It is so SIMPLE!  Order at


    • Soleus is an experienced product team focused on creating innovative timing devices, including watches.  The “push-one-and-run” feature GPS paired with the sleek casing and styling has made this GPS our indispensable/go-to everyday watch as well. So the reviews are in—GPS One.  It delivers everything you need.  Soleus is available at all L-Time Studio Branches
    • Quest Hotel will be the official hotel and venue partner.  Race Briefing and kit claiming will be held at the hotel’s conference center.  Participants can enjoy special rates and easy reservations.  For more details, visit
  • Venue Partners:  Clark Development Corporation, Quest Hotel, The Villages, Second Wind Running Store, Maximus Athletes Shop Café, El Kabayo.


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Incoming: Color Manila Challenge Cebu 2017

Enjoy the fun in the run the Color Manila way.  Get splattered by color powders and get to conquer inflatable obstacles as Color Manila Challenge goes to Cebu on May 14, 2017 with 3K, 5K, 10K and a Yakult – sponsored 16K race.

Color Manila Run

Color Manila has made the running scene a lot more colorful. They have brought the fun back in the fun run with a color powder display and the party atmosphere during the event.  They’ve added some obstacles too with their Color Manila Challenge.  COLOR MANILA’S CM CHALLENGE RUN, which is the biggest obstacle fun run in the country. The challenge and all the fun goes to Cebu City on May 14, 2017, at the Cebu Business Park in Ayala Cebu.

“We are more than excited to bring back the CM Challenge franchise to Cebu, and we are expecting thousands of participants once again to take part in our trademark colorful run,” says COLOR MANILA VP Justine Cordero.

Participants may choose between four (4) race categories, 3K, 5K, 10K and the Yakult-sponsored 16K race.  They also have the option of choosing between the Deluxe and the Trooper race kit.  The Deluxe kit, priced at Php 750, includes a white singlet, race bib, sunglasses, finisher’s medal and color packet.  While the Trooper Kit, priced at Php 1,050, includes a colored singlet, race bib, sunglasses, finisher’s medal, color packet, drawstring bag and headwear. Participants of the 16K in the meantime would get the following items – a white singlet, race bib, sunglasses, color packet, Yakult finisher’s medal, Yakult finisher’s singlet, and Yakult pillow.

“Previous participants can expect more obstacles, mazes and challenges from this race, as we have put more exciting elements into it.  As for first time runners, they can look forward to the color festival and various color stations which are worthwhile stopovers, just to take selfies and group photos with friends.  We are encouraging all runners, both veteran and first-timers, to take part in this very exciting event, guaranteed to be a memorable experience”, adds Justine Cordero.

Tickets may be purchased at SM Tickets, Runnr Ayala Cebu and Race kit claiming will be from May 11 to 13, 2017 at The Court Yard, Vibo Place. Sponsors for the event include Cebu Grand Hotel, Vibo Place, Nature’s Spring, Yakult, and Steel Art.

Apart from the CM Challenge Cebu, upcoming CM Challenge events are as follows: CM Challenge – Laguna on June 25 and CM Challenge – Cavite on July 9, 2017.

For more information, please visit

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: May 14, 2017
  • Venue: Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
  • Gun Start:
    • 3K – 6:10 am
    • 5K: 6:00 am
    • 10K: 5:45 an
    • 16K: 5:00 am

Fees and Inclusion

  • Deluxe kit – Php 750, inclusive of a white singlet, race bib, sunglasses, finisher’s medal and color packet
  • Trooper Kit, –  Php 1,050, inclusive of a colored singlet, race bib, sunglasses, finisher’s medal, color packet, drawstring bag and headwear.
  • 16K – Php 1,050, inclusive of a white singlet, race bib, sunglasses, color packet, Yakult finisher’s medal, Yakult finisher’s singlet, and Yakult pillow.


  • Online: via Color Manila
  • Prepaid Card and Tickets available at
    • SM Tickets
    • Runnr Ayala Cebu
  • Race kit claiming will be from May 11 to 13, 2017 at The Court Yard, Vibo Place

Race Updates

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Under Armour 3 x 3 SEA Tournament Begins

Under Armour 3×3 South East Asia 2017 Basketball Tournament is Underway with the games taking place in Cebu on April 22-23 and April 28-29 in BGC.  The winning Under 18 team will Fiba 3×3 U18 Asia Cup 2017 on May 26-28 in Malaysia.

