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Posted by on 5. November 2007

Was suppose to write about the two rounds of bowling yesterday at Rockwell… to cut the story short I had one really lousy game and one decent game… bowling in Rockwell is real expensive @ P140/game… highlight of the day was that I was able to use for the first time my new bowling shoes… =>

Today is now back to work day after a long four days of vacation… and weird as it is… somehow, along those four days, I manage to adjust my body clock to a different timezone… sleep late, wake up late… so it was really a struggle meeting my coding cutoff today… =<
My mind probably is still on vacation mode as of today but since it’s now the start of transition period – working with one less manager and in a few more days temporarily assuming another major responsibility… I’m overwhelmed with what to do today and definitely in the next few days, it’ll be worse… I really have to play my cards right this time… I want to be positive about it and that in time, it’ll be fine… It always will be…
Overwhelmed or not, I still have to balance things out so I’d have to bid adieu in a while as I’ll have to go to the Gym for a light workout… and a light meal as I’m really hungry for missing merienda for the day… => hehe…

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