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Oyster Boy Bash for MJ and Gina

Posted by on 6. July 2008

After three months absence in Ateneo friends gathering, I finally was able to attend one… Gina and MJ’s birthday bash at Oysterboy Greenhills last Saturday…

Oysters were great and being away for what seems like ages, there’s much time spent catching up… A good thing, I manage to show up cause in less than a month, some of my friends would be having their long vacation in the US (Enjoy!!!)… It seems that everyone are all into taking big vacations as of late… I had mine last May in Australia, Anton and Jay in US and Canada, Mascy in Singapore and then Jan and Bogz in the US… I guess, if you work hard, you must travel hard as well…

It was great meeting up again and I hope we can squeeze in a few more gathering before the vacations… It was real fun that night that lasted until 2 am… and off to sleep I am…

Excess Inkblogs: A World of Blue and Green

Had watched my first UAAP game yesterday… Ateneo vs. La Salle… Thanks to Cig being able to get one more ticket for me… and being thrown into a rivalry that has divided Araneta Coliseum Blue and Green was a nice cap for a weekend… then throw in 40 minutes of nail-biting action (they should just play Ateneo vs La Salle in the last two minutes since it’s always been down the wire finishes… hehe) Being part of Ateneo’s 6th Man (The Crowd) was a great experience… and after the smoked cleared… We’re all happy since the Blue Eagles won after a tough battle from the Archers… =>

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