UA 3×3 SEA Basketball Tournament

High performance sportswear label Under Armour announces the registration sponsorship for the U18 participants of the Under Armour 3×3 Southeast Asia 2017 Tournament in Philippines. All eligible teams will now receive 50% sponsorship for their registration fee.  Registration is at P2,750 for four participants, which comes with an Under Armour top and bottom.

Organised in partnership with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the Under Armour 3×3 Southeast Asia 2017 Tournament is a springboard for local U18 players to win a chance to be part of the pool of national contingent and compete against other National Teams from Asia in the FIBA 3×3 U18 Asia Cup 2017 from 26 – 28 May 2017, held in Cyberjaya Gem in Mall, Malaysia. Flights and accommodation will be fully paid for the selected teams.

In addition to the U18 category, Under Armour has also created an Open Category for passionate local and non-resident basketballers aged between 19 – 50 years old to put their skills to the test (those born between the years of 1998 and 1967). The Open Category consists of Men and Women brackets, and winners stand to win cash prizes and medals.   Registration deadline for U18 and Open Categories has been updated to 17 April 2017.

The Under Armour 3×3 Southeast Asia 2017 Tournament will take place in Cebu at the Cebu City Sports Club and Ayala Center Cebu on April 22-23, 2017.  In Manila, it will take place at Bonifacio Global City on April 28-30, 2017.

Visit for more information on the Under Armour 3×3 Southeast Asia 2017 Tournament.

Players must also register themselves on FIBA and are encouraged to study the FIBA 3×3 Official Basketball Rules. Final decisions for the selection of winning teams joining the national contingent rest with the respective federation or association.

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Incoming: Plantronics Blackbeat Run

Let’s Party! Let’s Run! Why not do both?  Plantronics Blackbeat Run together with Brother Philippines gives you a run and an after race party concert that brings back all the fun in the run on May 28, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex.  Take part in the 5K, 10K, 16K and 21K distances, party and contribute to the cause of Kythe Foundation.

Plantronics Blackbeat Run

Summer just got hotter as Plantronic Blackbeat Run and Brother Philippines brings you a concert and a race rolled into one.  It’s a run that will definitely bring excitement in the running community, sports enthusiasts and young professionals.  Run and dance to the beat on May 28, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia.

  • Enjoy live performances from Autotelic and Jensen & the Flips.
  • Dance and party overload with DJ Pat Po, DJ Katsy Lee, Legacy Dancer plus fun on-ground activities and competitions.

The Run would also be for a good cause as part of the event proceeds will be for the benefit of Kythe Foundation that provides psychosocial care and assistance to pediatric patients in hospitals. The name is derived from the Scottish word, “kythe,” or “kything” which means communicating through minds with no need for words or pictures.

For every registration runners will get the following items: Race Shirt, Sun Visor, Slap bracelet, Finisher Medal and FREE Bluetooth Headset worth P 995.00.  This one is definitely a value for your money race, party, event for a cause all rolled into one.  The fun does not stop there as there will be an overload of prizes come race day.  Well, bring the whole village to a party as there will be major prizes for the biggest delegations for schools, organizations and company.  Register now and get ready to end summer the Plantronics Backbear Run way.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: May 28, 2017
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia

Fees and Inclusions

  • 5K – P950
  • 10K – P1,100
  • 16K – P1,300
  • 21K – P1,5oo
    • Inclusive of Race Shirt, Sun Visor, Slap bracelet, Finisher Medal and FREE Bluetooth Headset worth P 995.00.


  • Online via Goorahna
  • In Store:
    • Runnr – Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center
    • Toby’s – Edsa Shangrila, SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta


Race Winner Prize Package:

  • 21K category
    • 1st place- Backbeat Fit & i60 ThiEYE camera + F&D T200X TV Speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 2nd place – Backbeat Fit & i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W7 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 3rd place – Backbeat Fit & i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W5portable speaker + more exciting prizes
  • 16K category
    • 1st place- Backbeat Fit & i60 ThiEYE camera + F&D W7 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 2nd place – Backbeat Fit & i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W5 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 3rd place – Backbeat Fit & i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W4 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
  • 10K category
    • 1st place- Backbeat Fit + i60+ ThiEYE camera + F&D W7 portable speaker + more exciting prize
    • 2nd place – Backbeat Fit + i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W5 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 3rd place – Backbeat Fit + i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W4 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
  • 5K category
    • 1st place- Backbeat Fit + i60+ ThiEYE camera + F&D W7 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 2nd place – Backbeat Fit + i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W5 portable speaker + more exciting prizes
    • 3rd place – Backbeat Fit + i30 ThiEYE camera + F&D W4 portable speaker + more exciting prizes

Biggest Delegation Awards

School Category (minimum of 20 registered runners)

  • Brother Printer (DCP-L2540DW)
  • SDigital Bass Cruzer
  • F&D 2.1Speaker (F210)
  • Plantronics Backbeat Fit
  • more exciting prizes

Company Category (minimum of 25 registered runners)

  • Brother Printer (DS-720D)
  • SDigital Bass Cruzer
  • F&D 2.1 Speaker (A180X)
  • Plantronics Backbeat Fit
  • more exciting prizes

Organization Category (minimum of 30 registered runners)

  • Brother Printer (MFC-L2700D)
  • SDigital Bass Cruzer
  • F&D 5.1 Speaker (F3800X)
  • Plantronics Backbeat Fit
  • more exciting prizes

Online Promotion


1. Open to ALL registered runners online and in-store.
2. Registered runner is entitled to (1) one raffle entry.
3. Winner will be draw after the registration period.
4. Announcement of Winner will be posted on the official Backbeat Run 2017 FB Page and Plantronics FB Page.
5. Awarding of Winners on the Event Day.

Race Update


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Incoming: Million Volunteer Run 4

Red Cross has been on the forefront of disaster prevention in the country.  Contribute to that cause by joining the Million Volunteer Run on July 23, 2017 at the Quirino Grandstand with 3K and 5K distances to choose from.

Million Volunteer Run 4

Now on its fourth year, the Million Volunteer Run is this year’s biggest humanitarian run organized by the Philippine Red Cross. It aims to further grow the PRC’s already extensive network of volunteers nationwide.  The event is happening on 23 July 2017, Saturday, 4:00AM, at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila.

The advocacy run likewise seeks to once again draw participation from government, corporate, religious, academic, and athletic institutions to rally together behind the impartial protection of life and dignity, especially of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

There will be a 3K and 5K fun run to choose from.  The proceeds of the event will fund PRC’s various humanitarian programs and lifesaving services such as its Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Health Services, Social Services, Red Cross Youth and Volunteer Services.

For more details on Million Volunteer Run 4, visit, like, or call (02) 790.2410.

Race Details

Date and Venue:

  • Date: July 23, 2017
  • Venue: Quirino Grandstand

Fees and Inclusion


    • REGISTER at
    • PAY via Credit Card, Paypal, Bancnet, 7-Eleven, Bank Deposit, Internet Banking, GCash, plus other Payment Centers
    • CLAIM Race Kit at PRC National Headquarter or CHRIS Sports at SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM North Annex, SM MOA, SM Sucat, Glorietta 3
      • TO CLAIM RACE KIT: Bring printed copy of proof of registration (emailed notice of successful registration) and proof of payment.
    • PAY via or SM ticket counters nationwide
    • REGISTER at
    • CLAIM Race Kit at PRC National Headquarter or CHRIS Sports at SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM North Annex, SM MOA, SM Sucat, Glorietta 3
      • TO CLAIM RACE KIT: Bring printed copy of proof of registration (emailed notice of successful registration) and proof of payment.
    • PAY and CLAIM Race Kit at the location you indicated in your online registration, either at the PRC National Headquarter, designated CHRIS Sports outlet (SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM North Annex, SM MOA, SM Sucat, Glorietta 3), or chosen local PRC chapter.

Race Map

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DBB Mountain Rockstar 2017



Running DBB Rockstar event is never an easy task at whatever distance.  The trails were both technical and slippery and the ascents were really steep and endless.  The scorching summer sun also came to play at the latter part of the race. At the end of the day, that’s what Rockstars are made of.  Rock stars takes all the adversity and just shine.

DBB Mountain Rockstar

There’s the story that happens between the starting line and finish line.  It’s the starts that give us a pat in the back that says, “good job for being here”.  It’s the end that gives you satisfaction and validation but it’s the journey that happens in between that brings you lasting moments and memories you’d store in your gritty database.  It’s what keeps me coming back for more. There are days I breeze to a race and there are days that I struggle.  DBB Mountain Rockstar was a race that I struggled and I loved every moment of that struggle.  It’s a different story every time.  12 kilometer run with Mount Batolusong’s elevation and technical trails providing the challenge.

Race Route and Elevation

Race route and elevation profile is powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports

Race route and elevation profile is powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports

The race route was simple with a slightly rolling terrain on the first kilometer before it shifts to an all out assault to the summit and then the race descends back to the finish line.

The Race

It's gonna be a fun ride - Photo by Jose Raizares

It’s gonna be a fun ride – Photo by Jose Ramizares

When I arrived at the venue it was raining hard at around the start of the 25 Kilometer gun start.  While rains are tolerable on trail races, they do change the dynamic of the trails by making it slippery.  By the time, it was our gun start, the rain has already stopped.  We had our gun start at exactly 6 am and for one, I didn’t have a game plan.  The drill was climb half the race with more 600 meters elevation gain and then descend the second half.  The 12 kilometer had a different route since we’ll be taking an out and back on the traditional trails while the longer distance had a longer ascent though on wider trails.

Photo by Jose Ramizares

Photo by Jose Ramizares

The first kilometer were on rough roads with a rolling terrain.  I took this chance to start fast as it would probably the only time I would be running given the long ascent.  Midway the first kilometer, the trails shifted to single track dirt roads and some with paved stairways.  The ascent was steep so it was a struggle as we had to go on slippery and wet dirt grounds.  I brought out my pole and then went at a slow pace.  Funny how I followed the pace of people in front me only to find out that they were trekkers and not part of the race.  I felt real slow on the climb.  Since the miles were trickling so slow, I shifted my watch to just focus on the altitude.   I had to cover around 600 meters of elevation.

The early morning sea of clouds.

The early morning sea of clouds.

It was an almost direct assault with no rolling stretches to recover so I’d take a few hundred meters and rest for a few seconds and go again.  The first part of the climb reminds me of the tough technical surface of Mount Makiling and it’s mostly forested trails.  Aside from the poles, I would try to hang on the rocks and twigs for leverage on the climb.  Difficult as it is, I have grown to appreciate technical trails because it keeps your mind thinking on what’s your next step.  It keeps you occupied from all the huff and puff moments of the climb.  There were also a lot of views to keep you visually enticed on the climb.  There was the early morning sea of clouds and then there were the mountain ranges surrounding Mount Batalusong.

As we went out of the forested trail, we had a better view of the mountains though at this time, were partly covered by the clouds. I hit the aid station later, where there was a short rolling stretch and ridge where you can actually run before resuming the arduous journey to the summit.  After recovering a bit on the ridge part, it was time to climb again. It was another set of assaults to the summit.  The trails were still technical and we were enveloped by clouds so it’s mostly white background at this point.  It was one effort after another until I hit a spot where a lot of people are taking pictures.  I hope that’s the summit.  Well, its not.  It’s a bit foggy but you can see the mountains and the trails from this vantage point.

ID picture with white background.

ID picture with white background.

We were still about a kilometer away from the summit so I went ahead on another set of climbs.  It was a slightly forested trails with some bamboo shafts.  I just did the drill of just climbing until I hit the stretch approaching the summit.  We saw someone climbing on the rock and thought if we had to do it too.  The marshal told us to take the route on the right.  It was a really slippery trail and it felt dangerous.  I almost slip on one rock but it was a good thing I was able to get my balance or it could have been a long ravine to fall from.  It makes me think that I should have just taken the rock climbing options.  It became tougher since it was also the descending trail from the summit so there were part where we have to squeeze ourselves on the single track trails.  Back to the basics on trails like this is to keep your center balance to the wall and hang on to rocks, twigs or anything you can hang on to.  It was a difficult stretch on one hand you had to deal with the climb and at the same time you had to manage your balance.  All is worth it as I finally have my ID picture with white background at the summit.

All that effort for this photo with white background.

After hitting the summit, I told the marshal that this was the hardest ID picture with white background photo ever.   It was satisfying though after the seemingly endless climb, the numerous slips and the struggle.  It was time to descend the trails.  The descent was even more difficult than the climb as it was really slippery.  I used my pole to add more balance and was bouncing around from one tree trunk, stone, bamboo shafts just to ensure I won’t slip on my way down.  It was a slow descent especially on the slippery parts.  I saw some 12K and 25K runners on their way up and I can feel the difficulty in them too.  I was able to exit the technical part of the trail and was on drier grounds.

I took the chance to run on drier trails and hello Mr. Sun.  The sun was scorching hot already at this time so it was draining every time I run.  I just went on to run, walk, recover until I hit the aid station, which meant I was just 3 kilometers to the end of the race.  I was also back to the technical parts of the trails. I tried to skip on the steps just to speed up a bit until I hit the forested trails.  Since the trails were covered, it also meant that the trails were still wet from this morning’s rain.  I went slow at this part and even slipped several times on this stretch.  I had to stop and gather my composure and recover my confidence on the descent.  I went slow until I was comfortable again. When I hit the bottom of the descent, there was a store. I had a soft drinks break, which was my treat for enduring that scary descent.

Finishing up - Photo by Eva Marie Soquena of Active Pinas

Finishing up – Photo by Eva Marie Soquena of Active Pinas

It was now routine at this point.  I brisked walk on this stretched and went on to run the final stretches to finish within 3 hours.  I was slow for this one but I did enjoy the experience.  If it’s easy that it won’t be meant for rock stars like you and me.  I’m also glad to see friends before, after and during the race.  What happens between the starting line and the finish line is always an epic adventure for the books.

Post Race lunch with Erick, Majo and Aldean

Post Race lunch with Erick, Majo and Aldean



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Be On The Go with E-Hydrate

E-hydrate is an all natural Protein on the Go hydration pack that can complement your active lifestyle and aid in muscle recovery and joints health.  #HealthyOptionsPh #KnowtheWholeStory


I got to try out e-hydrate from Healthy Options to check if it can complement with my healthy and fit lifestyle.  Running has been a part of my system for the past seven years.  I still get to learn a thing or two about nutrition as of now and it’s good to explore a product like e-hydrate. Nutrition is something I have yet to master but it’s always best to get to try it out and see how your system reacts.   The first plus about e-hydrate is that it’s all natural.  It’s generally safer for the system.  Among the key products I tried would be their Premium Whey Blend + Electrolytes that comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor and Premium Whey Blend + Joint Health.  The e-hydrate with electrolytes would be an excellent nutrition sources when working out and the e-hydrate for joint health would be an excellent boost to the muscles and joints to strengthen it and help it recover from the strains of training.

E-Hydrate (Premium Whey Blend + Electrolytes)

I got to try out e-hydrate with electrolytes as my run hydration partner.  Protein is important in our system as it helps improve our metabolism as well as help in muscle generation while electrolytes helps our system in terms of water retention.   It’s really important to have a system of replenishing nutrients in our system as we sweat it out during our runs.  That’s were a hydration plan comes into place.  First thing I like about e-hydrate that I like is that it’s easy to grip on the run.  It can go in place of your water bottle. Just add water and you’re ready to go.

I’m good to go with just one e-hydrate right in the palm of my hand.  I had the vanilla flavor for this run.  It’s just light on the hand so it won’t feel like a chore when you run and you can alternate between hands too.  I would usually take a sip every 500 meters to 1 kilometer.  The key is never deprive your body of hydration to the point you are gasping for water already.  The taste of sweetened vanilla with cold water is such a thirst quencher.   It’s just the right amount of sweetness to jump start my system on the next stretch of the run. Overall, I did 45 minutes run around the park.  I consumed about 75% of the pack and finished the whole pouch after the run.  I didn’t feel lacking in energy and water in my system even on a hot and humid night.  It did give me a nice boost on the run and would be perfect too for longer runs, which require more electrolyte replenishment.  I do hope that they can make a fruity variant for variety as I also would want to mix the flavors when I run.  The e-hydrate can be an excellent work out hydration partner on your runs or when you work out.

E-Hydrate Active (Premium Whey + Joint Health)

E-Hydrate is not just your workout partner.  It can be just there to support you on the rigors of your daily life.   The main difference of this variant is it’s focused on giving you a healthy joints.  I tried it on a busy day at work.  Even or regular days, I don’t slouch around.  I take the stairs. I walk several blocks to get to my parking.  I usually do errands.  Keeping active, requires energy.  I tried E-Hydrate Active, which have a Milk Chocolate flavor.  I can say I am more active and more mobile with it. The milk chocolate flavor gives my my sugar dose without feeling like an indulgence since it comes from natural sweeteners.    I don’t feel sluggish and I am energized to last the rigors and stresses of the days.  It helped me recover faster and I was able to run on back to back days.   In between working out is recovery and that includes keeping those joints healthy and mobile on regular days.   The faster you recover, the more frequent you can train and the stronger you get.  It can be your go-to day to day drink to complement balancing work, life and training.  It’s an energy and protein source to keep you going to healthy enough to get the job done.


In a nutshell, E-hydrate can help power your day and your workout with ingredients that comes from natural sources.  It can go as your go-to energy drink for that regular electrolyte replenishment when you run or work out or that added dose of nutrients to keep the bones and joints healthy to reduce the wear and tear of having an active lifestyle.  The vanilla and chocolate flavors are not usual for energy drinks but it’s a good option as those can be still be excellent source of sugar and energy to power your work out.  It’s excellent to use on regular days or when you travel as it’s handy and easily dissolves in water.  E-Hydrate is available at Healthy Options.

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Incoming: ICU Challenge

Catanduanes is truly captivating. After the successful Isla Catanduanes Ultramarathon last year, comes another challenge designed to test your running and endurance skills and at the same time explore the beautiful island of Catanduanes.  Come June 24, 2017, get to run the island once again with a 6 hours and 12 hours endurance run.

Read About:

ICU Challenge

Catanduanes is one of the most beautiful island in the country.  It’s rich with natural wonders like beaches, waterfalls and even overlooking ridges across the island.  When it comes to terrains and elevations, it’s a challenge as the road goes rolling with long ascents and descents.    ICU Challenge happens on June 24, 2017 at Virac, Catanduanes. This special ICU edition is designed to test the physical and emotional endurance over running for 6 hours and 12 hours. It is open to all first-timers, enthusiasts and hardcore runners. Aside from exploring the town of Virac by foot, ICU Challenge will give you a chance to visit the most popular places, views and taste the sumptuous dishes on the island of Catanduanes.

It’s simple just run as much 6 kilometer loops as you can with the 6 hours required to have a minimum of 6 loops (36 kilometers) and the 12 hours required to have a minimum of 9 loops (54 kilometers).  It’s an excellent way to build up on mileage for your next marathon or ultramarathon race. It could also be your tune up race over the much longer Isla Catanduanes Ultramarathon happening later in the year. So gear up, run and explore the island of Catanduanes.

Race Details

Date and Venue

  • Date: June 24, 2017
  • Venue: Virac, Catanduanes

Fees and Inclusions

  • Php 1,000 – 12 hours
  • Php 800 – 6 hours
    • Inclusions: Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Certificate and post-race meal


  • Registration Period: April 04 – May 31, 2017
  • Payment thru Bank Deposit
    • Bank: Banco De Oro
    • Account Number: 002120110502
    • Account Name: John Henri A. Mariano
  • Send your deposit slip via email to together with your name, contact number and shirt size.

Rules and Regulations:

  • All participants must be at the starting area 1 hour before the gun start.
  • Participants should be 18 years old and up.
  • Participants must be physically fit!
  • Race Bib must be visible at all times.
  • Support vehicle is not allowed.
  • Runners to litter; anyone caught for this will lead to disqualification. Let us all help preserve the town of Virac.
  • All the participants will run in an open traffic.
  • Runners are required to run at the left side of the road for safety reason.
  • Runners who want to leave the race or want to discontinue the race he/she must notify the race officials.
  • All Runners must follow the correct route.
  • Runners must run in single file.
  • Pacers are not allowed.
  • Registration fee is non-Refundable and non-Transferable.
  • The organizer will provide aid stations along the route.
  • To be considered as finisher of 12 hours, you must finish at least 54kms or equivalent of 9 loops on or before the cut-off time. Six (6)km per loop.
  • To be considered as finisher of 6 hours, you must finish at least 36km or equivalent of 6 loops on or before the cut-off time. Six (6)km per loop.
  • Organizers have the right to remove any participants from the race either because of cheating, not following rules or due to medical emergencies.
  • The most number of loops finished within the cut-off time considered at the top finishers. (Male & Female- Champion, 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-up).
  • Top Finishers for 6 hours and 12 hours category both Male and Female will receive podium trophies.
  • Rain or shine the event will takes place.
  • The race is designed for first timers!
  • All the participants MUST sign the WAIVER before the race.
  • Race kit claiming date and venue to be announced very soon.
  • Be prepared and don’t think it would be an easy feat, but it will be a fun and outstanding adventure.
  • There will be no cash prizes to be given to the top finishers.
  • ICU Organizer, at any time, may make changes on the course and race details or rules for the benefit of all runners.
  • Any runner caught cheating or violating the race rules will be subject to outright disqualification. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.
  • Enjoy the race. Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just don’t QUIT!
  • Register now, limited slots only!
  • Good luck and hope to see you!

Contact Person

  • John Henri Mariano
  • 0909 825 6457 | 0999 902 8886
  • email at
  • Origanized by Part Events
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